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Coming To South Africa In 2012 – “Law & Order: Cape Town”

Coming To South Africa In 2012 - "Law & Order: Cape Town"

The Cape Film Commission (CFC) has announced that the long-running American TV police procedural, Law & Order, is coming to South Africa, to be titled, what else but Law & Order: Cape Town.

12 episodes have been ordered with filming set to begin on location, in Cape Town, by May of 2012, with a cast and film crew that will be primarily South African.

Hopefully the cast will be diverse. I’d fully expect to see black South Africans represented in leading roles.

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Geraldine Singh

Awesome :)


how can i audition for this if i dont have an agent? does anybody have any details about the auditions? please let me know.

Cape town Actor

Exciting indeed…Im lucky to have a good agent and look forard to the chance to audition. I have been typcast a bit as a cop so maybe its a good thing for once :-)



Geneva Girl

I am so excited. I’m a L&O junkie. I’ve watched Criminal Intent Paris (especially difficult because Parisians talk very fast with lots of slang and there were no English subtitles). I also love L&O UK.

I’m just hoping that this version will end up on one of the South African channels I get on Sky. And, no, I haven’t gotten hold of the Moscow version yet, but I doubt it’s available with English subtitles.

I just wish that the new versions would use original stories. They’re just localized versions of old L&O episodes. It is interesting, however, to see how the different legal systems work.

Adam Scott Thompson

Dick Wolf is bossin’.


What, no L&O: Lagos? LOL….

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