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Director Steve Mcqueen Releases ‘Statement’ for “Shame”; Screening at Telluride Next Month

Director Steve Mcqueen Releases 'Statement' for "Shame"; Screening at Telluride Next Month

You should be very familiar with this film by now. Steve McQueen‘s sex-addiction drama Shame stars Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan and Nicole Beharie. After premiering in Venice Film Festival at the end of this month, Shame will screen at the Telluride Film Festival (September 2-5th), Toronto International Film Festival and the BFI-American Express London Film Festival.

Here’s the Director’s Statement, courtesy of Venice Film Festival site:

Hunger was about a man with no freedom who used his body as a political tool and through that act created his own liberty. Shame examines a person who has all the western freedoms and through his apparent sexual freedom creates his own prison.
As we witness – and become desensitised to – the continued and continual sexualisation of society, how does anyone navigate through this maze and not be tainted by the surroundings? It is this ’elephant in the room’ that I wish to explore.

Cant wait. :-)

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@ska-triumph please do share the script with me! I’m really interested in reading.


to my fellow commenters:

mcqueen is on a similar track as schnabel was before him.

a reputable vanguard artist – who actually built layered videos (often with him as the subject/protagonist) as his work – going into to mainstream, narrative film with hard-hitting subject matter.

having that cast can’t hurt. got to read the script (could send you a draft) and it is bare – and, expectantly, intense.

Vanessa Martinez


I see what you’re saying, although I’m pretty certain that won’t be the case from everything I’ve read on the project and overhearing some of the early reactions. We’ll see.


I’ll have to hear and see more, of course. But as a writer, I’m kinda zeroing in on what’s not being said and I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a kind of slut-shaming, homophobic morality tale.

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