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AMPAS Defends Giving Oprah An Oscar

AMPAS Defends Giving Oprah An Oscar

In case you haven’t heard, a whole bunch of people for some reason are upset that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is giving the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award to Oprah Winfrey.

Among those who are upset is our favorite guy and Lord and Savior, New York Press film critic Armond White, who told the Hollywood Reporter: “Does this newly announced Academy prize prove that Oprah means the same thing to Hollywood as past Jean Hersholt Award winners Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Lew Wasserman, Charlton Heston? Is this just another way for the academy to continue to grovel for TV ratings?”

Like DUH! Of course you big dummy!

But why shouldn’t Oprah get the award? She more than deserves it. Name me another celebrity who has done as much as she has? And besides, judging from the list of names White mentions, such as Taylor, Wasserman, Sinatra and Heston, all of whom led very controversial and scandalous lives, yet somehow he has no problem with any of them.

Now Tom Sherak, the president of the AMPAS, has defended their choice. He was quoted yesterday as saying that Oprah “has given away more than $500 million personally, plus more through her talk show, scholarship funds and her Angel Network, is one of the most philanthropic performers in the world. Oprah has given and given and given. She’s a member of the academy, she was nominated for an Academy Award and she has produced movies. This is not about personality. This is about a person who has come from the depths, risen to the heights and given back. That’s a perfect example of why this award was created”

Who’s going to disagree with that?

And as going back to White’s complaint that the Academy is giving the award to Oprah to boost ratings, it’s funny he has nothing to say about Brett Ratner, of all people, co-producing next year’s show. The same Ratner who directed the Rush Hour movies, X-Men: The Last Stand, and the upcoming Tower Heist, and produced Horrible Bosses and Nick Cannon: Mr Show Biz (HUH?). If that isn’t a blatant attempt to boost ratings I don’t know what is.

As Anne Thomson said about the decision to pick Ratner: “What Ratner isn’t is classy. He does not have what we would call refined taste. I worry.” Which means that there’s a real chance that next year’s show will have video vixens presenting the awards…which would make a great reason to watch it.

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David Puente

She is not deserving of this Award, I dont care how much money she has given to charities…


Please cccourt, move out of your own quicksand. So you’re saying everyone who hires an employee, is responisble for their wayward behavior, and thus, shows they are not acting as an humanitarian? Please, miss us with that mess. Besides, I seriously doubt that Opray (herself) hired all the people who were employed in the school in question.

Furthermore, it’s been said that a person can only be embarrassed if they respects the opinion/person that makes an unflattering remake. So lets see how you fit in this mix. You said: “All she does and has done is for herself…and Gayle”

Now come on, what type of educated fool would make such a statement? You gotta come better than that. And you can step on my blue suede shoes, but don’t mess with Oprah. :-)


This goes to prove Oprah can by anything. If anyone believes this woman is a humanitarian, ask yourself how many schools she could have sponsored in Africa. Ask yourself why she didn’t hire responsible people to care for young girls in an all girl school in Africa? I fail to see any selfless acts by this woman. All she does and has done is for herself…and Gayle.


Oops meant to say “we shouldn’t accept that” Ignore Typos!


The Oscars was extremely boring to watch w/ Anne Hathaway, and James Franco as hosts.

It is just a bunch of white folks getting dressed up w/ the mass of stupid, poor, individuals at home who are in awe of the rich and famous celebs.

I personally, don’t give two pennies about the Academy Awards they have along history of discrimination. I am glad that Oprah will get something for her achievements she has worked her butt off for years.

I think Mr. White is just being anal about the whole thing some Black people do not like seeing other successful entrepreneurs rise to the top.

We are so conditioned to believe that “white is always right” and we should accept that but when a person of color makes it we always find a place to criticize.

That’s is NOT healthy at all.


Oscars are about getting an audience. White is right that Oprah getting an Oscar is a ratings ploy and so what? She deserves it and IT IS a ratings ploy. Why should we be shocked? It’s a PC move and so what? Same has goes for getting Brett Ratner to produce next year’s show. Like I said it’s a blatant rating ploy if ever there was one

And besides the Oscars are never been fair anyway. Look throughout it’s history. It’s always been a sham and a PR stunt from the moment it was first created back then to deflect the public’s attention from Hollywood scandals at the time (Fartty Arbuckle’s rape trail , Wallace Reid’s O.D. death, etc) I just fail to see why black people every year so filled with angst every year about it. It ain’t what it’s hyped to be.


Now come on Sergio. If you’re going to quote the man either include all his quotes or link back to the original article.

“Is the Academy kowtowing to the silly complaints that no black actors were nominated this year?” says White. “The Oscars are supposed to be about the works Hollywood admires, not a score-keeping mechanism for ethnic and racial equality. By that standard the Oscars fail Native Americans, Asians, Africans, Scandinavians, and Latin Americans every year. I’m afraid those complaints were just media hype, an attempt by some to hold the Oscars hostage to political correctness.”

Okay, that doesn’t necessarily help his cause [others can debate as to whether the blackout -or should I say whiteout -of the Oscars is due to substandard or nonexistent black movies – heaven knows I’m not the best judge of that] but I understand his point better. Oprah has done a lot and I’m not mad she’s being recognized. She (and JEJ) deserve awards but I do hope this isn’t a PC move: “Here’s your couple of black Oscar winners niggas so you better watch. I’ve got 10 Maybachs and 5 mistresses to support.”


Anyone who thinks Oprah doesn’t deserve a humanitarian award and thinks she is somehow beneath the previous winners Armond White named is, quite frankly, a fool to put it bluntly. When’s the last time Armond saw his counselor?


“Who’s going to disagree with that?”

Hello! Drop the mic and turn off the lights. Only bottom feeding garbage pickers, aka, hater alligators, could disagree with the words of Tom Sherak.

Besides, is the black pot , our favorite guy and Lord and Savior, film critic Armond White, calling the kettle black? Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the way my man does his thang, but on this issue, this time, he has a lot of nerve showing his stankin ass.

Come on now, we all know he’s much like my lost friend (Sergio Mims) who loves nothing more than raising the roof so all the thunder and lightening can come rushing in, all for the sake of ______________(fill in the word/words).

Listen, much of Armond’s “acclaim” has been built on spitting on our most talented tenth, so it doesn’t surprise me that he is trying to blow smoke up our ass by stepping on Opray’s neck and pissing in her punch.

In short, on this issue, Armond “the black knight” White, is nothing more than a butt naked streaking gate crasher.

Somebody give that negro the 2011 award… The New Closet House NIgga. How dare he spank Oprah’s ass while trying to fill his own pockets? Pimpin ain’t easy and he better ask somebody before he decides to open his big booty lips (those lips that compliment deep ass kissing), the old fashion way… hate on a person of color that’s doing big thangs.

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