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D.B. Woodside Joins Cast Of “Parenthood” As Potential Love Interest For Joy Bryant’s Character

D.B. Woodside Joins Cast Of "Parenthood" As Potential Love Interest For Joy Bryant's Character

Fans of NBC’s sitcom Parenthood might be happy to know that D.B. Woodside is joining the series’ cast in a five-episode story arc, playing a Dr. Joseph Prestidge, described as “an Ivy League-educated doctor and potential love interest for Joy Bryant’s Jasmine.

Here’s another standard network TV show I don’t watch and know nothing about…

But, what I learned from some quickie research is that Joy Bryant’s character (Jasmine) is already in a relationship with a Caucasian fellow named Crosby (played by Dax Shepard); however, when season 3 begins next month, something happens that pushes them apart, as they realize that maybe they aren’t best for each other.

So, this should make some folks happy, right? Jasmine goes from being in an interracial relationship with a white dude (Dax Shepard) as brotha Woodside steps in as his replacement.

Hey, an actual black couple on a major network (NBC) TV show!! Wow! :)

Parenthood returns for season 3 on Tuesday, September 13.

Who’s watching?

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I was a total Jasmine/Crosby shipper, but I’d throw him overboard in a second for D.B. Woodside. It’ll be good to see him on TV again!


Jasmine and Crosby broke up towards the end of the last season. No, they did not have a fairytale relationship, they had real issues…and they loved each other. Jasmine was not perfect but Crosby was all kinds of wrong for having an ONS with another woman. But i still love them and hope they get back together. I could see it now, Crosby is not going to be happy about Prestidge, especially if he still wants Jasmine. I can’t wait. This is going to be good.


Parenthood is a very good show…looking forward to seeing D.B. in action!

Questions & Answers?!?!!!


@eshowman, the cranky TV fan

Michael B. Jordan’s character “Alex” is dating a white a girl “Hattie” (I think that’s her name) there relationship isn’t all glitter and gold. It is pretty rocky at times. I don’t know if you watched episode after episode but there was one particular episode, where “Alex” meet the parents for the very first time and it was very awkward. Hattie’s parents disapproved of the relationship because they felt he was too “mature” for Hattie and he had too much “baggage” (emancipated-alcoholic teen who doesn’t speak to his father).

Also, towards the end of the first season she is sexually active and they didn’t approve of that either. So, I wouldn’t say that black men and white women relationships are “rainbows and unicorns” because all interracial romance deal with ups and downs of people’s actions, attitudes and views.

Questions & Answers?!?!!!

Crosby & Jasmine are patching things up this upcoming season starting in Sept. In the finale, ep. Crosby sacrificed his boat and purchased a new home for Jasmine & Jabar. Now that is love!

D.B Woodside is charming fellow he is gonna stir up some tension in this upcoming season. Oooooh I can’t wait! :)

eshowman, the cranky TV fan

Joy Bryant and her white ex never had a stable relationship. Just like on the mixed race couple on Hawthorne. When black men are in relationships with white women it is all sunshine & rainbows. When a black woman has a relationship with any man it is always dysfunctional or played for jokes. Here’s hoping that this match will be a bit better.


Ugh…please leave Crosby and Jasmine alone.


I love this show! Crosby and Jasmine were my favorites, so while I’m happy for Mr. Woodside, as a fan of the show this is a bit of a downer.


I actually watch this show and it is a really good show.

Joy Bryant’s character actually broke up with the “caucasion fellow” last season. He had been trying to get her back. As of the last episode, he was still trying.

The writing and acting on this show is superb!

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