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Here’s The Ridiculous Official Poster For “Machine Gun Preacher”

Here's The Ridiculous Official Poster For "Machine Gun Preacher"

Full poster below…

I was going to post this without comment, figuring I’d wait and watch to see what kind of reaction it gets from others first, but, really? I’ve already expressed my ambivalence with regards to this upcoming movie, but seriously, really?

Is this a real film, or a parody of past films like it? I know it’s based on a true story, but, I’m sorry folks, because this poster makes me want to run the other way, fast!

Gerard Butler, Souleymane Sy Savane whom most will remember from 2008’s Goodbye Solo, and others, star in Hollywood’s latest All hail the white man offering, titled Machine Gun Preacher. The film is based on the true story of Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing biker who finds faith leading him on a path to East Africa. Shocked by the mayhem in Sudan, Childers becomes a crusader for hundreds of refugee children, and in the process, restores peace to their lives and eventually his own.

The film will make its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival next month before hitting screens in Los Angeles and New York on September 23rd, and will expand to other cities afterward.

Maybe Gerard Butler is vying for an Oscar with this role.

Here’s the full poster; the more I look at it the sillier it becomes; I’m laughing right now:

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Criticize the poster. As a designer I think it’s not that great. Criticize the movie. Once you’ve seen it, take a jab at it. But unless you’re someone who has credibility to talk about what’s going on over there, don’t throw in ignorant comments. So for those of you who haven’t been there, which eliminates 98% of you, and for those of you who don’t know the guy, which eliminates another 1.5% of you, think about what you’re saying. I’m sure those thoughts go way beyond this message thread.

This war is still going on. He is still fighting it and risking his life to save people. His feeding programs feed almost 30,000 people a day. Some of the proceeds of the film go to help those people. That’s definitely worth the price of admission.


Now we have Gerard “heartbreaker” Butler putting on the halo?

When will someone make a film about black men saving their own, instead of white men saving black kids from their black men. Things are seriously wrong.

susann brown

It seem’s to me, that you are BIG on seeing, and not Hearing! It’s the content of the story that really matter’s, if we are going to judge what thing’s look like outwardly, than I suppose we have alot of growning to do. My son was reading picture’s, at a tender 4 year’s old. I guess it show’s how mature some people really are. I think it’s time to grow up!


What is wrong with you people? What is wrong with this poster…funny? I think not. Did any of you read the book One Man’s War? Nothing funny about these Sudanese children being killed, maimed and many other horrendous things! This is a true story not some novel to make the “white man saving black children” look good! Read it!!!!


looks typical, kid is cute, I hear its a very good story


And for the record, I really like Gerry & the script was good so I do support the movie. Just laughing at the “Thou shalt not pass” of it all :-P


You know my feelings about this Tambay. Oh Gerry, gerry, gerry. *sighs*


What is funny, and where is this faux-indignation coming from? Should they not have a black child on the poster, even though the movie is based on a true story in Sudan?

The Truth

I see what people might think is humorous, but I do not understand why the poster has turned into such a big deal…I could care less about the poster. I want to see the trailer. Anyways, most people have no idea who Sam Childers is, or what he has done. The poster gives a basic idea…although I do agree that perhaps the child should have been posed differently. Maybe a bunch of kids further in the background instead


@ Lisa-

No one is bashing the film but that poster isn’t helping its cause. Sure we are joking on here but can you imagine what white folks must be saying about it?

Remember it’s the posters that attract folks to a filkm first before any trailer or review. I can understand folks getting turned off by it and not bothering with the film.

The only thing it has going for it over the Help is that it’s in another country-so I don’t think the backlash will be as bad but that poster is funny.


@ Ash this was a comedy with Paully Shore years back.

Could they have left that boy off the cover???

Or just adapted the recent Unknown Soldier comic by DC that featured a baclk guy doing the same thing?


Jealous much? It’s an AMAZING poster for an amazing movie based on an incredible story. Get over yourself, and you won’t be laughing when it kicks ass with the critics.



Knew something had to be up to get this many comments.

And that little black boy…



Where’s my machine gun?

other song

I’m waiting for the defenders to tell us to give this movie a chance.

Cmon y’all. I know you’re around somewhere.

Tell us how we haven’t read the book so we can’t complain, and that anyone can tell our story.


@ Jug.

Oh, I get it. That was funny. LMAO.


Can I use it for toilet paper?

***Sorry folks. That was my gut reaction****


@ DAN — who said, “I do not get what you are saying. I don’t see anything funny. I have read the book. Have you? The poster is completely appropriate and well done.” I won’t even ask the obvious — I already know the answer. The fact you don’t get what he’s saying, see anything funny, and consider the poster completely appropriate and well-done serves as sad and sobering commentary on the various ways in which, as a society, we’ve got a long way to go.

And if I may answer your question regarding the book: if you think the true tale the tome tells is justification for such an offensive movie poster you need your ass kicked! To quote Spike Lee: “WAKE UP!!!”


This poster looks like that “Truth or those Ad Council commercials that runs late nite before that sign off emblem.


I do not get what you are saying. I don’t see anything funny. I have read the book. Have you? The poster is completely appropriate and well done.


“For just a nickel, you can feed this boy’s village for a week…SO GIVE IT UP BITCHES!”

the worst LMAO


GTFOH! They are really pimpin’ that little black kid. I agree with Tamara…They should leave the kid out of the poster. It’s trying too hard.


He’s missing his cape and halo.


And by Russell Crowe I of course mean Gerard Butler (They look similar).


Actually what came to mind when I saw this poster is from “Get Him to the Greek”:

African Child:

Except Russell Crowe and not Russell Brand is the White African Space Christ. hahahaha


Wow. That is, indeed, ridiculous.


He has helmet hair. Appropriate, I reckon, considering the character…

They should extract the child from this image and leave it as it appears, an action-film on par with Ghost Rider or … Machete … A man and his weaponry…

@ Adam, Butler in those rom-coms? *hated it* Well, hated the one I did see…Hilary Swank, I didn’t believe you in that role. I ain’t believe none of y’all!

Gerry is looking like Kang Jesus… Intentional? Or maybe he just looks like Jesus *strokes chin/ponders* Perhaps a future role? I mean, he’s been Beowulf, Kahn, Leonidas, etc. Let me not give any ideas. I do like him.

Sparta!!!!!!!! *heehee*


At least he doesn’t look bloated and high anymore.


OMG WTF this is the funniest poster I’ve seen in a while. I almost feel like this should be a comedy. Like if I go to see this I should show up drunk with friends.

Can we add this film to the “Which Movie Should You See to Relieve Your White Guilt Poster” yet?

And Mic Vilin, white people don’t actually want to “save” black people. They want to prop themselves up and feel better about themselves. Like when a CEO or businessman schemes and cheats his way to the top of the corporation to become very wealthy and then turns around and says he’d like to donate to charity and all of the sudden is a philanthropist. Image is everything.


What’s happened to Toronto film festival? The Winnie fiasco and this schmaltz too?! C’mon, Cameron.


OMFG! it’s like “the blind side” on ‘roids!
don’t generally share adam’s fondness for butler, either. but, wth, a man’s gotta work…

Mic Vilin

When are white people going to learn there is nothing they can do to “save” black people? The only time you can take a film with a 90% black cast and get a 90% white audience to watch is to have a white “savior” as the lead.

Adam Scott Thompson

Looks like “Man on Fire” in reverse. LOL

While the poster looks badass, I doubt this is genuine Oscar bait. I like Butler. I’m just glad he’s back to doing grittier roles. Horrible rom-coms were about to do him in.

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