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Actor/Producer/Rapper T.I. Gets Book Deal & Reality TV Series After Early Prison Release

Actor/Producer/Rapper T.I. Gets Book Deal & Reality TV Series After Early Prison Release

Of course, right?

Rapper/actor T.I. (aka Clifford Harris) was released from federal prison in Arkansas today, one month early, where he was serving time for a probation violation, and dude has already inked a new book deal and TV reality show!

First, the book deal… in October, HarperCollins will publish a new book written by T.I. called Power & Beauty. The novel is said to be “a fictional tale about two childhood friends torn apart by dangerous dealings on the streets of Atlanta.

So the inevitable follow-up question is whether the book will eventually become a movie. And I don’t have an answer to that.

Secondly, VH1 has greenlit a new 10-episode reality TV series starring Mr T.I., which will chronicle his attempts to readjust to life out of jail, after serving 10 months of an 11-month jail sentence, as he reconnects with family and friends.

The yet-to-be-titled series will debut in December.

Man, I wonder if I got locked up too, whether a book deal and TV series will be waiting for me when I get out.

Probably not… wishful thinking.

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I agree with CareyCarey on this one. And by the way, Michael Vick was raked over the coals big time before he was shown any love. The mainstream hates him. He definitely wasn’t being rewarded right after he got out.

Dankwa Brooks

As S&A reported Wesley Snipes also has deals lined up.

WTF happened to Lil Kim? She had the best album of her career before she went in and get out NADA.

other song


and people wonder why brothas go into hustling/rapping/ball-playing. Like it’s some great mystery.


Come on folks, jail time does not define the person. You can only see the stars when it’s dark outside. For many, when those cold steal bars are closed behind them, a light comes on that allows a person to see their future in a brighter light, different light.

I am speaking from experience and I’ve been around “criminals” of every walk of life, i.e, murders, thieves, drug sellers, tax cheats, drunk drivers, babies daddies who didn’t pay their child support, and women that killed their husbands, etc,.

Hey, raise your hand if you’ve never hedged/cheated on your taxes, or drove your car after having one too many. C’mon now, not getting caught doing a “crime” does not erase the fact that one was committed.

Besides, on the real deal, the actors and sports figures in question, had skills before the went to the joint. The same cannot be said for every Mr. & Mrs. Joe Blow who cheat on their taxes and their lovver, so let it lay before YOU say… “Do something bad or shady, you get rewarded, serve jail time, they throw cash at you, and people wonder why brothas go into hustling/rapping/ball-playing”


Only here in America does that happen…Serving a nearly two jail sentence and a book deal and a reality show is waiting for you, when you get out. Crazy.

And Michael Vick just got a 100 million dollars with the Eagles too.

Wow. Do something bad or shady, you get rewarded, serve jail time, they throw cash at you…funny isn’t???? :/



I’m w/you… I can handle the pic… but this rest of this news aches.

Vanessa Martinez

I just want to say that I love the pic for this post. :-)

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