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What Is The Future Of The Film?

What Is The Future Of The Film?

On Tuesday last week Brian Newman and I conducted a conversation on the topic of “The Future Of Film” at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. I had an extra shot of espresso and we spoke for over an hour. You can re-live 8 minutes of it and see just how revved up I can get on this topic. There’s a lot more to say about this subject. Brian said some of that here.

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I’m sick of these conversations… (also why everyone looks sleepy in the vid)… the reason people are at the Festival is to see FILMS… the same holds true with “normal” cinema… People go to multiplexes not necessarily knowing what they are going to see… and then they see what’s available… They’ll leave if they think it sucks (just witnessed this during Tree of Life… thumbs down unfortunately from me too… though obv stayed to the end as I LOVE Mals. early films)… but they went in only having a vague idea of what it was… Studio films have big opening weekends due to massive awareness campaigns (and they’re available obviously) but go the next week and you’ll see about the same number of people in the seats as you would for an esoteric art film (especially during matinees)… people go to the cinema to GO OUT… and then they see what’s available (and probably know a bit about it)… Art films/indies/festival films… whatever you want to call them are “unpopular” because they’re unavailable and as a result unknown… NEXT TIME get the studios to break down their grosses PER SCREEN (NOT per theater) and I bet this IMHO truth would be exposed… btw Ted Hope rocks.


Could you please post a link to the entire conversation?

Ant Carpendale

Interesting stuff! Would like to see the whole talk…
(but what’s with the audience? they all look annoyed and/or sleepy)

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