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Ain’t he a little – o.k. A LOT bit too old for this. Forget being white.

Remind me of one time in a school in one of the most dangerous neighborhood in my city, a (Black) parent came in her new white boyfreind to pick up her daughter early from school. They knew each other “for a minute”.

He had the perp walk, had a blue bandana hanging out his back pocket, pants hanging off his behind, and a Cubs baseball cap tipped a certain way. He was about 40 years old.

I turned to my white co-worker and said to her. He’s too white and too old for that mess. She whole heartedly agreed with me.




I thought the best faux white rap song was Toby Keith’s I Wanna Talk About Me. This one knocked it out the park.


Ain’t mad at him! lol


Is he actually rapping on this track?


Tambay, you should have filed this under “LOL” because that’s what I did throughout the whole clip. He proves my theory that there’s a “secret rapper” within all of us.


Had to stop at “Golfers on the green….” Just…why?

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