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Coen Brother’s Folk Music Project Lands Financing

Coen Brother's Folk Music Project Lands Financing

Thompson on Hollywood

The Coen brothers’ next project, a film about the New York City folk scene in the 1960s, has just received funding from StudioCancal, who promised to co-finance this project.

The upcoming movie, now titled Inside Llewyn Davis, is an original script to be directed and produced by the pair. Scott Rudin will also join on the project as a producer. Rudin worked with the brothers on best-picture Oscar-winner No Country for Old Men and True Grit. ThePlaylist wonders if the trio seems to be prepping for a run at the Oscars. Hey guys, the movie hasn’t even started shooting yet.

The film will focus on Llewyn Davis, as she attempts to break into the folk music world during its surge in 1960s New York. In June, the directors said that they would draw inspiration from legendary musician and purveyor of folk talent “Mayor of MacDougal Street” Dave Van Ronk, who cultivated the careers of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and Phil Ochs.

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Anne Thompson

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for your comment – it is certainly hard not to get carried away when there’s an interesting plot coming from great directors. I’m definitely looking forward to this one.
– Maggie

Ryan Sartor

Hey Maggie,

Thanks for pointing out The Playlist’s mention of an Oscar-run. I love the site and everything that they do, but their tendency to get over-excited and speculate on release dates and Oscar campaigns before the film has even finished (or in this case started) filming is a bit perplexing.

They did the same thing with Wes Anderson’s latest, speculating that it may go to Cannes 2012. I also realize that the site has many different writers, but I’m sure there’s an editorial message overall.

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