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Watch Video Clip Of Thandie Newton Speech On Self-Identity Issues

Watch Video Clip Of Thandie Newton Speech On Self-Identity Issues

In this Ted video clip, Thandie Newton explains her journey of discovering self-worth and identity. She explains some of the issues she identified with growing up and how acting became a haven for her.

She attributes her success to the lack of “self” and living from her essence.

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I think Thandie is a good actress but I think she is a bit overrated. Thandie has never starred in a movie where she delivered a real breakthrough performance. It seems to me this blog and a lot of people make a big deal out of Thandie because she is attractive and mixed race. Yes, Thandie probably had a struggle being a biracial woman but she certainly had advantages too. Of course, Thandie isn’t going to talk about that in relation to her film career.


I tried writing before, but the comment didn’t take:

I’d like to remind folks that Thandie Newton is both African and British, and therefore, she may be talking about racial issues that occurred for her while in Britain, not necessarily just the U.S., and there is a big difference.


So she’s just like Halle Berry then.. and whatshername other biracial actress…


I think she was being ironic


Maybe Thandie is talking about the struggle that some biracial people experience. Race is a social construction. Race doesn’t really exist although people place meaning on race.

Thandie is talking about how people view her instead of how she may view herself. I think Thandie is saying some biracial people are viewed as black although some of them may not see themselves that way.
Society forces biracial people based on their appearance to fit into categories.

My interpretation of Thandie’s comments is society doesn’t see biracial people as both black or white they are often forced into the black category. This must be very tough to live through. Some biracial people do not see themselves as part of the black community some see themselves identifying with white culture.


Wait? What exactly does she means when she says (referring to herself) that that “…nature had it wicked way and brown babys were born?” Really? that how she sees herself? As something wicked? Sounds like the “Oh woe is me tragic mulatto” spiel


I can believe that. The memories most likely come from bigot white folk with hangs ups about them being too black and bigot black folks who feel they aren’t black enough.


Hmm, Do all half-black/white children have identity issues? For some reason all bi-racial people in the media are always sharing their repressive childhood memories to the public about there harsh dose of reality and dealing with race in 21st century.


Her comments make sooo much sense. Like that old saying “But my momma says I’m a good person”, the collision of what or who you are on the inside with what the world tells you you are-something different, something “other”, something “wrong”. And that isn’t about color, that is about Humanity. Because we still have animal instincts of pack roving & being with (like) the others & look at things that violate that as dangerous because it’s not “Us”.

She’s talking about her spirit being freed & open, unencumbered by race, politics, sex, or any other social construct. Really crazy stuff indeed…

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