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A Couple Of New Pictures Of Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson In ‘The Hunger Games’

A Couple Of New Pictures Of Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson In 'The Hunger Games'

Fans of “The Hunger Games” have been wary thus far about the upcoming adaptation of Suzanne Collins‘ beloved book, scrutinizing nearly every bit of casting and every picture that has come along. Well, it’s the first week of August and two more pictures have arrived for the faithful to pore over.

Granted, there is not much to them. It’s yet another look at Jennifer Lawrence as our hero Katniss Everdeen and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark, an easy-going competitor in the gladiatorial games who harbors a secret crush on the bow-and-arrow bearing girl. We’ll leave our comments at that because any suggestion that the romance angle might be heightened for the movie version seems to send some readers into a frothing frenzy. But we will say this, for two people who look like they just got through a battle of some kind, their perfectly tousled hair is pretty remarkable. In the future, it appears that hairstyles remain pretty much unchanged, but hair gel and hairspray has moved ahead in leaps and bounds.

Filming continues on “The Hunger Games,” with Gary Ross directing and Steven Soderbergh doing second unit (pretty much our only reason for caring about this thing). The film opens on March 23, 2012. [via ComingSoon]

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I can tell from the still what scene Peeta is in.


The picture of “Peeta” looks like another version of a picture in the “Entertainment Weekly” spread.


I can never remember which actor is playing Peeta or Gale either. Half the time I forget the actors’ names too. I just remember them as “The Short Potato-faced One” and “Miley Cyrus’ Boyfriend”. It gets the job done. This is one my most anticipated movie of next spring. It looks awesome.

Kevin Jagernauth

I am aware of Peeta/Gale mixup. It was fixed (a while ago).

All I know is my hair would not be so well positioned if my face looked like PEETA’s in the picture above.


Perfectly tousled hair???…that’s what passes for perfectly tousled hair?…what’s your definition of a good hair day Kev?. Btw, Josh Hutcherson plays Peeta not Gale.


Kevin…Josh Hutcherson plays Peeta not Gale. It’s hard to take anything that you write about this film seriously because you have not bothered to learn anything about it. Instead, readers hoping to learn something about the film have to read through all of your painfully unfunny comments wondering if you have anything useful to report; “perfectly tousled hair” (yawn) the snarky crap has gotten stale.

Kevin Jagernauth

Oops, right. Need more coffee. Thanks.


Hutcherson plays Peeta, Katniss’ fellow Tribute, not Gale.

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