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Watch: Zoe Saldana Swims With Sharks & Kneecaps A Baddie In New ‘Colombiana’ Clip

Watch: Zoe Saldana Swims With Sharks & Kneecaps A Baddie In New 'Colombiana' Clip

While Angelina Jolie or Charlize Theron seem to get the few scripts in town requiring a kick-ass female lead, it boggles our mind that Zoe Saldana doesn’t rank just as high as her colleagues. Ably showing in “Avatar” and “The Losers” (where she was pretty much the only thing worth watching) that she can deliver action chops just as well as her male counterparts, we’re at least glad she’s going to get a full film to showcase her stuff, even if it’s in the likely-to-not-be-so-good “Colombiana.”

Our pals over at Shadow & Act have dug up a new clip from the film in which our hero on the run swims with a shark (?!) before brutally dispatching a baddie. The scenario is typical Luc Besson style outlandishness — he produced the film — but Saldana continues to impress. Granted, all she has to do is remain composed and badass, but we’re already more entertained by what we’ve seen in this than anything in “Salt,” which nearly put us to sleep. Directed by Olivier Megaton, the plot is fairly simple: someone killed Cataleya Restrepo’s parents, and now she’s all grown up and is going to fucking kill them. The end.

“Colombiana” opens on August 26th. Check the clip below.

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At least Jolie has a diverse career – she doesn’t only do action films where she runs around in spandex. That seems to be all Zoe Saldana is capable of.


Alright. We get it. You guys can’t stand Angelina Jolie but do you really have to throw shades at her everytime you write something about a woman doing an action movie?


I liked Chris Evans more in The Losers. Saldana would get more scripts if she was more of a box office draw. The Losers only made $29M worldwide.


The cute-young-smart-slim-black girl humiliating the ugly-old-fat-white pig…or the sweet taste of a chimeric revenge sponsored by modern globalization against old colonization.
It’s hard to tell where Besson’s idiocy ends and his cynicism begins.

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