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BBC One Orders 3rd Season Of Idris Elba’s “Luther”

BBC One Orders 3rd Season Of Idris Elba's "Luther"

The second season hasn’t aired on BBC America for stateside audiences yet (that’s coming late next month; UK audiences saw all season 2 episodes already earlier this year)… no matter, BBC One controller Danny Cohen announced at the ongoing Edinburgh TV Festival (running this weekend) that a 3rd season of Luther, the critically acclaimed psychological crime drama starring one Idris Elba, has been ordered!

Season 2 reportedly outperformed season 1, on average, attracting over 5 million viewers and was well received by critics.

No word yet as to how many episodes season 3 will have, or when it will air, though I’d expect it’ll be sometime in mid 2012.

Idris’ next project will be Pacific Rim which is scheduled to begin principal photography in October; but, as of right now, he hasn’t signed on to anything after that. So, he could very well go into Luther season 3 production shortly after that.

Idris has already expressed his desire for a big screen version of Luther. “The ultimate ‘Luther’ story will unfold on the big screen,” he said in an interview a couple of months ago. Not sure if that’ll ever happen; but at least what we can expect to see is a 3rd season.

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I cannot wait for the third season with MORE EPISODES please!!!!!


I love the show but some of you going overboard, watching each episode 5 times? That's too much! I can not wait for the movie to come out, keep up the good work Mr Elba!


I am in love with Idris Elba as Luther, what a fantastic programme it is. H is so handsome and cool and a really good cop.
lease make a third series to satisfy all of us who love him!


Luther is one class show, I watched one episode and was hooked
I dont think anyone could play this part quite like Idres Elba he should be very proud of his work.
I downloaded and watched Series 1 on itunes and have Series 2 to look forward to so bring on Series 3.


I absolutely love this show. Will seasons two and three air on netflex?


This man is not only handsome eye candy but pure talent. I have seen Idris in many shows and the movie Takers was great! This show however have me addicted I haven't been able to find season two but I need more! When can we get a date on the new season to air? Luther should air on a more popular channel so more people can see it. I happen to find it on Netflix prior to that never heard of it. This show is too good to be kept secret.

Sherry Graves

Im in love with Idris Elba…I've watched his career from the wire,sometimes in april and Im in love with his character Luther and the t.v. Series,please hurey up and come back,ive watched all the episodes about five times each…I WANT MORE!!!!!!!


I am madly in love with Idris, and Luther made me love him more. I am so excited and can't wait for the next season to start!!

Cheryl Williams

I am a huge Idris Elba fan and will watch anything he is starring in ;however this is by far the best role I've ever seen him play…can't wait for the third season

Lucas Cadeaux

What a fantastic show! In Oz, we just finished watching series 2 & now can't wait for 3…wish there were more episodes to a series. Elba & Wilson are such great actors!


Love this show!!! Watch both season!! So ready for 3!!! When is it coming??


Idris Elba is such a badass actor, I have enjoyed his work ever since Stringer Bell in a little show called The Wire, he is one of my favorite actors and shame that most people have no idea who he is.


I love Luther and would love to see more episodes on Season 3. I also would like to see more of Milk & Honey the webseries, Idris is producing. I love him and think he is amazing and very talented, not to leave out the fact that he is Extremely Sexy. Love those eyes.


I just love Idris as Luther, he is so cool, very handsome and you would love to know he was around to protect you, Alice is so intoxicating to him, its great to see how they are together, hmmm Luther come back to us soon and for longer


Such great filming, Ms Bird helps make the show, but so few episodes….I could watch this for days at a time…I like the trust on The S&S Team and how it is built, great model for every business and system. Top flight. The best since 'The Wire' and maybe better except…not enuf to really satisfy. Mooooooore, please.


I just discovered this on Netflix and OMG this is so f-in' good!! I will be buying these series and please come on with season 3!!!


My husband and I recently discovered Luther and between Netflix and Comcast On-Demand, we have seen every available episode! The cliff hanger from season 2 was nothing less than magnificent!!!! So happy to hear of season 3 because Idris and Alice together are magical on screen together. Season 3 can't come soon enough!!!


I was told by one of my colleagues about show and when I tuned in, I couldn't stop watching. Question is , why is there only 4 episodes in season 2 and when is season3 going to be stateside. I have liked a few BBC series in the past but this is by far the best product to have come down the pike. I am big criminal minds, law and order fan but even they don't grab me like this series. Out of the box story lines which grab the viewer and great ensemble behind elba Give the fans more of this gripping series. Nice work


Both my wife, and me, love this show. We live in Holland, and nobody else here seems to know about it. At the moment we watch a luther episode every evening, and after that an IT crowd episode to change our mood from being thrilled to being in stitches :-)

Jazzy Jace

Dear Neil Cross,

Now that Luther season 2 was acknowledged with a Golden Globe win, can we at least have 6 episodes for season 3, as a thank you to the fans?


Big fan of the show, both seasons and I would also like to see more of Alice in season 3! Great show!


Excellent series. Superb casting, intriguing pyschological aspects. Keep it going. One of the best series of any genre.


OMG!! I love this show. I watched the entire first season on Netflix in one day!!! I am starved for season 2!!! I am sooooooooooooo happy they are doing a season 3….I will be purchasing this series!!!


Would be great to get David schwimmer as a bad guy in it . Also more state side appeal

Moira-Antoinette Low

Great to hear that there will be another season and I will be able to purchase the DVD via Amazon when it is available. Please keep making them. They are brilliant.


I love the show Luther! I CANT wait for season 3 to come on!!!!!

chris capehart

more Alice Morgan

chris capehart

i love Luther best i seen in years bring on the movie hope it airs soon

i love luther alice is amazing hope it has a longer season for season 3 and i hope it airs soon with many more seasons to follow!!!

Fanny Brice

I am so excited to find out there will be a 3rd season. I absolutely think this show rocks and I am also stateside. AND YES I pray Alice Morgan is also written in Mr. Cross

Kay Muhlbeier

Idris is absolutely brilliant in Luther! Alice is the perfect match for Luther. I hope to see more of Alice in season 3. This is the ONE show my husband and I plan our weekend around, we call it Lutherfest. A bottle of wine and 1 or 2 episodes played on demand, makes our date for the week. We were terribly disappointed to hear there were only 4 episodes for Season 2 and cant wait for season 3.


is ruth wilson confirmed?


Stay the course. Don’t “do it for the viewers” Do it for whatever reason you were doing it all along. And if that were simply “for the viewers” then so be it. But I suspect there is more to it than just that.

lover of good movies

For those that want to watch it (season 1) stateside can catch it on netflix or season 1 and 2 here: peace


Another viewer expressing a strong desire to see Alice Morgan written back in for season 3.

Do it Mr. Cross.


season 1 streams on netflix.


Love this show, love this man!




Dear Neil Cross,

It’s excellent to hear that your series Luther is coming back to BBC One. However, all of you fans will be very, very angry if you don’t write Alice Morgan back into the storyline. I don’t care how you do it. JUST DO IT FOR YOUR VIEWERS!

Jubilant Anglophile


I’m so excited and I haven’t seen season 2 yet. We need more episodes per season, at least 10. What a great way to start my week.

I would love to see Luther on the big screen!!!!


Very good to hear! Series 2 was just getting good when it ended.

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