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Weekend B.O. (July 29-31)

Weekend B.O. (July 29-31)

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. How did some half-forgotten kids cartoon wind up tying with what was supposed to be the this weekend’s big movie Cowboys & Aliens? People are stunned (and that includes me) that The Smurfs movie did a lot better than everyone predicted, and Cowboys and Aliens underperformed, pulling in $10 million less than everyone predicted. If you have any answers let us know.

The rest of this week’s list below:

1) Cowboys & Aliens Uni. $36,200,000
2) The Smurfs Sony $36,200,000
3) Captain America: The First Avenger Par. $24,905,000 Total:$116,772,000
4) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 WB $21,925,000 Total:$318,460,000
5) Crazy, Stupid, Love. WB $19,300,000
6) Friends with Benefits SGem $9,300,000 Total:$38,200,000
7) Horrible Bosses WB (NL) $7,100,000 Total:$96,202,000
8) Transformers: Dark of the Moon P/DW $5,970,000 Total:$337,892,000
9) Zookeeper Sony $4,200,000 Total:$68,731,000
10) Cars 2 BV $2,301,000 Total:$182,070,000
11) Winnie the Pooh BV $1,751,000 Total:$22,409,000

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@ We should feel too bad about there not being any blacks. Native Americans are originally a major part of the graphic novel and they were wiped out of the script!


Having seen it I can tell you that it’s isn’t bad at all very entertaining and actually Ford is especially good in it. However take away the period and location nd the Colt six-shooters what you have left is another alien invasion movie that you’ve seen many times before.

Also that Olivia Wilde chick is WOEFULLY miscast. in her part. Yet another “come out of nowhere” Hollywood IT girl of the moment who has like another six movies coming out before they get bored with her and find another IT girl and 2) WHERE ARE THE BLACK PEOPLE IN THIS MOVIE? Not even a lousy token one. So like there were NO black cowboys?????

James Madison

Plan on checking Cowboys and Aliens but had to give my money to Attack The Block this week. (Which I’m glad I did)

other song

I’m surprised the Smurfs did so well.

But I’m not surprised Cowboys and Aliens is bombing.

1) It looks like shit

2) It looks too serious for the ridiculous ‘high concept’ it is: cowboys plus aliens. If you’re going to have a script that basic (e.g. Dinosaurs and ninjas), it’d better be fun, over-the-top and a thrill ride. Which C&A does not look like.

3) Leading men are too old, which turns off young audiences.

4) Old audiences would like to see Ford and Craig in a Western, but with ALIENS? They’re thinking wtf

5) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, back to reason 1

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