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Character Posters For “Red Tails”

Character Posters For "Red Tails"

I should have posted these already, but forgot to do so… here they are now… our heroes in gear.

The film’s cast includes: Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Nate Parker, David Oyelowo, Tristan Wilds, Method Man, Michael B. Jordan, Marcus T. Paulk, Andre Royo and others.

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Eye Candy for days.. and in military uniforms! A talented cast portraying real life heroes makes this a must-see for me!


Uh oh, JMac…those are fighting words! Nate Parker belongs to yours truly! :P Mmm, doesn’t he look yummy!

Seriously, they all look great and will definitely support for the talent alone.

Geneva Girl

That photo of Cuba Gooding reminds me for some reason of Adolph Cesar in “A Soldier’s Story”. The rest look pretty hot.


Third one down is mine! I mean I’ll be following this character in the movie :D


Yes! I love it! Meth! Mr. Royo! TRISTAN! lol The cougar in me can’t resist.

Also, as an aside, I was reminded of this film when watching some “Justice League” cartoons this weekend, a series of three or four that dealt with WWII and John Stewart as Green Lantern and had an actual troupe of “red-tails” that were being flown by allied pilots, none of whom were Black, but still with Green Lantern being thrust into that era, forced to use his Marine skills as his ring had gone out, I was reminded of this feature. LOL.

Also, those episodes were written, produced or teleplay-written by Mr. Dwayne McDuffie (rip). All things come full circle don’t they? I heart The Justice League. The end.


WTH? Method Man is in this?

Just for the cast alone I want to support this film. The trailer was good, too.


Love the variety and levels of talent displayed. We have a mixture of new, emerging and seasoned. Hope to see much more marketing for this as the release date gets near.


tempted to change my wallpaper…hehe

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