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Directors Hating on Other Directors: Cronenberg vs. Shyamalan, Burton and Green vs. Smith

Directors Hating on Other Directors: Cronenberg vs. Shyamalan, Burton and Green vs. Smith

Thompson on Hollywood

Thank you, Flavorwire, for reminding us of the dark side of creative genius. In “The 30 Harshest Filmmaker-on-Filmmaker Insults In History,” Flavorwire reveals the competitive, nasty side of many beloved filmmakers. Bigmouth Kevin Smith is a dart magnet: but he gives as good as he gets.

Our favorites: David Cronenberg (A History of Violence) on M. Night Shyamalan (The Village, The Sixth Sense); “I HATE that guy! Next question.”

David Gordon Green (Your Highness, Pineapple Express) on Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma): “He kind of created a Special Olympics for film. They just kind of lowered the standard. I’m sure their parents are proud; it’s just nothing I care to buy a ticket for.”

And of course, there’s this one:

Tim Burton on Kevin Smith (after Smith jokingly accused Burton of stealing the ending of Planet of the Apes from a Smith comic book):
 “Anyone who knows me knows I would never read a comic book. And I would especially never read anything created by Kevin Smith.”

Kevin Smith on Tim Burton (in response to “I would never read a comic book”):
“Which, to me, explains fucking Batman.”

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Funny thing about this is that Kevin Smith is a big Prince fan and even referenced Batdance. So even in his comeback, he obviously liked Burton's Batman to some extent, whether it was accurate to the comics or not…


Cronenberg seems to have a good point.


Sure Clerks was fun and all but that’s been about the height of Smith’s filmmaking genius. Face facts Kevin Smith will go to his grave without ever an Academy Award nomination let alone win.

As far as Batman goes, his films couldn’t even touch the amount of money one of those films made. Burton has a stable of Academy award winning actors that join his films on a regular basis, Smith’s stock actor is his childhood best friend/on again off again heroin addict.


yes but he made snow angels, all the real girls and george washington.

Ronnie D.

Lol who is David Gordon Green to be insulting anyone?!?! He directed “Your Highness”! Can standards be any lower??


Three somewhat talented directors and one lucky guy hobbled by misplaced egotism, profane indulgences and a profound lack of awareness concerning his own expressive worth. Only the fashionably hated Mr. M Night seems above trash talking.

None of these illusionists could hold a candle to anything Stanley Kubrick has made since his death, let alone what he produced while living. Kubrick wasn’t without serious flaws (as an artist) but he was, at least, somewhere in the realm of “creative genius”.



I really don’t like Kevin Smith films but the guy is funny being himself and Owns Burton with that comeback.(Sorry Tim Love your films and your art if you really want to hurt Smith make some kind of twisted cartoon then we can all get something out of it.)


Fuck Kevin Smith and M. Night Shyamalan. That’s my opinion.

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