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Hilary Duff Apparently Earned $100K By Not Doing ‘Bonnie & Clyde’; Amanda Seyfried Turns Down Role

Hilary Duff Apparently Earned $100K By Not Doing 'Bonnie & Clyde'; Amanda Seyfried Turns Down Role

Granted, this all comes from TMZ so it could have very well been dreamed up when Harry Levin was smoking a bowl with Max Hodges, but they also tend to give a mouthpiece to people with an agenda or who give great quotes or both (please see the Lohans).

Anyway, according to their sources, Hilary Duff who was recently dropped from the forthcoming and ill-advised “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde” was still paid a cool $100,000 thanks to a pay-or-play deal that was in place, ensuring her a check whether she did the movie or not. For producers Tonya Holly and Tom Rogers, we’re sure they had nothing to gain by letting that info slip, especially after they were accused of dropping the actress thanks to her pregnancy inconveniencing everybody.

And we’re sure it also helps get the word out about the film when you say that Amanda Seyfried turned down the movie. It sure makes it look like some bigger names might want to take on the role right? Anyway, that’s what they say but we can’t imagine she was seriously considering it unless the production got a sudden influx of money where they could afford a Seyfried versus say a Duff or a Kevin Zegers.

And just to clear things up, this isn’t technically a remake of “Bonnie & Clyde” but instead is inspired by news clippings (we’re not making this up) that Holly found in an abandoned house on her family’s property. So it must be a completely and totally different story then, right? Anyway, the producers are keeping their plans to have this thing in front of cameras by the end of the year so we’ll see what kind of cast they rustle up soon enough.

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Amanda Seyfried is willing to cut down her upfront salary to do indie films in sometime, like “Chloe” (which had became Atom Egoyan’s biggest moneymaker ever) and the upcoming “The Big Wedding”.

Peter Labuza

I’m sorry, but this is the non-story of the year, you guys. Most headline actors or actresses have similar contracts for almost any big Hollywood movie they do, and that number is on the low side.

Glorie C.

Not a fan of people trying to pull one over the public and clearly doing a bad job. The ire had died down. Leave it. Amanda S. likes more mainstream movies, no? I’m certain the producers are using TMZ for press, funding and dragging Hilary’s name to do it many times in the past year. If she is paid 100K and the rumor is true, I have to think they have that money to get Seyfried This film was in production for 4-5 years and they could have ponied up great money to keep Duff interested.

Brooke Vohringer

The producers are idiots. They announced that Hilary and Kevin Zegers would star in it back in January 2009 and have subsequently done nothing for two and a half years.
When are they finally going to make ‘The Story of Bonnie and Clyde’? In a couple of months? Why not a year? How about a couple of decades?
I hope Hilary does more mainstream movies from now on and begins her ascension to the A-list.

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