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Watch Trailer For Mexico’s #1 Film “Saving Private Perez” (Opening In The USA This Fall)

Watch Trailer For Mexico's #1 Film "Saving Private Perez" (Opening In The USA This Fall)

It’s Friday…!

So… this is reportedly one of Mexico’s biggest films ever, and it’s heading to the USA, opening in theaters on September 2nd.

It looks like it could be good fun.

Directed by Beto Gomez, and obviously ripping its name from Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning 1998 film, Saving Private Ryan, the film tells the story of Julian Perez, Mexico’s most notorious leader of organized crime, who is forced to go on a mission with a colorful group of infamous criminals, by request of his mother, to rescue his brother from warring Iraq.

It’s labeled an action/comedy movie, and has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA, so, expect sanitized action and humor.

But I’ll see it anyway :)

Watch the trailer below:

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I just watch the movie and its awesome, if you liked (if you watched it) La ley de erodes and Infierno you will love this movie as well. it’s funny has a lot of action and it relates to what is happening right now (war and drug cartels). I recommend it 2 thumbs up great movie


Funny trailer… although it would have been better without the REALLY stereo-typical Gringo destroying the pronunciation of hispanic names & surnames….¡joder!


Funny trailer. Thanks for the translation Vanessa!


Translation of the comment below by 10gomx:

The best Mexican movie I’ve seen
so you can see that Mexico can have good cinema that doesn’t need anything from the big budget productions…100% made in Mexico.


la mejor pelicula mexicana que he visto
pa que vean que en mexico igual se hace un buen cine que no le pide nada a las grandes producciones 100% hecho en mexico



Mexican drug lords vs. Iraqi soldiers. This looks like huge fun! The subtitles might be an impediment for “some” viewers

Vanessa Martinez

I thought this was going to be silly and not funny from the looks of the poster but I found myself chuckling and grinning throughout this trailer. :)

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