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What Might Seth Rogan And Jonathan Levine Be Doing Down In “Jamaica”?

What Might Seth Rogan And Jonathan Levine Be Doing Down In "Jamaica"?

Seth Rogen is treaming up once again with his Green Hornet team – Will Reiser, Evan Goldberg and Jonathan Levine, to produce a new comedy feature titled Jamaica.

The film, which is being fast-tracked by Mandate, is based on a pitch Will Reiser made to Mandate Pictures, which centers on a vacation he and his grandmother took to Jamaica when he was 14.

This is a story that I’ve long wanted to tell… It’s something of a passion project for me, and I couldn’t be more excited to have found it a home at Mandate,” Levin said, who’ll be directing the project. Rogan will star.

So… you know I’m dying to know what exactly the story here is right… as I would be about any film revolving around white people in a predominantly black locale? Any guesses?

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I shudder to think of what the plot might be. Although it is being filmed in Jamaica I bet they will have some characters played by non-Jamaicans with horrible accents.


Not feeling it. And it ain’t even going yet. I’m with the rest of you in thinking that this will be more exploitative of the stereotypes already in place by the establishment.

Yeah, I said establishment.



I agree with many of you I am Jamaica background and I just know for a fact that this is going to be some stereotypical hot mess w/ men in dreadlocks, people smoking weed profanity like blood cl*t” etc. smh


God I hope this movie isn’t some racist BS. But since Jamaica is supposed to be a comedy I bet it will be extremely stereotypical against the Jamaican people.


Smoking marijuana while screwing the local women who of course will be fawning over the big American man-boy. Wasn’t John Cusack in a movie like that in the 80s?


Rastafarians, drugs, accents, surfing… the usual? :)

Romance with a fellow american tourist or possibly a jamaican girl with dreadlocks… lol… i dunno.

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