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Brit Nonso Anozie Cast In Season 2 Of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones”

Brit Nonso Anozie Cast In Season 2 Of HBO's "Game Of Thrones"

I have to admit that I haven’t watched a single episode of Game Of Thrones, despite how much praise it’s received; it’s been near-universal! And I’m a fantasy enthusiast, so you’d think I’d be all over it; nope, I haven’t been. I also haven’t read the literary work by George R. R. Martin that the TV series is based on either (A Song of Ice and Fire which comprises of 7 books – 2 that have yet to be published).

Shame on me :(

Ah well, in time I guess.

But fans of the series, take heed of the following news. As you probably already know, HBO picked up a second season of the series, just two days after season one’s premiere, and has been casting for it for a couple of months now.

The most recent casting announcement is for a character called Xaro Xhoan Daxos, described as “a wealthy merchant who takes in Daenerys, the members of her khalasar (the Dothraki that stuck with her after the death of husband Khal Drogo), and her knight, Ser Jorah Mormont (Iain Glenn), and becomes an adviser of sorts.

Now, you see, none of that means anything to me, because, once again, I haven’t been keeping up with the series. But I assume it’ll make some sense to those of you who have (or who have read the books).

The role will be played by British up-and-comer Nonso Anozie, whom long-time readers of this site might recognize as the star of a 2009 Brit flick we profiled based on the life of football hooligan Cass Pennant, leader of England’s most feared football gang; also, most recently, he featured in RockNRolla, Atonement, Conan the Barbarian, and co-stars in the upcoming in-the-wild thriller, The Grey, alongside Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney and others, directed by Joe Carnahan.

The massive 6ft 6inch 32-year-old Anozie, who looks like he’s at least 250, has appeared in several stage plays, films, and TV shows. He grauated from the famed Central School of Speech and Drama, in London in 2002.

We’ll be watching his progress, especially now that he’s making a name for himself on this side of the pond.

Thanks Jug for the tip.

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i think people are falling into the trap of the summer islanders being the only real world equivalent of black folks and maybe that’s martins intention but the way he describes every single one of them doesn’t fit the majority of black folk of the world. even the darkest among us are dark as midnight. however, there are other peoples that also can represent black folks as well as asian and middle eastern folks.

seriously though, the way he makes his characters describe summer islanders is full of so much fail

P. Djeli Clark

The people of Quarth being “pale as milk” but living damn near in a desert never made much sense to me. I think HBO realized as much, and decided to “diversify” the people outside of Westeros. I think Anozie will bring something interesting to the role–and I hope they keep Xaro Xhoan Daxos’ sexuality in tune with the book (he’s into dudes). But I agree with cruz777, the books are heavy on “Orientalism” in describing the people of Quarth, Mereen, etc. I’m thinking the choice of a black actor may have simply been to make sure the Quartheen truly fit notions of “the other”—that a milk pale actor couldn’t bring. They’ve already done as much to the Dothraki, with those oddly-placed sistas dancing like Beyonce during the first season.

Oddly I never thought of Strong Belwas as “black”…just “swarthy” and “brown.” Then again, I never thought of Khal Drogo as Hawaiian. Go figure. So who’s going to play Chataya and Alayaya? And will Jalabar Xho ever make an appearance? They completely cut him out of GOT…


they’re described as pale as milk but i have no issue with the casting. the problem is the oriental-ism that plagues the novels regardless of how the people outside of westeros are described racially/colour-wise.

other than strong belwas, i doubt they would have made any room for the ‘black’ characters in the series.

let’s hope they cast the dornish properly, meaning non-white with various skin tones from dark to light

Kenya Lashley

I have not seen the show either no HBO lol but I have read the books and I think I might have to go back and see how he is described in the book but my saying is as long as they stay true to character I can’t complain.


i’m surprised because the character he’s playing is supposed to be white or at least pale as hell.

i thought he would have been cast as one of the Summer Islanders that are sprinkled sparingly throughout the series


{{{ Game Of Thrones is a great show. Actually one of my favorites. But lord know I would hate to be an auditioning black actor in Hollywood because the British male actors are taking over. It’s out of control. But hey, who am I to knock any man’s hustle? }}}

Give me a break, Darkan. There is only one American actor in the whole cast and that is probably only because the amount of vertically challenged folks with enough gravitas is even in shorter supply than even the amount of talented black actors working today. Chill out on this topic already.


I watched a few episodes and was turned off because the “savages”, the Dothraki are of course, played by people of color (Arab/Persian looking). But of course they threw a few naked sistas in there as dancers & “slave girls”..

Might check it out to see how they portray this brotha’s character


@ Screen Nation, no need to disrespect my black American acting brothers man. The people who get arrested are rapper/thug-actors that Hollywood gives whack opportunities to. Where would black British actors be were it not for the countless of Black American actors who paved the way for them to have “an opportunity for them to even be considered stateside”? If that’s the case why not stay in Europe if the opportunity is so good for them over there! *Giving you the side eye*


it’s a fine show. looking forward to next season. glad they’re putting some color in the palate. like LOTR, it was shaping up to be a bit too “nordic” for comfort.


Good for him!

Also, I’ve yet to read this fain to even go there as it’s not really a genre (fantasy/medieval) I’m interested in. But I hear the books are excellent and the show is great and maybe one day I’ll watch.

Screen Nation

Nonso is a star in waiting and can play wide despite his size as witnessed by his credits. He was awarded the Screen Nation Emerging Talent Award back in2009 and is highly regarded by the indsutry over here in UK.

This is a really good look for Nonso and should help him make a strong mark in the US.

Yes, Dakan you are right the Brit actors are bringing it to US and thats because they aint getting arrested over here.

Wonder what would happen if we all got together and made pictures?

ojie king

really old news


Game Of Thrones is a great show. Actually one of my favorites. But lord know I would hate to be an auditioning black actor in Hollywood because the British male actors are taking over. It’s out of control. But hey, who am I to knock any man’s hustle?

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