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Watch Yaya DaCosta in Trailer for “In Time”

Watch Yaya DaCosta in Trailer for "In Time"

The Sci-Fi thriller In Time, is directed by Andrew Niccol and produced by New Regency Pictures and Strike Entertainment. Besides Yaya in a supporting role, the cast includes Jusin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Alex Pettyfer and DeVaughn Nixon.

The film’s storyline goes, “In the not-too-distant future the aging gene has been switched off. To avoid overpopulation, time has become the currency and the way people pay for luxuries and necessities. The rich can live forever, while the rest try to negotiate for their immortality. A poor young man who comes into a fortune of time, though too late to help his mother from dying. He ends up on the run from a corrupt police force known as ‘time keepers’.”

In Time has an October 28, 2011 release date.

Yaya DaCosta is shown in two instances in the last 50 seconds of the trailer. *shrug*

Check it out.

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Dang Yaya

I love the concept of this film but JT in the lead makes me doubt the execution of this film. I’m also not crazy about Amanda Seyfield. But the other actors in the film are great and I’m so happy that Yaya will be seen. Yaya did great in “The Kids are All Right” & on an episode Body of Proof. How Bomer was not given the lead in this film is beyond me. Honestly after Bomer dies in the trailer the movie looks like a long JT music video.


This is yet another reason, why i tune out these subliminal white supremist tropes masqurading as alternative cinema, and bump! sigmead fraud-freud andrew[stanley kubrick clone]niccol.


@dcmoviegirl, Umm…what? Care to explain?

Duncan MaNutz

Yey !!! YaYa….but, what really bothers me is how they cast this film. Looks like the entire planet is completely White except YaYa and her baby.


I can see this going one of two directions, either flop and be a cult fave, like GATTACA was or be a big hit and finally make JT happen, so they finally have a white guy with the box office pull of Big Will.

Like they’ve been trying to get for so long.

I’m side-eyeing the hell out of misha, right now though. Some people make it too damn easy. JT doesn’t give a shit about black culture, except for when it makes him money.

Whoever said he’s the new “urban” white boy got it right. I’d put Tatum Channing in that category too, right along with old school Mark Wahlberg.

Remember, how he tossed Janet under the bus?

I will never forget that mess.

Fuck JT’s culture-vulturing ass.

And yes, Yaya, can act. She surprised me in The Kids Are Alright. If she were white, Hollyweird would be snapping her up for lead roles.


Can y’all see the puzzled look on my face? Of course not, but let me tell you how it looks and my concerns. My head is slightly cocked to the side and one of my eyes is partly closed while the other is bugging out. You know, a deep “I can’t believe this” look. Now, I am going to ask a question after a small comment about Justin Timberlake.

See, I have no problem with Justin. I just watched him in The Social Network, and personally, I thought he was one of the better actors on the screen. And the guy does no wrong in most of his movies. Hey, I refuse to hate on the guy because of the color of his skin.

Now here’s my question (it’s just a legitimate questions so don’t throw rotten tomatoes at me) is YaYa all that? Heck, I remember another podcast in which (I believe it was monique) asked the question “Is YaYa the next “it” girl”.
Well, for the most part, crickets hit the floor. I mean, we all took turns answering the question, but many of us didn’t have enougn knowledge/reference of her work to voice a qualified opinion. Heck, I had to go back and pull out my copy of Honeydripper to she who she was and what she was bringing to the table (and don’t ask me what I thought of her performance).

So yeah, is it Timberlake or Yaya… who knew, and what’s really going on?


I’m sorry. This film looks like a waste of Yaya’s and especially Cillian Murphy’s talent. I don’t mind JT in secondary roles (like in the Facebook movie), but he’s not good as a lead actor, imo. I’ll wait for Netflix.


If I see Justin Timberlake in one more movie……..


@ Kia

Yah, I know I hate to see that too. Logan’s Run remake will star Ryan Gosling I hope Hollywood doesn’t butcher it!

Vanessa Martinez

but I like Yaya and depending on how big her part ends up being, mayl check it out.

Vanessa Martinez

@Tambay -“not talking about a hit or anything like that, or some mob-type, swimming with the fishes in the east river” shit, but just make them go away.”


Yah, not interested in this type of movie or care for the trailer.


I keep hoping that Justin Timberlake, Taylor Lautner, Channing Tatum… and others of their ilk, would just disappear altogether. Can somebody make that happen? I’m not talking about a hit or anything like that, or some mob-type, “swimming with the fishes in the east river” shit, but just make them go away :)

Didn’t even realize that Yaya was in this; doesn’t look like she has much of a part though. But good to know she’s working.

I’ll be passing on this one.


I guess this is suppose to be another Logan’s Run remake, other than the one already in development. Hate to see an interesting premise shot to hell.


I’m just not buying Justin Timberlake as a leading man. He doesn’t have that it factor.


oops, they’re not their


JT is like the ultimate white “urban” clone

first came the newest edition of New Edition clones, n-snyc

then came a clone of Usher when he went solo, even down to the love and copping of MJ’s dance moves

and now their trying to clone the most successful music artist turned actor, Will Smith

jeebus, what’s next?

i’m not saying he’s shit but the way they’re trying to push him on us is annoying. Timbo , come getcha boy


Odd person out again. I like the premise and JT isn’t doing so badly that I’d cringe throughout the movie. I’d probably see it. Nice surprise that Johnny Galecki is in this.


Just checking the trailer now and I actually agree with everyone. Way too pretentious.

other song

I have a huge respect for Niccol. This guy did Gattaca and Truman Show, some of the smartest ‘scifi/weird concept’ movies ever.

With that said, I dunno about this. Looks hokey imo. I’d love to be proved wrong though.


Weeeeell, I saw a lot of the movie, and I don’t want to see any more. The writing seems lame, like stock phrases from other movie and some quote-of-the-day calendar.

I have to say that Justin Timberlake is alright though. He’s been in a few movies, and I don’t mind him at all.


Love Sci-fi. Great concept. Too self aware (like this is so cool dude) for my taste. It’s trying so hard to be… whatever. Gonna wait till it gets on Spike TV


@ Sergio

Lmao! Yah, I know right? Like who is he banging? He must be using the casting couch approach because he has ZERO acting abilities on screen.

(Screaming at the top of my lungs) *STICK TO MUSIC!!!!!

@ Blaqbird

“hopefully she’ll have a more significant role than what’s seen in the trailer.”

I hope so too! I loved her in “Take the Lead” (2006) alongside Alfre Woodard and Antonio Banderas.

It is such a damn shame we don’t see more of her I know she had a supporting role in “Tron: Legacy” (2010) and “The kids are alright” (2010) I would really like to see her in more significant roles like you suggested.


Matt Bomer is definitely superior in screen presence and charisma and is the better eye candy, I must say. :D

I too am glad Yaya is working…love her. But of course I’d love to see her in more substantial roles. JT and Yaya would make this film more interesting. JT and bland white chick? Blech.


Baby, I had to stop this at 0:39.

That extra bass in Timberlake’s voice was too much for me…

But I fast-forwarded to Yaya.

Don’t push me to like your film via this trailer. So agree with you there, James.

Story Gattaca-esque in a sense…

I’ll pass.

James Madison

Apologies about the double (now triple post) I got an error when posting my first comment.

James Madison

It’s good to see Yaya in film. I hope the role in this is substantial.

“In Time” reminds me of the film “The Clonus Horror”.

Unfortunately, the trailer did not move me. It seemed long in trying to convince me, and I feel that there is nothing beyond the “trailer moment”.

James Madison

Good to see Yaya in film. I wish she had more starring parts.

“In Time” reminds me of the movie “The Clonus Horror”.

Unfortunately the trailer did not move me, as it seemed too long on trying to “convince” me. It makes me doubt that there is anything beyond the “trailer moments”.


Yeah…. why is Matt Bomer not the lead in this film? He’s the 100 year old guy who gives Timberlake his extra time at the beginning of the trailer. He’s fantastic in White Collar, and I definitely think he could’ve been fantastic here as the star, but alas…Justin….smh. The trailer is what, 4 min long??? Yikes.

Glad to see Yaya doing her thing…hopefully she’ll have a more significant role than what’s seen in the trailer.



Who is the guy banging to get in all these movies?

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