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Anne Hathaway’s Three Awkward Confessions to Chelsea Handler, Needs Catwoman, New PR Strategy

Anne Hathaway's Three Awkward Confessions to Chelsea Handler, Needs Catwoman, New PR Strategy

Thompson on Hollywood

No such thing as bad press? Anne Hathaway needs her Selina Kyle character in The Dark Knight Rises to rescue her after the triple-fail of Love and Other Drugs, hosting the Oscars with James I’d-Rather-Be-In-Class Franco and One Day, which is currently struggling to make back half its budget. She takes some pretty pictures, but might want to meditate on the mantra “less in more.” She’s better than her recent exposure suggests. It’s doubtful that her recent rap on Conan (below) did her much good, either. Chelsea Handler interviews her for Interview Magazine:

After disagreeing with Handler relating One Day to Love and Other Drugs, Hathaway says: “I’m sorry. I’m so bad. I interrupt everybody. I’m so obnoxious. Pardon. I just get really excited when I talk—and especially when I talk to people who are fun to talk to—and I jump in at the end of every sentence and nobody ever gets to finish a thought. I’m working on it. I’m sorry.”

A good excuse for her accent in One Day: “I wanted to make sure that the accent changed over the course of the movie, and that it wasn’t just a standard Yorkshire—I don’t know if that even exists—or a standard London accent. I wanted to make sure that the accent grew with her.”

On her gay ex-boyfriends: “I’m convinced that a few guys I’ve dated are gay, and they won’t admit it. I think we’ve all done that.”

Thompson on Hollywood

[Photos courtesy of Interview Magazine, September Issue]

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Love and Other Drugs was not a failure. It was a successful release for the most part.

Dannii Ellison

I would have liked to see her put on weight to play Selina Kyle/Catwoman with an ample cleavage, fuller legs and fuller backside but they don’t want her to look like the character as she is in the comic books. In the comic books, Selina has huge boobs with nice, womanly curves.


Sophia Savage, please do proper research. Is thorough research the thing of the past ? Love and Other Drugs cost $30 million , and earned over $102 million worldwide. That is a hit. One Day cost only $15 million. It can easily earn a profit with the North American and foreign markets.

Anne used different British dialects because her character ( Emma ) in the novel moved to different locations in England ( spanning 20 years ). When people move to different regions, their accent changes. The running joke in the book was Emma’s varied dialects. So, Anne was just being true to the novel.

No one can really blame Anne Hathaway’s Oscar hosting. She dealt with horrible writing, bad production, and a co-host that was comatose ( he is always comatose ) .

As for Hathaway’s rapping, I enjoyed her clever lyrics and her rapping wasn’t bad. She received mostly good reviews for her rapping. And, it showed that she is not the boring cookie cutter/ girl-next-door type , like Julia Roberts & Sandra Bullock. Anne’s interview with Interview magazine, was refreshing. The piece conveyed her intelligence, brutal honesty, humbleness, and her humor – proving she is not the arrogant, cold , mean-spirited actress ( Annette Bening ).


I still don’t like her. I think she’s nothing but a stuck up bitch. And I’m pissed that they wanted her to be catwoman. Catwoman is supposed to be sexy, and she’s cute at the most. I’m debating whether or not to see this movie based on the fact that she’s in it. The best movie that she ever did and err will, is princess diaries.

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