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First Official Look At Henry Cavill In Action In Zack Snyder’s ‘Man Of Steel’

First Official Look At Henry Cavill In Action In Zack Snyder's 'Man Of Steel'

Is That Ryan Reynolds? Who Did His Hair, Vidal Sassoon?

So, the cameras have started rolling on Zack Snyder‘s “Man Of Steel” and to beat the shitty, crappy cell phone camera snaps of obsessive nerds from revealing the “first look” at Supes, Warner Bros. ha (mostly) beaten everyone to the punch by releasing the first still of Henry Cavill in tights and in action. And, yeah, we’re going to need more convincing.

Our sub-headline pretty much says it all — Clark Kent looks a bit odd. We’re not sure what’s going on his helmet head of hair which looks stolen from Nic Cage‘s wig wardrobe, and the overall look has the kind of aesthetic that Zack Snyder made his name on with “300.” A kind of hyper realistic, kind of phony looking set design that will either work in creating a very comic book-like feel, or fail miserably in painting a sterile, lifeless environment (please see “Watchmen” for evidence of that). Yeah, we’ll just go back to those Pittsburgh “The Dark Knight Rises” set photos taken from ten blocks away which still have more life in them than this.

But before we take this too far, let’s just remember: this is one picture from a film that is two years away from hitting screens. But that said, first impressions do mean something. Anyway, Snyder has a helluva cast to work with so hopefully they’ll be kicking things up a notch. Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Russell Crowe, Julia Ormond Harry Lennix, Christopher Meloni and Laurence Fishburne co-star in the flick that hits on June 14, 2013.

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Hmmm. I don’t know about this.

I tend to think of “Superman” as a beacon of youth and optimism. This “Superman” definitely looks like he has seen better days. The color is muted and Cavill looks more like Superman’s older brother or young uncle. He lacks that youthful sheen I tend to think of the character as having. He looks less iconic and more “real”, for lack of a better description. And changing the hair in a big way was very risky. Superman’s hair is as central to his appearance as Batman’s bat ears. When you start changing the core iconography, when does it stop being “Superman”?

I am not saying it can’t work. Just not what I was expecting. I will require further convincing.



The composition of this picture is awful. You have a Superman that is crouching and trying to hide from us in the shadows. So much of this poster screams that it is trying to hide from your gaze. Exactly the wrong tone for the bold and usually confident Superman. The near arm has good definition shopped onto it, but the far arm, torso and leg are still very slim. This combined with the crouching pose, which shortens him, has the effect of making him seem small. The smallness is emphasized by distance we are from him, since they chose to make Cavill less than one-forth of the picture. The picture is dominated by the three-fourths that is the background image. This comes AFTER all of the complaints of Cavill being smaller than all of the Marvel heroes: Thor, Wolverine, Evans, etc. So the first marketing image actually plays into that criticism. That is a really dumb and inexplicable mistake.

I ask myself “Why would they shoot themselves in the foot that way”? and the answer seems to be that Warners is taking its marketing cues from the superherohype fan forum. God help them. The small geek group there may be good for many things. Marketing expertise is not one of them. But then I can’t quite believe a large, professional organization like Warners could be so lead by that small geek brigade. More likely it is Snyder who is swayed by them and then he is pressuring Marketing into their idiotic ideas.


Roy Batty.


Uh oh.


well, i think it looks good. “Clark Kent looks a bit odd. We’re not sure what’s going on his helmet head of hair which looks stolen from Nic Cage‘s wig wardrobe.” wow. just…wow.


Isn’t he usually good looking? What did they do to him? Where are his eyebrows? How old is he supposed to be and whats going on with that hair?
Needs a complete make-up makeover.


Wow. So far I have not been disappointed with the actors chosen to portray Superman.While I wish that Routh was still in the role (he was awesome), Cavill looks the par. It looks like it could be a different take on old Supes and I’m all for that, I just hope the script is in order. That will make or break this movie.


I’m still just really surprised that WB handed this film off to a guy coming off of three consecutive critical and commercial bombs.

And I know Watchmen has it’s defenders, but man is that movie bad. It may be mostly faithful to the book, but that alone doesn’t make it good.


I don’t get into anonymous faceless fights over the internet. Just remember that I predicted it would be bad, a’ight? See you in 2013.


It looks fake, the bank vault looks like it was made of plastic. Cavill looks like he’s gotta take a serious shit, what more can anyone ask from the first look at the new Superman.

Marketing Genius.


Anyone claiming that Zack Snyder “ruined” WATCHMEN likely hasn’t read WATCHMEN. It’s about as literal and faithful an adaptation as you can get. Any filmed version that stuck that close to Alan Moore’s dense, unwieldy novel was bound to polarize. Give the guy a break.


The knee-jerk hate for Zack Snyder coming off these boards is really kind of baffling.


Wah Wah Wah.

Zack Snyder ruined Superman.

Michael Keaton is going to make an awful Batman.

Heath Ledger would make a terrible Joker.

Avatar is going to bomb.

The internet is littered with you posters making terrible, terrible predictions over and over again. Leave it to the professionals, huh? Leonard Maltin, you ain’t.

Free T-Jack

the hair is a Chris Nolan staple- I’m guessing Kathleen Walsh and the Playlisters must have also hated Nolan’s Batman films and Inception, due to the use of slicked back, gelled hair.


Can you start using a comment system? A real one? No? Oh well..

Oliver Lyttelton

I try to remember that context is always key for an image like this.

Then I remember that Snyder will probably score this scene to a Placebo cover of Cat Stevens’ Wild World.

The Playlist

5/5 for Katie Walsh, lol.

Katie Walsh

Is that a … snakeskin Superman suit?? Or sequins? Disco Superman! Hair metal Superman!


This image looks bad a$$. People complain about how there wasn’t enough action in Superman Returns. Then you get a cool image of Superman who has just gotten up from being thrown through a wall and into bank vault. Probably about to fly off and rumble some more with Zod and Faora.

This will go down as the best Superhero action film ever made. Better than Spider man 2 and X Men 2.

The Dark Knight isn’t really an action film. It has action in it, but I consider it more of a crime film. Like Heat or Scarface.

Free T-Jack

@KT how can anyone take “300” seriously?

I don’t think you should take it “seriously” – it wasn’t meant to be realistic or serious, it a surreal, over the top action movie which was told from the point of view of a myth as it was being passed on.

I don’t see why people have to pick Snyder apart art and no one seems to just allow themselves to enjoy an action scene. If this movie has a cool shot of Superman punching someone in slow motion, everyone will start bitching about Snyder “over-styling” his visuals, instead of just enjoying it for what it is.

Personally, there was a lot to like about “Watchmen” – I couldn’t believe how true to Rorschach he was and how well that character turned out. If he can manage to get the look, feel, and essence of that character right, I’m sure he can do the same with Superman.

And sorry, complaining about hair gel or a ruffle in the cape is just pathetic at this point. without a trailer you have no idea what Superman going to look like in action or in context of the movie.


How can someone not take 300 seriously? I swear most of you people who complain about don’t understand it’s being told as a camp fire story.



No, it looks intimidating.

And although I basically hate all of Snyder’s films (I mean, how can anyone take “300” seriously?) save for some of the action scenes; I was under the impression that he was only directing this, not framing the story or writing the dialogue.

But still, only time will tell. However, I think this one image is a great start.



Watchmen (the graphic novel) is an amazing piece of visual literature. It should have been adapted into a classic motion picture for the ages. It should have been the end all/be all superhero movie. Instead, it’s a footnote.

It looked terrible, was acted poorly, and wasn’t shot with any kind of visual flair whatsoever. One gets the impression Snyder doesn’t approach material and think: “What shooting style would best service this story?” Instead, he looks at a script and goes: “Wow! I can Snyder the shit out of this!” Ramped up fight sequences, crazy over the top colour tones, clunky dialogue… That’s just regular bottom barrel moviemaking.

Nothing separates Watchmen from Ghost Rider, except the source material. Everything that was notable about Watchmen came from the comic. Every smart idea came from that book. And there were so many more that he decided to leave behind and instead opt for a quote-unquote wicked alleyway fight sequence and Leonard Cohen-scored sex scene. Jackie Earl Haley doing a gruff voice? Inspired! (note: sarcasm)

This picture looks the same. It’s Sucker Punch again. It’s a guy who tries to put his imagination on the screen, instead of trying to find some common ground between his imagination and reality. Dawn of the Dead was great because it was believable. 300 was way over the top, but it kind of worked because we hadn’t figured out who Snyder was yet. Then came Watchmen (a.k.a. The Great Bungling) and Owls on Patrol: Guardians of Ga’hoolahoop… Both masterpieces. (note: also sarcasm)

Superman is not going to be good. Let’s all just call it for what it is. It’s not going to be a good movie. It’s going to be a bad movie. We’ll save ourselves a lot of pointless conversation and eventual heartache if we just admit that we’re lying to ourselves. The hair gel is our first indication. IT. LOOKS. STUPID.


I will say. That if stories of WB wanting their super hero movies to skew darker well this probably does that.

I just don’t think Superman should ever be in that Dark Knightesque real world.

@KT i agree he should have Manned up re his illegitimate child. I always think they got that wrong, the kid should have been Clark’s would have given the reveal(to Lois) much more impact.


You got me. Yeah.

I wish my dislike of this was coming from some clichéd fanboy world. It’s not, I am in general, positive and occasionally apologetic for some of the rubbish that gets presented to ‘Fanboys’.

I just don’t like this as a first Image, You have the most Iconic Super Hero in history and this is how you share a first glance at him? this is just uninspiring.

it’s MY opinion that’s all.


He looks like a rapist.

Free T-Jack

Hey TheoC,

You appear to be a bad fanboy, cliche stereotype.

If you want an iconic, still portrait of Superman puffing out his chest there are plenty out there – this is a promo photo from a movie to show what the costume looks like. And it looks like Superman’s costume.

The whole movie isn’t going to be him hunched over in front of a safe. And if you can’t see his face in this photo, then you are blind.



You gotta be shittin’ me. We’ve seen the soft, statue-still Supes how many times?

Superman could look iconic in his underwear for Christ’s sake. The guy is a legend. But now it’s time to switch gears and have him do something else besides just LOOK iconic.

Superman needs to flex some muscle and ACT iconic…

… and that involves more than catching an airplane, lifting a giant rock, and barely even acknowledging the fact that you have a fucking son.


Superman for me should be Iconic. Chest Out. Big blue. Big red.

Standing tall because he’s fucking Superman.

This is a bunch mottled crap with some sparks and a guy in the back there who looks like he might be Henry Cavill, we can’t really tell. One of the most handsome men in Hollywood and you can’t see his face?

Nothing Iconic here.

I’ve already said way too much about one poxy picture. Maybe the next one will be amazing and I’ll squirt myself silly here for that too, but only if T-Jack watches.


Fuck what anyone else says, that image looks TOUGH.

Now, whether or not the same feel translates to screen is another issue. But I want Kal-El to start hurting/breaking things.

Free T-Jack

“that ruffle on the cape is very Thor?”



Jeez T-Jack defensive much?

To me personally the tone of this looks wrong not the nitty gritty of his outfit (that ruffle on the cape is very Thor). Yes he makes passable a Clark Kent.

I did like Brandon Routh, you have me all worked out. I also like Henry Cavill and most of the casting of this movie. I didn’t like Scott Pilgrim, can I still qualify for that Dylan Dog DVD?


Snyder is the king of bad taste, i just cannot think of anyone else that can beat him, not even michael bay for fuck’s sake.


This picture looks great, actually. This site has an inexplicable hatred towards anything Zack Snyder does and it’s getting a bit old. Yes, SUCKER PUNCH was a travesty but making adult, eye-popping superhero adaptations is what this guy does best.

Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and cool it with the snark, eh?


Cheers Kevin for the WB legit comment.

The safe looks badly photoshopped? am i crazy? might be over thinking it.

@buntyhoven I agree about your Bizarro theory, AICN have the pic blown up a little it looks more like Cavill anyway.

Free T-Jack


Hmmm….blue with red cape, boot’s, and the S logo? check. Clark Kent with the classic haircut? check.

it looks like Superman, there is no question about that.

You must be one of those Scott Pilgrim nerds who has convinced themselves that Brandon Routh can act and his Superman was good, well, have fun watching your “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night” dvd – this is the Superman costume, sorry the lighting in the first picture wasn’t bright enough for you

Kevin Jagernauth

WB emailed the picture out to everybody, it’s legit.


Uh… looks fine to me.


Oh dear.

This looks like my recurring nightmare about Superman Lives.

It manages to make it look unlike Superman and unlike Henry Cavill.

Awful but I should have expected no less. Whatever you think about the Singer Movie, you knew you were seeing Superman from the very first pic of Brandon Routh in his outfit, you thought yeah that looks right.

I hate that I’m commenting negatively about the very first thing but my hand has been forced.

Only this has been on Empire I’d have assumed it was a fake. Am I over reacting? probably.


Weirdest thing about the image is that he looks like he’s robbing a bank. Coupled with the scowl, looks like Bizarro Superman.



Free T-Jack

it looks exactly like Superman. obviously, you will never say anything good about Snyder because he’s not “Nicolas Winding Snyder” but that’s basically the classy superman costume and look.

The first pics of ANY superhero always look underwhelming, and never are a real indication of how it looks onscreen. Because all the costumes are somewhat goofy, X-Men, the first Joker pics of Batman, the first Spider-Man, Thor and Captain America…

Go back to scouring the internet for pics of dinosaurs in the next Malick movie.


The hair looks fine to me. Thick locks sort of work for him. But the colors of the suit (and everything) look so muted. Very un-Superman-like…I mean, it’s a guy flying around in a blue suit, why shy away from a deeper more vibrant red color for the cape?


Link to a bigger version?

Looks like he has a lot of hair gel on. DJ Pauly D as Superman.

Nevertheless, doesn’t look bad. Looks just like Superman should look, really. I am sure a more colorful picture will give us a better impression of what he’ll look like on screen.

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