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British Star Nikki Amuka-Bird In Film Adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus”; Trailer

British Star Nikki Amuka-Bird In Film Adaptation of Shakespeare's "Coriolanus"; Trailer

Nikki Amuka-Bird (Shoot The Messenger, Torchwood, Small Island, The Omen, #1 Ladies Detective Agency) has one of those faces that makes you say, “Haven’t I seen her somewhere?” More than likely, you probably have.

A veteran of stage, film, and television on the other side of the pond, Amuka-Bird has made a name for herself by delivering some remarkable supporting performances. Hopefully, she’ll soon receive the opportunities that have, in recent years, been afforded to her counterparts, like Idris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Okonedo, and David Oyelowo.

I’m not exactly sure how big a role she has in Coriolanus— IMDB lists her role as that of “TV Pundit”– but these days, any look is a good look for actors hoping to break out from supporting-role status.

With a screenplay written by Gladiator and The Last Samurai screenwriter John Logan, Coriolanus boasts an impressive cast that includes Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave, and James Nesbitt.

Based on the William Shakespeare tragedy, The Weinstein Company will release the film in the U.S. on December 2, 2011.

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I loved her in Survivors, too! (Which is available through Netflix, for anyone interested.)


@Emmanuel Sure! I mean I wasn’t supposed to have seen it anyway… ;)


I watched her in the UK series, Survivors. She was great in that! Can’t wait to see her in this, especially since Gerry and Fiennes is in it too!



Yikes! How could I forget about her role in “Luther”? Thanks for the reminder.


And how could I forget John Kani. He’s always the familiar face that I can never place. Thanks.


Awesome! Really looking forward to this.

She also has a *great* role in Luther Season 2 (no spoilers!).

Hopefully we’ll be seeing even more of her. There’s a new scifi project called Resonance that has an interesting collaborative structure and is billed as a “cross-platform digital project” she is starring in with one of my other favorites set to break out from the UK Aidan Turner (of Being Human and The Hobbit). I’ve been following some of the associated projects in the UK and in Chicago. It’s VERY interesting. Here’s the website which features the trailer that’s also on YouTube Not sure when it’s set to run though. I’ve heard rumors that they have a few episodes in the can.


Veteran South African actor John Kani is in “Coriolanus” is in this as well. He plays General Cominius, which is actually a plump part in the Shakespeare tragedy. Good to know Nikki is in this as well. This should be one to watch.

James Madison



She’s purdy.

Impressive cast, indeed.

Viewing the trailer, Mr. Fiennes, all I could ‘see’ was Voldemort. LOL

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