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Blu-Ray & DVD Release Of ‘The Tree Of Life’ Set For October 11th

Blu-Ray & DVD Release Of 'The Tree Of Life' Set For October 11th

We imagine if you’re a reader of this site you’ve probably already seen Terrence Malick‘s spiritual and experimental family drama, “The Tree Of Life,” starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and on-the-rise newcomer Jessica Chastain — who is practically invading theaters this year with appearances in “The Help,” “The Debt,” and later this year, “The Texas Killing Fields” — but in case you haven’t and or just want to own it, the DVD and Blu-Ray combo pack is now scheduled for release on October 11th.

If you’re looking for extras that include Terrence Malick commentary and or any kind of appearance from the notoriously shy and reclusive director, good luck with that. But “Exploring The Tree Of Life,” an exclusive 30-minute documentary on the making of the film included in the extras, should promise to give some insight to curious Malick-ophiles. Those appreciation-of-his-work interviews shown earlier this year with Christopher Nolan and David Fincher will be available as part of that doc as well. Super-nerd details: the Blu-Ray disc employs a maximum bit rate encoding and 7.1 audio and a 2.0 stereo mix.

So here’s how the package breaks down: a BluRay disc which gives you the movie plus features (that 30 minute doc); the DVD, which includes just the movie (in case you want to watch it again in a lower quality or want to loan it to your friends without a Blu-Ray player) and a coupon to download a digital copy of the film in case you’re just dying to see it again on your laptop or iPhone, cause lord knows you need to see it in every format possible. Of course, some more extras would be more exciting than making available every possible format known to man, but hey, that’s just this luddite talking. Will “The Tree Of Life” be an Oscar contender this year in any category? That’s doubtful, it’s just too oblique for a Best Picture nod and the performances, while solid, are probably not showy enough for Oscar, plus there’s an entire season of films that’s likely going to overshadow it. Anywho, artwork below. If you want a teaser of that 30 minute doc, EW has a clip with Jessica Chastain, a very in-demand actress who seems destined for Oscar nominations in the future even if she may not score any this year.

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Or maybe everyone doesn’t have that much money to buy multiple copies of a movie?


I don’t understand how people watch this film and not see it as evidence that Malick is an alien and this is his effort to understand earthlings


i don’t mind the cover art. however, when i first saw this 4 or 5 days ago i was upset criterion didn’t get it right off the bat. here comes another double dip.

Dave Clayden

I’ll hold out for the 6 hour three disc set of the director’s cut…


Yeah, if you refuse to buy the film more than once it probably isn’t your “All-Time-Favorite”.

My all time favorite movie is Sergio Leone’s “Once Upon A Time in America” & I’ve probably bought three different versions of that film on DVD & Bluray AND I have a new super extended cut to look forward to purchasing sometime in 2012. But since it’s my all-time favorite movie I have no real complaints since I freaking love the movie.

Anywho, no- this is not the mythical 6 Hour Cut which I expect is going to remain mythical for a long damn time. Especially if Malick really is in post on his Ben Affleck film & planning ANOTHER movie to shoot early 2012!

nick clement

if it’s your “all time fave film” you should have no qualms about buying each and every version of this splendid masterpiece. i also agree that Criterion should have stepped up to the plate; in due time…


Wish it was Criterion… Such an ugly cover… Do not understand the appeal of combo pak releases… I will not be buying this, despite the fact that it’s probably my all-time favorite film and I saw it three times in theaters… Hopefully Criterion will get a crack at releasing a big box set when and if Malick ever releases the already-mythical six-hour cut…


Well it’s about time to invest in a blue-ray player! On another note, does anyone know if the rumored six hour version will be included? Or if it will ever be released?

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