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Can You Name The Rising Young Stars We Should Keep An Eye On? (Survey)

Can You Name The Rising Young Stars We Should Keep An Eye On? (Survey)

We don’t often get to profile young talent as much as we would like but with all the buzz surrounding Attack The Block‘s John Boyega–Tambay compared him to a young Denzel Washington–I wondered about some of the kiddies we should be following. So I wanted to pose the question to you. Can you name talented kid actors and actresses we should be watching out for?

In addition to John, I would put Cymphonique Miller–daughter of Master P–on that list also. The singer/actress just inked a deal with Nickelodeon and will star in her own show, How to Rock, which is based on the book How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston.

So who would you put on that list? Below is the short film Scarecrow Joe that Cymphonique starred in back in 2006.

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Yep Donnie! Forgot to mention that…under 21.

Donnie Leapheart

I’m assuming by “kid” Cynthia means anyone 21 years old and under since John Boyega is 18….

In that case, I’d throw in Jacob Anderson, who’s slowly been getting more shine…..also Jacob Latimore did a decent job in his first feature (for a 13-14 year old).


How about British actress Zawe Ashton.

She’s just finished a BBC TV series Case Histories were she had a recurring role.

This year she’s already co-starred in the Jason Statham pic Blitz and can be seen in forthcoming Weekender out in early September.

Plus shes involved in a forthcoming film project entitled Dreams Of A Life which was highlighted on this Blog back in May.

James Madison

Good call Cynthia.

John Boyega impressed in Attack The Block.


That’s all you got Tamara? lol I know you have some names.


You all highlighted her before.

Disney’s “A.N.T. Farm” starring China Anne McClain.

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