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First Look At Anne Hathaway (And Her Stunt Double) As Catwoman

First Look At Anne Hathaway (And Her Stunt Double) As Catwoman

Here’s your first official look at Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, from director Christopher Nolan. Also included are images of her stunt double, and to be frank, looking at the set of images, Nolan should have cast her stunt double for the role instead of Hathaway, who looks more like a teenage girl playing dress-up on Halloween.

I’ve been skeptical about the casting choice since it was announced, but still hopeful; after all, I recall eyebrows were raised when it was first revealed that Nolan had cast Heath Ledger as the Joker, and look at how well that turned out. So, maybe there’s more here than meets the eye. We’ll see…


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Jacqueline A. G.

What happened to Halle Berry playing the continuous role of Catwoman? She was effective, so I thought! I’m not certain that any sequels will be great without her.


Even though the Rachel Dawes character existed just to be killed, the looks still matter to you, don’t they?

I don’t now why my comments didn’t show up, so I’ll share this again: Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman will not only be a thief, but also a stripper. So if you hate her looks, you might be getting quite an eyeful of her.

Also, Hathaway herself said that there’s a lot more to her character, and the costume isn’t that great. I read into that and think that there might be another costume later in the film.


Batman Begins: I’m looking at Bruce/Batman, Scarecrow, THE MEN. lol

Dark Knight: Bruce/Batman, Harvey/Two Face, The Joker…

Katie/Maggie’s characters were there to serve as catalysts or whatever for those male characters’ character-progressions and such. It’s all about them dudes in those films. The females were civilians and not villains like those other ladies you mention.

Still, women, depending on ‘who’ they are in this ‘verse (uni) matter more or less. Villain? more. (s)Hero? more. Why? Because it’s comic books where the viewer looks to the hero or villain more than say a Mary Jane…

Bane … wears a mask resembling a luchador. Anyone here upset over that?

*dead at luchador*

This is true. lol


Sometimes, the complaint is that the women on the big screen are not very reflective of the average woman. Now someone like Anne Hathaway or Maggie Gyllenhal is not enough.

I’ve always seen Bruce Wayne as the facade and Batman is the real person. Bruce Wayne can attract damn near any woman he wants, but maybe he’s not just into looks. Rachel Dawes? Woman of Power. Catwoman? Woman of power. Talia Al Ghul? Again, a woman of power.

In the comics, Batman’s women are very sexy, but every damn person in superhero comics is either chiseled or gorgeous.

I thought everyone wants Nolan’s “approaching reality” style for his Batman films.Maybe the women he casts are a part of that.

Let’s go back to Batman Begins. Is Katie Holmes unattractive to you? I think she’s much more attractive than Gyllenhal or Hathawy. Did you like her performance at all? Did you care?

So the women of this film only mater if they are at a certain level of attractiveness?

Bane is not the Bane of the comic books. He’s big, yeah, but Bane is not a Brit, and he wears a mask resembling a luchador. Anyone here upset over that?


YYYYYYYAAAAwwwwwwnnnnnn! … Where’s Michelle Pfeiffer again?


@VichusSmith, yes I lack faith in the casting of the female leads. Sorry, but I never bought Batman/Bruce Wayne jonesing for Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character. And I’m sure I’m not going to buy Hathaway as Catwoman. You’re right, she isn’t a great actress nor does she looked the part imo.

I never doubted the casting of Hardy, Bale or Ledger because I can see them all in their respective roles.


I wanted Brandy to get this part.


misha, what do you mean by “better”? These are still pictures. Anne Hathaway hasn’t uttered a line of dialogue. I don’t think she’s a great actress, but if some people here had their way, a less talented actress who is more shapely would have the role. People doubted Ledger, They doubted Hardy, and I bet people scratched their head at Christian Bale. Do we sill honestly lack faith in Batman casting?


First, Maggie Gyllenhaal now Anne Hathaway? Love Nolan’s work but he has got to start casting better female leads.


For the people here who probably have not seen her since she was in children’s films,Anne Hathaway has had roles where she’s very attractive.

I totally get not being attracted to her, but at the worst she’s cute.

PLEASE tell me what Catwoman should look like. Michelle Pfeiffer weighs next to nothing, and to be a cat burglar, shouldn’t you be thin ? Agile-looking?

If you’re dropping through a museum ceiling, you don’t want to make any noise.


Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? I agree the stunt double fits better.

The Joker

Isn’t Catwoman supposed to be sexy?

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