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Weekend Box Office (July 15-17)

Weekend Box Office (July 15-17)

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, I don’t get these Harry Potter movies. I’ve seen them all and they’re like the EXACT SAME MOVIE over and over again. I’m not even sure the image above is from the latest HP movie because, as I’ve just said, they’re the EXACT SAME MOVIE. Could you tell the difference?

The plots are confusing with all those ridiculous names and places, sounding like Hemogloben and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Thank God this is the last one. I’ve had enough.

On top of that, I’ve never figured out why Harry Potter doesn’t use his magic wizard powers to get what guys want. I.E. Money, hot, fast cars and hot, faster women (or hot guys whatever he prefers).

1. Harry Potter/Hallows, Pt 2 – 3D (Warner Bros.) Weekend $168.5M Global Cume $475.5M
2. Transformers 3 – 3D (Paramount) Weekend $23.5M, Cume $305M
3. Horrible Bosses (New Line/Warner Bros) Weekend $17.5M, Cume $59.8M
4. Zookeeper (Sony) Weekend $12.5M, Cume $42.5M
5. Cars 2 – 3D (Disney) Weekend $8.2M, Cume $165.2M
6. Winnie The Pooh (Disney) Weekend $7.5M
7. Bad Teacher (Sony) Weekend $5M, Cume $88.3M
8. Larry Crowne (Vendome/Universal) Weekend $2.7M, Cume $31.8M
9. Super 8 (Paramount) Weekend $1.8M, Cume $122.1M
10. Midnight In Paris (Sony Classics) Weekend $1.8M, Cume $41.7M

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Geneva Girl

You’re just a curmudgeon! Sit back and enjoy the films and don’t put too much thought into them. If you’d read the books the films would make a lot more sense. Yes, you shouldn’t have to read the book before you see a movie, but with so many details and plot lines it would help.


I can’t hate. Great stories, great movies, lots of money!


My two daughters love HP, so I can’t hate. The have the book box set and the DVD box set. They watched the films quite a few times.

I have to definitely agree with JMac. Glad the Harry Potter fans stomped the hell out of the Twilight fans. My daughters are not into the Twilight series (thank goodness). Something about the HP series that seems more empowering the Twilight. (at least to me.)



Radcliff was in David Copperfield and that film can sometimes be seen on PBS.

However if you wantr to see him do a good nonHP roel look for this film that sometimes airs on PBS-My Boy Jack.-World War 1 film.


Thanks Haven. I’ve heard conflicting stories on his background and discovery for HP. One behind the scenes show claimed he was discovered in the audience watching a play but it didn’t mention he had any previous experience – makes for a better story I’m sure. Another version said he was acting in his first play when was discovered for the movie. Went to the horse’s mouth (his website) and got the official story. Either way, he’s lucky. I can’t think of any other series of books that could match the success with these films.

However, I’ve always thought that the timing of the first film’s release had as much to do with the franchise’s success in addition to the mass popularity of the books. People everywhere were yearning for a nice fanciful, escapist, happy film after 9/11 and HP came out about a month later. I’m sure it helped a lot of kids and adults cope better at the time and those fond feelings carried over to the rest of the series.


@JMac…Dan Radcliff was and actor before he landed Harry Potter, he already had a movie under his belt I believe it was David Copperfield. I don’t see how anyone can NOT like the Harry Potter films…my sister is one of them…then again her imagination died when she was like 14. I loved the books, grew up with them and the films and I’m sad to see Harry Potter finish…by far one of the best stories told to my generation…an epic that I’ll read to my nieces as they get older.


HP doesn’t use his powers like that because he’s a good guy and it’s wrong and kind of hard to act like a prick when older wizards are more powerful and knowledgeable than you and can kick your ass in ways you couldn’t imagine. He did blow his Aunt up though.

I’m just happy HP fans stomped the hell out of the Twilight fans. Excellent movie franchise considering the main character wasn’t even an actor when he was chosen for the part.

Hmm…. Ignore that last sentence. Don’t want actors jumping off bridges.

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