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Forest Whitaker, Anthony Mackie, Sanaa Lathan Teaming Up For Voodoo-Themed Thriller “Vipaka”

Forest Whitaker, Anthony Mackie, Sanaa Lathan Teaming Up For Voodoo-Themed Thriller "Vipaka"

Very interesting… indeed…

Forest Whitaker, Anthony Mackie and Sanaa Lathan have teamed up to star in what is being called a voodoo-themed psychological thriller titled Vipaka, which Whitaker will also produce.

The film will center on 2 enemies who eventually go head-to-head in a match that will “test each man’s belief in what they’re certain is the truth.

French/Lebanese director Philippe Caland (Boxing Helena) will direct.

Not much else is known about the story, but I’m already intrigued, especially with this cast.

I couldn’t help but immediately think of Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige, which starred Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Maybe Sanaa Lathan plays the woman who comes between them???

No specific production or release dates yet.

By the way, a quick look-up told me that the word “Vipaka” is a Buddhist term meaning the result of karma.

Stay tuned…

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Yes, A geek can be cool and on point, at the right place and the right time… but.

So yeah, we’ve come to another fork in the road. So now it’s time to say goodbye to you and all my friends, M-I-C… see you real soon, K-E-Y…. why, because we love you. M-O-U-S-E. aka JMac

And, as Jasmine Fox said (who come with all barrels loaded) in the heated debate on the movie Four, “catch you in the next round”


Same concept. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

For some reason, I thought watching adult cartoons and anime was the height of geeky cool but I guess it only applies to comic books…. american comic books.


Well JMac, I think Jug said it right because you’re still off. The “original” did not die. He was killed later by _______ (don’t want to give the movie away). Besides, the deaths you are talking about came late in the movie. Anyway, some things may have been predictable, but the movies ending (imo) was far from predictable. I mean, I didn’t see the cartoon version. *LOL*


Very interesting. Can’t wait to get more details.


JMac, you watch too many cartoons LMBAO



No, the predictability was Hugh Jackman’s secret: having two boxes that made it seem like he was teleporting himself when actually it was a cloning device which killed the original and spit out a copy. The cartoon I saw was exactly like that – wish I could remember the name or who made it. Once I saw the machine I suspected and then the rest of the movie (pertaining to the machine) fell in place. Felt kind of cheated at the end despite the other elements in the movie.


“Loved the Prestige”

Yep. Hand clap.

“Hate to sound shallow but not buying Forest as a love interest for Sanaa’s character and Mackie just doesn’t have “it”…he’s not leading man material imo”

Hello! Finger snaps.

“This does sound interesting.”

Notta. Forrest Whitiker is becoming overexposed and I am having a hard time getting pass the fact that “Hey, that’s Forrest” (not the character he is playing).

“Just asking… *THIS IS NOT BEING A HATER*”

It takes a thief to catch one and game recognizes game, so you know you didn’t have to explain. Your comment rang so true. Hey, it’s a tough titty but if we don’t suck it, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, that there aren’t any black actors, only oldie moldies.

On the subject of Forrest being Sanaa’s love interest, surely someone jest? Well, me think she’d have to be drunk or voodoodoo’d out, because look at Forrest’s mug, that a face that only a mother could love.



I’m happy that cats are working, true indeed! BUT, am I the only one who finds it troubling that the ONLY people working right now are Anthony Mackie & Idris Elba (and the only names folks throw out for casting)? We moan & lament the lack of Black talent in Hollywood, but if the same names are thrown out & cast, won’t that become a self-fulfilling prophecy, that there aren’t any black actors? Because we WILL get tired of seeing them (just ask Jude Law), and then what do we do?

As much as we love some actors & actors feel they can do everything, it’s impossible to play “everything”. Jeffrey Wright is not going to be the next action star fighting the Predator and Meryl Streep is not getting sexed up by Viggo Mortensen. Idris is not going to play the non-woman gettin’ best friend & Mackie is not going to be the uber-nerdy scientist who finds the aliens. But putting them in everything or being the first name, sometimes the only name, on everyone’s list deludes their brand. I mean seriously, The Rock was on the same list for Superman as Henry Cavill-the guy who got the part.

Just asking…


“Hope it’s not as predictable as The Prestige” !!!???

Now JMac, either you’re a psychic that keeps tarot cards in her Fendi bag or I have downs syndrome. You mean to tell me that you knew Christian Bale hacked his finger off? And don’t tell me you knew they was going to find those 50 top hats? And wait a minute JMac, are you telling us that you knew the significance (ending) between Christian Bale’s brother and Angier (Hugh Jackman)?

Come on baby, talk to ol’Carey :-)


@ P.D Clark I agree with Hollyweird always has these “extra heapin’ of exploitative depictions…where Vodun/Santeria/etc. is turned into some bizarre blood-thirsty cult” If you take a look at “Angel Heart” (1987) w/ Lisa Bonet, those depictions are in full effect.


@ P.D. Clark, as julius Hollingsworth implied, look on the bright because you will get what you’re looking for. Now I don’t know if you’re the only one that finds the words “voodoo-themed” cringe-worthy, but I didn’t. When I heard the words, I thought of the movie The Skeleton Key.

Also, in the supernatural/vampire genre there’s a black female writer, Tananarive Due , a Bram Stoker award finalist, who wrote the book My Soul To Keep. On the front of her book (Holding it in my hand) there’s a small note:


When and if one reads this book, they will find no resemblance of an extra heapin’ of exploitative depictions.

The only objection I have with this film – other than the actors – is it’s title. I mean, Shaniqua, Lakeysha, Blacula, and now “Vipaka” :-)


Come on, Sanaa’s character could have daddy issues and end up with Forest. Can’t think of an excuse for Mackie, he does look out of place here.

Ditto on fear of misrepresenting/exploiting voodoo.

Hope it’s not as predictable as The Prestige but then that may be due to the fact there was a canadian cartoon short exploring the same theme in the 80s.


Yes! Love them all. Loved the Prestige. Love voodoo…


So yeah, bring it!

Where oh where will they shoot? *taps chin* I will wait with less-than-baited breath to see and plan a roadtrip in the future possibly. lol


I’m a big fan of Sanaa, really like Forest and think Mackie is a really good actor. But I don’t know about Sanaa being the woman who comes between them. Hate to sound shallow but not buying Forest as a love interest for Sanaa’s character and Mackie just doesn’t have “it”…he’s not leading man material imo.

But again, I like them all as actors and this sounds really interesting nonetheless.

James Madison

Agree with other song. This does sound interesting.


I love me some Anthony Mackie! He can get it!!!

other song

this is interesting. let’s see how it turns out

P.D. Clark

am i the only one here that finds the words “voodoo-themed” cringe-worthy? Hollywood’s “voodoo-themes” (from Serpent & The Rainbow to District 9) usually means an extra heapin’ of exploitative depictions…where Vodun/Santeria/etc. is turned into some bizarre blood-thirsty cult. i’m hoping for otherwise, but if history is anything to go on…

julius Hollingsworth

I’ve been in showbiz for over 40years.I started as a child performer auditioning at
La Mama in New York and working at NEC.Performing in a prison for the incarcerated with Kris Keiser, staying in this takes joy,I must say many of you wont make it because you find little joy outside yourself.Making money has its place but what do you love?What would make any of you happy to see can I see
a list of ideas of the things you would love to see on screen.Who you love and makes you smile ,please,love you,I’m not always right.I’m looking for the bright light right now.

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