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DeRay Davis Joins Cast Of “GI Joe: Cobra Strikes”

DeRay Davis Joins Cast Of "GI Joe: Cobra Strikes"

Comedian/actor Deray Davis has reportedly joined the cast of GI Joe: Cobra Strikes”.

In what role specifically? No one knows yet, as there hasn’t been an official announcement. Though both he and The Rock have been tweeting a bit about being on set together, including sharing the above photo with their followers.

I’m sure we’ll find out eventually…

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Scratching my head over Deray Davis. What could he possibly bring to this film. He has never done anything in any film to ever stand out yet he continues to work on major films. I’m confused. On top of that the Rock’s tweet said “everyone was waiting for DeRay to show up but he was late, very late.” SMDH.


I just started to read up on this movie. I didn’t realize that Marlon Wayans wasn’t in the sequel… Any reason why? Is it because of the Richard Pryor movie?

Jenna Hagen

I hope they include the following G.I. Joe members in future G.I. Joe sequels:
Stalker, Shipwreck, Beach Head

I hope they include the following Cobra members in future G.I. Joe sequels:
Serpentor, Major Bludd, Tomax and Xamot, Scrap-Iron, Wild Weasel, Zarana

I look forward to seeing the following characters in future G.I. Joe sequels:
Ace, Agent Faces, Agent Natalie Poole, Airborne, Airtight, Airwave, Alpine, Altitude, Ambush, Armadillo, Avalanche, Backblast, Back-Stop, Banzai, Barbecue, Barrel Roll, Barricade, Bazooka, Beach Head, Big Ben, Big Brawler, Blades, Blaster, Blast-Off, Blizzard, Blocker, Blowtorch, Bombstrike, Breaker, Budo, Bullet-Proof, Bullhorn, Bushido, Cannonball, Captain Grid-Iron, Chameleon, Charbroil, Checkpoint, Chuckles, Claymore, Clean-Sweep, Cloudburst, Clutch, Cold Front, Colonel Courage, Countdown, Crankcase, Crazylegs, Cross-Country, Crossfire, Cross Hair, Cutter, Dart, Dee-Jay, Deep Six, Depth Charge, Dial Tone, Doc, Dodger, Dogfight, Dojo, Double Blast, Downtown, Dr. Link Talbot, Drop Zone, Dusty, Effects, Fast Draw, Firewall, Flash, Footloose, Freefall, Fridge, Frostbite, Gears, General Flagg, General Rey, Ghostrider, G.I. Jane, Grand Slam, Grunt, Gung-Ho, Hardball, Hard Drive, Hardtop, Heavy Metal, Hi-Tech, Hit & Run, Hollow Point, Hot Seat, Iceberg, Ice Cream Soldier, Kamakura, Keel-Haul, Knockdown, Law & Order, Leatherneck, Lifeline, Lift-Ticket, Lightfoot, Long Arm, Long Range, Low-Light, Lt. Falcon, Mace, Mainframe, Major Altitude, Major Barrage, Major Storm, Maverick, Med Alert, Mercer, Mirage, Muskrat, Mutt, Nunchuk, Outback, Ozone, Pathfinder, Payload, Psyche-Out, Quick Kick, Rampage, Rampart, Rapid Fire, Recoil, Recondo, Red Dog, Red Spot, Red Zone, Repeater, Robo-J.O.E., Rock ‘n Roll, Rollbar, Rook, Rumbler, Salvo, Sci-Fi, Scoop, Sgt. Hacker, Sgt. Slaughter, Shipwreck, Shockwave, Short-Fuze, Sidetrack, Skidmark, Skydive, Skymate, Skystriker, Slip Stream, Sneak Peek, Snow Job, Snow Storm, Space Shot, Sparks, Spearhead, Specialist Trakker, Spirit, Stalker, Starduster, Static Line, Steam-Roller, Steeler, Stretcher, Sub-Zero, Super Trooper, Sure Fire, Taurus, T’Gin-Zu, T’Jbang, Thunder, Tiger Claw, Tollbooth, Topside, Torpedo, Tracker, Tripwire, Tunnel Rat, Updraft, Wet Down, Wet Suit, Whiteout, Wide Scope, Wild Bill, Wildcard, Windchill, Windmill, Wreckage, Zap

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