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Footage Of Catwoman In Action On “The Dark Knight Rises” Set

Footage Of Catwoman In Action On "The Dark Knight Rises" Set

It’s her stunt double though, not Anne Hathaway. So I’m wondering what exactly Hathaway is being asked to do; so far, the bulk of what we’ve seen of Catwoman in the upcoming 3rd film in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy has featured her double, and not her. So maybe her double should have been given the role in the first place :)

Yes, I’m knocking Anne Hathaway as Catwoman again. Sue me! Until I actually see footage of her as Catwoman AND I’m impressed with it, expect more Anne Hathaway as Catwoman jabs – at least from me anyway.

There’s also footage of Batman flying the bat-plane, or bat-wing, or whatever the contraption in the 5th clip is called.

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wayne martin

New Up close pics of BANE from the new DARK KNIGHT RISES


At the end of the day, it’s just another damn comic book movie. I’m surprised there’s so much passion. Hate it. Love it. Who cares. Either way, there’s no Prince soundtrack.


Seriously stop Hating on this movie i mean all three batman movies created by Nolan have had so much critisism before coming out. Its kinda funny thou cause when they come out most people love them. Look at Nolans other movies, he has never had one bad movie, in all his other movies the girls he chose for roles were all damn good. So what he made one mistake in Batman Begins with Katie Holmes but he corrected it and In The Dark Knight a much better acter pplayed her. The Dark Knight Rises will be amazing maybe even better then The Dark Knight. I have Faith in Nolan

Selena Kyle

Instead of focusing on Hathaway’s Disney films as a standard for her credibility to be in The Dark Knight Rises,why don’t you bloggers focus on her more mature roles? Anne is by far the most talented actress to play Catwoman. Haven’t you seen “Rachel’s Getting Married” or “Broke Back Mounain”? The “Haters” are the same people who think Transformers 2 & 3 are “good” films because the pictures look pretty on the screen.


It won’t top TDK, but it will still be a great movie. I guarantee that it will be one of the best movies of 2012 if not the best! …So all you whiney sulks should just shut up!


hey all this is christopher nolan that we are talking about everything he has touched has turned to gold. as someone has stated before christian bale dose not drive any of the bat vehicles in the movie a stunt driver dose. stunt doubles are in every action flick i ask fans why not stunt doubles in batman? who gives a damn. this film gonna rock the socks of 2012


Anne has said she’s been training for this role, so she’s obviously going to do some action.
Last time I checked, Christian Bale doesn’t actually ride the Batpod either.
Give Anne a chance.


“I don’t hate Anne – loved Devil Wears Prada and Enchanted was cute but I really can’t see her in this role.”
“Yep call me a “hater” too because I have yet to be impressed by Hathaway and doubt that’ll change any time soon.”

We all said the same thing about Heath Ledger in his role before the release of TDK.. how that turn out for ya’


Selina Kyle IS NOT related to alfred, that is the Joel Shoemaker’s bad movies telling a crappy story that has nothing to do with the comics


selina kyle is related to alfred, bane has some connection with alfred and works for the secret socity that trained batman. i think nolan used kyle instead of robin, its the only excuse as to why she has “batmans” motorbike.

Betty Chambers

Nolan picks are good when it comes to men, but with women, not so much. Did anyone care or even felt relief when Katie Holmes’ character died? She was an annoying nag who lacked spice. There was NO chemistry between her and crazy hot Bale.

I doubt Anne will do any better. Nolan could have picked a black woman; that could have added some spark to batman’s relationships with women. In all these films, they’ve been exceedingly dull.


No, he’s never casted a pisspoor insipid actress before on a batman – oh wait – KATIE HOLMES.


Sorry, R.J, but Nolan has in fact made some weak films.


Whoever wrote this is dumb..and the only footage of her double has been on the batpod..I’m sure Anne don’t know how to ride a motorcycle..


Sorry, meant Ella Enchanted. Forgot about that other Enchanted film.


@JMac- Anne Hathaway wasn’t in Enchanted, that was Amy Adams.

@Tambay- YES, you are a hater! lol Christian Bale doesn’t do all his stunts, so why not knock him too? I know, I know, he’s already proven himself in the role, whatever. I actually dig the against-type casting of Hathaway. I wanted Marion Cotillard for the role, but she’s in the film as another character so that dream is crushed. I think Anne will be handling more of the physical combat type stuff (if there is any for her character), it’s not unusual that stunt doubles are used for motorcycle stunts and stuff like that.

Nolan hasn’t made a bad movie yet and he’s certainly never dropped the ball with this franchise, so I trust his judgment. And I like Anne Hathaway so maybe I’m just biased. ;-p


Are there any clips with Anne acting in it? If not, why? Is somebody scared of the reaction?

I don’t hate Anne – loved Devil Wears Prada and Enchanted was cute but I really can’t see her in this role.


Yep call me a “hater” too because I have yet to be impressed by Hathaway and doubt that’ll change any time soon.


yeah you can be a hater but really u can’t hate on something anne can’t control, i could see if the videos had catwoman running down the street on foot and it was her stunt double, then i’ll be a hater with you but a high speed chase? studio won’t let her. look if you don’t like anne then i can understand your hate but you know like i do this movie will be epic and we’ll be there opening day to see it.


@ Sean – yes I know she isn’t expected to do her own stunts. That’s why there are stunt experts for that sort of thing.

As I said in the post, “Yes, I’m knocking Anne Hathaway as Catwoman again.”

Call me a *hater* I guess :)


You men you’re going to wait until the actual project is filmed and is ready for public consumption to make a proper judgement? NOOOOO!


you really can’t blame anne for not doing her stunts, studios sometimes won’t let you do things that they say maybe too dangerous and there’s reps on set all the time. so anne most likely wants to just the studio won’t let her, think about it.

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