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HBO Moving Ahead w/ Black Male-Focused Drama Series From Spike Lee, John Ridley, Mike Tyson

HBO Moving Ahead w/ Black Male-Focused Drama Series From Spike Lee, John Ridley, Mike Tyson

First announced in June as a possibility, Deadline confirmed yesterday that it is now a reality, as HBO has reportedly ordered a pilot episode, which Spike Lee will direct, from a script penned by John Ridley, created by Doug Ellin (Entourage) and Mike Tyson, both also wearing producer hats, along with the aforementioned Spike.

The drama series project will be titled Da Brick, and is described as “a contemporary exploration of what it means to be a young, black man in supposedly post-racial America.

Da Brick is said to be “loosely inspired” by Mike Tyson’s youth, and will be set in present-day Newark, NJ (aka “brick city,” for those in da know; hence, Da Brick).

The series was originally billed as “Entourage meets The Wire;” but that idea apparently went out the window when John Ridley and Spike Lee came on-board, and took on the form it now is in currently.

Casting is currently underway… no ETA on when we can expect to see it though.

Color me definitely intrigued!

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Indeed Autuer, indeed. And thanks for the heads up Brandi. I was laying money they’d cast Boyega. Nice indeed & great timing for all involved.


@Jug, WEEEEZZZ tryin to seize the time, no pun intended…:)


@autuer-LOL I thought puns were the lowest form of humor? Can’t sarcasm get a break, for “seizing the moment”?

No, I’m not referring to anything about Tavis & West & their bullshit. Just that the comments about the project are positive where frequently on S&A, there’d be derision about “how we’re reflected”. The characters, as described, are pretty much the 4th season of THE WIRE but guessing they will play up the buddy/adventure aspect. Thought there’d be more “why are always in the hood?!?”, but nope. None…so far LOL

Darla & Mark

from an economy view, why put this on HBO, a lot of black people don’t have the money to pay for HBO these days.


@ Jug, i’ve been taught a long time ago that, Discreation is the better part of valor & Sarcasm has NO wit, i’m very astute & got laser accurancy, the point i raise, was that ‘pedigree hood show ‘ reference, which sounds like you were driving some ‘black pathlogy tour, speaking of tour? Princneton alum-Cornel West along with his charlatan sidekick-Tavis Smiley, are on a poverty book selling one, now that ‘s where ‘sarcasm would be better served, especially with this project’s filmmic thrust!, maybe just maybe, spike might [approach] this piece with like his ill fated unproduced-joe louis story co-written by late screenwriter/novelist-Bud Schulberg- this might be his(spike’s) Just Deserts! via Da Bricks project, to stuff it to Ted Turner & Hollywood who reniged on him,this project could possibly be perhap’s? his small scale alternative version of -The Harder they Fall …Bud wrote that too… and that’s spike’s boy, hey?,that’s what stanley kubrick did when hollywood reniged on him when he tried to do Nepoleon, the fact is We ALL can get it anyway But Loose!.


@brandi-was waiting for the weak response. I know I opened myself up for that when I wrote it, but it wasn’t meant to be fall on the floor. Hence sarcasm. And it wasn’t related to Spike, John, Doug Ellin or Mike.

Again, you probably missed it.


The fact that you had to explain it means it wasn’t funny.


@urbanautuer-because I’ve seen the casting breakdown, that’s how. What, you thought it was going to be based off of Mike’s life & set at Princeton? C’mon son…. LMBAO

And as far as my porn comment, pure sarcasm. The fact that I have to say that means you didn’t get it.


@Jug, how u equate this RARE combo effort, to some strange fusion of [ boyz in da hood and a evasive angles porn video?…]

perhaps you’ve been TOO INDUCE with ..what?…CALIFORNICATION?


I agree with Zeus as well, this is great news.


I think this is a great idea. BUT, I do find it funny that those on here that normally talk of “positive” images of blacks aren’t up in arms, cuz make no mistake this is a hood show.

The three of them could be making a porn flick set in “Da Bricks” & people would be okay with it.

Telling you, pedigree speaks volumes…

Dankwa Brooks

Totally concur with Zeus.


Very nice Spike. I love it when pioneers with actual talent handle business.

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