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Holly Robinson-Peete’s Replacement On “The Talk” Is…

Holly Robinson-Peete's Replacement On "The Talk" Is...

Last week we announced here on S & A that CBS was not renewing Holly Robinson-Peete’s contract on their daytime gabfest The Talk. (That article, by the way, was literally stolen verbatim word-for-word by other gossip websites. Not that I’m complaining. That goes with the internet territory) However, not having ever watched the show I found it interesting, according to the majority of our commenters, that Peete and co-host Leah Remini, who was also dumped from the show, were the only real reasons to watch the show.

Well let’s see what out commenters will say when it’s been revealed that Peete’s replacement will be none other than comedian (a term which I believe will be doubtful to some) Sheryl Underwood.

I think I’ve seen Underwood before. She’s like one of those really loud, boisterous women with a really loud annoying laugh who’s going to “keep it real” isn’t she? And I’ll bet she starts every sentence with the word “Girl” as in: “Girrrrrrrrrrrrl let me tell you sumthin’. You know that man ain’t no good.” I can just tell.

Currently a contributor to Steve Harvey’s morning radio show, Underwood calls herself ”a sexually progressive God-fearing black Republican”. Someone please explain to me what that means.

Remini’s replacement is being reported to be Kris Jenner who is the Kardashian sisters’ mother and manager, but on a temporary basis supposedly.

Really? That’s the best person they could come up with? No doubt she’s very good friends with the producers of the show.

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Bring them back!!!!!! What the heck…. I was wondering were they were.


when this Big Mouth came on the TV set went off!!!!!!!!!!! Their loss and maybe another daytime shows gain hopefully.Would love to see them on together again Leah and Holly.

clarice gollaher

To me the show is totally riuned, I always looked forward to watch the talk, but i seldom turn it on any more!


Big mistake Hole and Leah was the best, maybe that’s why Julie wanted them gone, she couldn’t compete with there experience or beauty, they really made the talk show a success. They were the real people on the show. BIG MISTAKE CBS!!!!!!!!!…..!!


Here’s a thought, and let me know if you agree. Get rid of that annoying Sheri Sheppard from The View, she always the first to open her mouth with nothing to say. She is the reason I don’t watch that anymore. Get rid of Elizabeth and put Holly and Leah on The View, that will show the talk how bad they messed up. If the ratings go up I want a percentage of that profit.


So dissapointed with “The Talk”! I miss Holly and Leah. It was one of my favorite shows, but is now one of my least favorite.


Yes; so agree; CBS; you so Screwed///// Up/// The Talk is now history in this house; used to be a dailey watcher; and spread the word how great it used to be ; before you got rid of Leah; Holly;/Sharon; now a different word is out; how BORING/////it is. Julie better go back and give news reporting a try; you sure suck at what you are doing now; lucky you are married to the boss. Get him to get you a News; Job’ see how that works out for you/// Hope a different network comes along and starts a new day time talk show;starring the Three Gems; you dropped;it would be an instant Hit; hope it goes on right in the same time slot as The horrible Talk; the dud; you are now stuck with.No longer a fan; //////////////////

Reecie in Tennessee

CBS has definitely messed taking Holly and Leah off of the View. I will not be watching it anymore and they did not have the courtesy to tell the viewers what was going on. I kept waiting for my girls to come back. Well Miss Julie You Got It. Lets see how long you last.


The talk will soon be history without Holly and Leah. Sherry whoever is so boring and the guest hosts especially Kardasin and Molly whoever were terrible. CBS made another huge mistake with was turning out to be a decent show.

M Allen

Big mistake ousting Leah & Holly from the show. I have seen every episode since it began, but I have now deleted all the episodes I recorded & deleted all future recordings. I was upset that ATWT was canceled but I was pleased to discover The Talk was a great repalcement. But now, CBS has ruined it. the show is boring without Leah & Holly and Sharon seems subdued & less herself. The network didn’t even have the decency to tell the show’s viewers the truth about what happened to Holly & Leah. They started a new season with no explanation which is a slap in the face to the viewers, as well as to Holly & Leah. Why mess with a good thing? It worked before but it definitely doesn’t work now. You messed it up CBS and good luck with keeping it alive now. I hope Holly & Leah start their own show on another network.


I agree with most of the comments. This was a bad idea. Show just not that good with the two new people. There seems to be a pattern with julie these are not the first two she has gotten rid of. Need to bring them back there needs to be balance. Seems Sharon has been missing in action since the ouster.


I enjoyed the show in the beginning. Boring w/o Holly and Leah. It is offensive to replace Holly with Sheryl. It sort of sends an opinion that she represents black females and Kris Jenner does not represent the average women either. Sarah and Julie try to be too proper and not entertaining.


Show is not good anymore…..Replacements are horrible and the picture of the above person that replaced Holly is annoying as h***, was my favorite show now…..everything has been “unliked”


CBS, BIG MISTAKE. I watched the show because I like Leah and Holly, also like Sharon’s energy but the other two are just plain boring to me. I am disgusted with the replacement for Holly, how dare you, CBS. She is no Holly. I saw her in action on a few episodes and I vowed not to watch this show anymore. Not interested in over-exposed Kris as Leah’s replacement.


I think that Holly and Leah need to start their own show and knock this talk show out the water!! With Underwood I don’t think that she will make it to the next season; that is if they aren’t cancelled due to low ratings!


Gonna have to go back to watching Judge Joe Brown, Judge Judy and whatever other court shows are on the same time as The Talk. Real dumb to let the stars of the talk go, Holly and Leah. Real stupid!!!!


CBS did you take a poll? did someone in your organization have an issue with Holly and Leah? Ms Underwood is crass she’s grins a lot and acts as though she’s just happy to have a job. All the actresses and people in America, this is the best you could do? never watching again……

I hope they both get shows either together or individually that blows “the talk’s” ratings out of the water. And you would deserve it.

Tracey Backhaus

Well well well…another screw up for CBS if it was there decision to let the two go. I loved their honesty and related to much of what they talked about. Like others said, if it ain’t broke..don’t fix it. Why can’t you just leave well enough alone! Now Undo what you have done! Get them back!!! (Unless it was there choice and you don’t want people to know they did not want to work for CBS…hmmm) The show isn’t the same. yes, the last original are great…but the five original together made them super! Change is not always good. No offense to the replacements…you are funny and intelligent in your own right..but somethings were meant to be…and the original five was meant to be. YOU HEAR ME CBS?????


I can very disappointed in The Talk’s decision to let Holly and Leah go because the original 5 made the show. I loved the chemistry between each lady and each lady had something different to bring to the audience. I have seen the new cast and I must say I hate it! I will not be watching The Talk again. I recorded it daily on my DVR but no more. This show was a huge success with the orginal 5 so why would CBS made such dumb changes. If it not broke you have nothing to fix. Hell, at least respect your audienc enough to offer up explanations for the cnanges which we all see as uneccessary. Why did CBS screw up a great thing?


Just cancelled the season pass to record this show, did not miss one show, even watched reruns, NOT ANYMORE!!!! letting them go—bad move!

Phedella Bradford

I am very disappointed that Leah & Holly are no longer Host on The Show. Holly and Leah & Mrs. O are the ones that makes or shall i say made the show enjoyable. These three ladies were the enegry of the show. I will know longer watch this show, it no longer has any personality.




I really thought this show would b e a flop but as I continued to watch every day I changed my mind and enjoyed it so much, Each of the personalities brought something to the table but Holly and Leah were the two I could relate to the most. They were so down to earth, not overly impressed with themselves and downright funny gals. Sara and Sharon complemented Holly and Leah, one being quiet, the other being anything but quiet. Then you have Julie Chen – anyone could fill her spot in my opinion, she was definitely the news anchor. I won’t be watching the show anymore, the vibe is all wrong and the thrill of seeing it everyday is gone. Looks like another big blooper for CBS!


Can’t believe Remini and Peete are not returning to the Talk. They were great and made the show. I’ll no longer be watching the Talk. I even thought it was a better show with Remini and Peete than the View.

That was a wrong move to make!!

Leah Parker

No Leah or Holly…… WHAT!… My dvr will no longer be taping this show! Erica and Chris from the CBS Morning show, watch out ,Julie will need your job next fall after the talk gets booted!!! Just sayin’

t.v. queen

what in the world have you done put them back on the show,you ratings will fall down below and then off the air.

Dani Fraenkel

Definitely a bad move. Thought the the new people were guest hosting the other day. Only watched while Kathy G was on. Saw a few minutes today, wondered why the panel was so unintneresting, went on-line, and discovered that the two of the three funnest people on the show had been fired. Thank you. One less hour to watch TV. SO isn’t on the show enough to make time for the TALK. CBS’ mistake is my good fortune.


U guys are stupid! I’ll never watch again…..are u crazy!
cancellation ahead….u just lost all the chemistry on the show…Sherry & Molly…..boring….Cris Jenner???? Really?


I am not an everyday fan of the TALK, but I do watch occasionally. The days that I started to watch on a regular basis I noticed that Holly and Leah were absent. I figured they were on vacation until my sister informed me that she read an article on the internet about they were fired from the show.. ..VERY STUPID MOVE. HOLLY and LEAH were the heart of the TALK. I will give the TALK maybe one more season…and it will be CANCELED. I WILL FIND ANOTHER PROGRAM TO WATCH IN PLACE OF THE “TALK”…I am very DISAPPOINTED WITH CBS.

Pat Nelson

The Talk was my break in the day, Gave me giggles and relaxation for the hour. Been busy this week so today the first I have gotten to check out the new crew. Total and utter disappointment!! Won’t be watching anymore. Leah was just a kick and a half, and she was the one that made poor lil boring Sarah so funny. The “replacement” for Holly was reminesent of a stand up comedy spot, not real like Holly at all!! I can see Sharon leaving soon and then there is Queen Julie, no comment.

Cyndy G

Although Sheryl Underwood is educated, well read and comical I don’t beleive this is the venue for her.
She comes off as crude and just plain loud.
Sharon Osborne has her hands in too many pots.
I am so sick and tired of seeing the same old tired faces all over TV. Hollywood needs to get fresh faces and fresh talent on. It’s bad enough that TV stinks as it is.
No I don’t have a problem w/people earning a living, but those who are already well established and really don’t need the money….if you want to keep busy….do some volunteer work at schools or Hospitals.
TV Stations need to stop showing re-runs of Matlock,Judges shows and In the Heat of the night.
Don’t get me wrong…I love Matlock and In the heat of the night, but TV Stations and the people who run them are insulting the viewing audience by not polling
the viewing audience in order to determine what we are interested in watching. They should be developing Variety shows, more game shows….shows that the entire family can enjoy together. Also we need to raise censorship from the dead. Bring it back please!!!!!
Courtesy, Good Manners and Sensitivity also. No profanity should be allowed on TV!!!!!!!! Jersey Shore is an insult to young Italians everywhere. Not one of these people can form a complete sentence. We need a translator to understand what they are saying.
The knotheads or commentators are so rude they never refer to President Obama as PRESIDENT.
These people on Capitol Hill with egos and penises the size of my pinkie finger won’t allow our Half-White President to perform his duties for fear he will achieve some small measure of success. Not to worry he (The President ) will only be in office for 4 yrs./8 at the most
if re-elected. They have theirs (wealth, status, Jobs etc)
therefore they (Capitol Hillmites) don’t give a damn about the little people who have no jobs, no money and in many case have no house nor an apartment, are living in their cars. The majority of the impoverished in this country are “WHITE”. The Majority of our “Leaders” or people who control the wealth or governmental power in this country are white too. So if they don’t care about their own kind….others(Latinos, Asians, Blacks) should not look for any compassion regarding their unfortunate circumstances or plight.
The Mites on Capitol Hill would rather see this country go down the toilet than allow our President to do his job.Not one of these people opened their mouths when Mr. Pickled Brain was president. No one opened their mouth when he stated on National TV what was tantamount to admitting HIS ORDERED ATTACK AGAINST SADDAM HUSSEIN WAS DUE MAINLY BEACAUSE OF A PLOT BY SADDAM TO “KILL HIS DADDY”. He sounded like a spoiled brat not THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.
I say America, we had better wake up and one more become the God fearing, high moral standard people we once were.In Schools, get our little girls out of caked on make-up, belly bearing tops, cut off jeans, demand that our little boys pull their pants up to their waist line. Remind them that low hanging pants say ” I’m ready for entry”. Teachers should definitely be distinguishable from students. Their attire s/b either dresses, skirts, tailored slacks for the ladies and slacks, sport coats, nice shirts(no-T shirts for either male nor female Teachers). Someone, somewhere has got to set the example. We have taken our civil liberties way too far. There must be boundaries for any Society to continue to flourish and prosper. If our present is a window to our Nations future….WE ARE IN DEEP DODO!
Thanks for allowing me to rant. I’m certain there will be many who disagree, but just consider it was FOOD FOR THOUGHHT.


I just happened to tune a couple of days ago. Usually tape the shows. Then, I had to rewind it back to the beginning to see if Holly and Leah’s pictures aired at the beginning. I noticed that that were no longer featured on the still-frames, and, thought, what the HELL! I watched a portion of the show today with Sheryl Underdwood, the Kardasen mom and the chick from S&L. WOW! not good chemestry. I had to get the info that Holly and Leah were no longer on the show from the internet. Both of these ladies really spiced up the show, made if funny, interesting with their opinions and down-to-earth manners. Now, the show just SUCKS! Julie Chen, — things that make you go HUMMMM?????? so unrealistic. This show is not worth my time or energy, do I deleted the recording and will now pick up an interesting book to read. Oh, I gures I have you to thank for that.


I am so sorry to see they replaced Holly and Leah. I really enjoyed what they added to the show. I wish the both of them could have their own show.I will be one of their biggest fans.They just kept you laughing and kept it real. Good Job Ladies.


I absolutely think this is a bad move, Leah Rimini is the best and replacing her, I think your ratings will suffer. Holly Robinson Peete is equally good, I felt there was a good balance. Hope you don’t regret this decision.


I started watching The Talk for different reasons of each of the 5 ladies. Leah kept it alive and Holly kept it real. I love the other 3, but I WILL NOT WATCH IT ANYMORE!!! It’s the original 5 only!!!

Terrie Murphy

I just looked up to see why Holly and Leah were not on these days. Well I guess I will be finding a different show to watch. It’s boring now.


dont care to watch it anymore those two ladies plus Mrs O made the show great


Leah and Holly were the reason I watched “The Talk.” And of course Sharon! It surprises me that CBS took a great show and ruined it by removing the 2 hosts that I and many others identifed with the most. I no longer tune in every day – I have found it to be transformed into a boring, no intelligence coffee klatch. I’m over it.
Very sad.


Watching The Talk has become painful. Letting Holly & Leah was not a good move. Cheryl is a comedian who I would pay to see if you was booked in a venue in my town; hands down. I would put her up against any girl or guy in a comedy throw-down. But she is so not one for this platform.
I watched the show for Holly (beauty, brains, talent & sports), Leah (our beautifully-flawed best friend), and Chen (beauty, brains, & a surprising quick wit).
As for Mrs. O. (Tune in to find out what she will say next. AGT is sufficient for this viewer). Sarah; face it, she would not be on the show if the idea for the show was not hers. Shannon, is simply too animated for daytime. CBS: your loss. Oprah, are you watching? I will be if you develop a show for these two ladies. They were great together.


The five original hosts of The Talk is why I used to watch the show, now that the two main hosts are gone I will NEVER watch that show again…..why not respect your viewers enough to give us an explanation instead of replacing Holly and Leah and acting as if nothing has changed….CBS has made a very stupid decision

S Chatman

Holly and Leah were the reason I watched the show, tried watching new show and found it to be boring. I will not watch this show again. Why would you fire someone with Holly’s class and intellent and Leah’s wit. They made the show. Maybe there was an intimidation factor in this very bad decision.

Barbara Wilson

I also will stop watching the Talk because that’s the reason I watched it in the first place because of Holly and Leah. Just because Julie’s huband run the show he should have some business sense about the ratings… Stupid move Les

Edee Denmon

I totally understand why Holly was replaced with Sheryl. The media loves to show loud, Ghetto acting black females. And I am sick of seeing that crap! Holly Robinson is very classy and intelligent, but black women like that are never in the spotlight. Crap talking, loud, crazy acting black females are always pushed to the front. I’m sure that Sheryl will be on there trying to make a joke out of everything … Talking all that “Hey Girlfriend”, and “Hey Boo” crap. ALL black women are not like that. I’m so sick of seeing that stereotype! Now that Holly is gone I’ll NEVER watch The Talk again! And I have a lot of friends who have said the same thing!


I agree with most all of the above post….the show is BORING! I do love Sharon when she is on.

Stopped recording the show no interest now.

CBS you ruined a wonderful show!!

J. Marshall

No longer watching the talk. I cut my TV off at 2pm now. Sorry Holly and Leah are gone. Sheryl is too loud for me, nothing funny about her. I cant’ believe she replaced Holly and Leah. Just shows CBS wants to show the loud, laughing black female rather than intelligent sounding Holly and Leah. Reminds me of the 60’s So what else is new. I am done with the talk.


I was just watching the talk how boring and unreal is every one. Man what happen to Holly and Leah? They were awesome on the show The show was
full of life and they kept it real. Julie is so fake and she has a jealous spirit
about her. Sharon you have to love her but she cannot hold this show up for
long. Sarah soooo not a talk show host she is clueless to me. Leah really look
out for her on that show. Well I will not watched the show any longer. Maybe
some network will pick up Holly and Leah.


The only reason the show was worth watching was because of Leah. I will not watch or tape this show again. Why remove the one who the people could relate to? How old are the people making these decisions?????


If Leah and Holly are fired, so am I. Thanks CBS you just lost another viewing of the TALK.



E.J. Potter

I am SHOCKED and PISSED they fired leah and holly. One of the main reasons I like the show was that they all SEEMED to be friends and got along so well. BIG MISTAKE……….I will give the new show a few espodies but I doubt very much I will like it without Leah/HOlly. I mean, really, it was a success FIRST season so why mess with that………………. really pissed. I suspect CHen had something to do with it as she openly admitted in beginning that she did not “think” she would like Holly. She was probably jealous of Leah………..I personally related more th Leah than any of the others. Osborne is ok but she could go back to England tomorrow and I would not cry. Sarah is a whimp………..holly at least had some balls……….


Hey Oprah! Leah and Holly need a “TalK” type show, I would watch it with Sarah and Sharon too, but now hate Julie. So mad !!! I saved it to watch everyday with headphones after hubby is asleep and would wake him up with my laughter BECAUSE of Holly and Leah! Miss you Holly and Leah, I’ll follow you to any smart station that is lucky enough to snatch you up!!


CBS made a BIG mistake getting rid of Leah and Holly, I am so done watching the show.


I enjoyed watching “The Talk” because of the Holly & Leah. I enjoyed their comments from the wife/mother prospective. Their down to earth comments made watching “The Talk” interesting. It’s completely boring now without them. I’ll change my lunch hour back from 1:00PM to 2:00PM. No need to watch that show any more!


I think CBS made a big mistake by letting Leah and Holly go. They were shining stars on The Talk. Don’t care for the replacements.

Helen Mleziva

I’m done with the Talk. Short and simple


sorry you lost me,thought it was such a great combo too you screwed it up I can not see the show going another month. who was foollish enough to change the ladies,.should be fired,


What? No Holly or Leah? I watched this show every chance I got because of the Hosts that were on it. Now that they are gone, I just don’t see it going anywhere. Now it doesn’t really matter if I watch it or not. Sorry….


This show will not be on the air too much longer. Sheryl Underwood is not funny! She’s too loud and silly!


Upset. I personally think holly was not renewed because she was a better interviewer than julie. She had more depth and personality than julie has. She was a threat to Julie. Don’t care at all about Leah.


I, first would like to state, as a Black woman, I really hope and want much success for Sheryl Underwood! But, in my opinion, she is just not a good replacement for either Holly or Leah! This CHANGE could not have come at such a worst time for me. I just have come to grips in losing my job due to the consistent laughter the show THE TALK brought into my life with the chemistry of the original entire group of ladies but particullarly LEAH AND HOLLY! This is not a smart move with the producers of CBS! I guess, I need to find something else to watch during that time slot! SAD!


Ireally Loved the Talk and hated the View. I didn’t know how to TiVo or set my DVR so I would try to rush home to watch the show. I loved the chemistry between the Ladies all of them. I love Mrs O., I like Sara and Julie. i don’t think they are Boring just different. I couldn’t beleive some of thing Sara has an opinion about even when she has never experienced them. I always found the fact that Julie could be counted on to say what ever was politically correct highly amusing. But I really Loved Leah and Holly. You could count to Leah and Holly to keep it REAL!!!! Leah in her NY manner and Holly was the class, funny and glue that held it all together. Bad move CBS you killed your show. Don’t know why and I’m not going to guess or accuse anyone. But the realness, the girlfriend chemistry is why we all watched. Now it looks fake and cutthroutish, backstabbing. No disrespect to Sheryl, but in the words of Holly, you just can’t replace one “Blacktrist” with another. Different Vibe, different attitude. I won’t need to rush home anymore, and I’m sad, I will miss the show.


Done!!! I will NOT watch the talk EVER again. Holly and Leah MADE the show funny. I would laugh so hard my stomach would ache. I have no idea why their contracts were not renewed, but I’m guessing they wanted a raise. CBS you should have given them what they asked for. NO LONGER A FAN. BYE!!!


CBS What are you thinking? Just so you know The talk is no longer on my DVR. Leah & Holly made the show. You really messed up!! BYE BYE


CBS has ruined the best talk show on tv. Are they crazy?

Can’t stand Julie…had no idea that Sara was one of the co-producers. I love Sara….BUT, do not understand what happened to the “friendship” between Sara and Leah, or was it all fake!

I as well as so many others will not watch anymore…what a shame…they have totally messed up.

See ya….wouldn’t want to be ya!


YOU GOT RID OF HOLLY AND LEAH?? They were the two best cohosts. Get rid of little miss proper Julie Chen and boring as can be Sarah Gilbert. I am done watching THE TALK!


I watched 10 minutes of the new The Talk. It went
from great to how gross.


Same on cbs, I loved Lee, she was the show. she could have her own late night show, but wait that is for only MEN


I have a theory.
I noticed that Holly and Leah were like best buddies.
Perhaps Julie was jealous of their friendship.


I to am VERY!! VERY!! disapointed in the actions of CBS television…Sheryl Underwood is no Holly Robinson Pete…is that the best they could do to replace one of the best hosts on TV. I luv luv Whoppi and Holly is as good as her. Kris Kardashin Jenner please…I am done w/ the talk I am glad to see so many people that were as upset as my self…as far as I am concerned, they can take it off. But I doubt that because Julia is sleeping w/the boss…her husband runs CBS.


I am so disappointed when I ran home from work to see the new season of “The Talk”…When I first heard that Sheryl Underwood would be on that show… I was like cool another host. Now that should be interesting… Never in my wildest dreams did I think she would be replacing Holly. No disrespect to Sheryl but not having Leah and Holly was the only reason I watched “The Talk”. I love Mrs O, but Gilbert and Chen are BORING!!!!!! CBS REALLY!! Watching yesterday was heart breaking!!! Well I guess that is one less show I have to TIVO… LEAH and HOLLY go call OPRAH and and see if she has a slot for you on OWN.. I would watch it!

Mikki Rose

I cannot believe it, Hollie and Leah was the show. That Julie Chen is so sneaky, well I will not watch again or Big Brother for that reason. Holly and Leah made the show!! Sheryl underwood, no disrepect, is ghetto !!!! i thought it was funny that Hollie was on the show in the beginning, considering she was married at Julies husband and his first wife’s house, i’m just saying. and they did not even have the grace to let the audience know what was going on. Goodbye to the Talk, Hello again to The View!

Sheryl Torres

I really loved this show and when I heard that Sheryl was going to be on the show I thought she was added as another host. When I tuned in I saw her sitting in Leah’s seat, I was done. Sorry Sheryl, I like you on Steve Harvey, as a daytime talk show host “don’t think that’s your calling”. So I am done watching, gotta find something to fill that slot.


I am so disappointed!!!I turned on my DVR today to watch The Talk and was I surprised. Where the heck are Leah and Holly. I can not believe that they were fired.The chemistry of the 5 women was what made the show so special. I DVrd it every day and could not wait to sit by myself and laugh outloud. There was nothing to laugh about today. I love Molly Shannon as a comedian but she added nothing to the show and Cheryl was just awful. What a mistake. Is it too late to get Holly and leah back??

Jan from Philly

I watched today for about 10 minutes. What a joke. Leah and Holly actually made the show what it was — a success. This season will flop without them and what a big mistake CBS made for not bringing back the two who really brought in the ratings. Took it out of my program list of recordings. You lost another viewer. CBS should consider the old saying “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” They should call it The Julie Chen Flop.

LadyBug Kai

No Holly, no Talk for me – I got nothing to say!


I just watched the first episode of the season from my DVR. I had no idea what happened to Leah and Holly. I quickly got the laptop fired up and now I’M FIRED UP!!!! Are you kidding???? Cutting these two just cut the show! Wow! I didn’t even know about this show until this spring. I flipped thru the channels and saw Leah talking. Within seconds I was wiping tears from laughter! She and Holly MADE that show and were the sole reasons I recorded it daily. I thought they all had great chemistry together. I will not be watching anymore. Today’s episode was complete boredom. It was nice relating to Leah and Holly when they talked about their marriages. Made me laugh knowing that most of the funny things my husband and I do, are actually normal and other people do them too! I am very disappointed in CBS for this move. There aren’t many shows left that keep my interest. Another one gone. Very sad. Thanks a lot, CBS for making me look forward to watching every evening during my “ME” time, and now taking that away from me.


I know this has been said a LOT.. But Holly and Leah make “The Talk”. I’m still not sure what happened, i have searched and searced the internet to see if i could find out why they are no longer there, I don’t think i am going to be able to watch the show anymore, because it’s just not going to be that good! I mean sure Mrs. O is still there and i like her because she tells you like it is, but so did Leah and Holly so what’s going on? I do believe their ratings are going to drop, when i get home today i am going to erase it from my T-VO.


Morbid curiosity made me watch the new show!!! Honestly it’s worse than I thought it would be!!! It will not last! WOW sorry Molly about your dad and Sharon talking the first few minutes about how she threw up over the weekend – but way too depressing and gross stuff to talk about in the first 5-10 minutes of the new season of the first show!!!


I switched from the The View to The Talk and have loved The Talk. I am switching back for sure because Holly and Leah were the show. What a big mistake they have made. I watched today and could not stand the new hosts so I removed The Talk from my Tivo and put The View back on my list. This is so sad because it was a really good program and now it is a waste of air time. I was surprised when I first watched The Talk because it was a really good show for CBS but now it is like all the rest of their shows……boring.


I am so devastated that BOTH Holly and Leah will not be on the 2nd Season of The Talk. I have no interest in the show now except for Sharon Osborne. But she won’t be there enuf to hold my interest. I sort of watched this 1st show of the second season, while checking the internet trying to find out why Holly and Leah are gone. Show was so boring, I just had it on as background noise. It WAS such a wonderful show, but now it’s lost its appeal. Julie must be some diva. She needs to learn how to greet the audience at the beginning. She has to keep trying to talk while they’re cheering. Either let them cheer, or have someone quiet them down at air time – but don’t try to talk over them. It was interesting listening to her phoney stories of her relationship with her husband – she can never really “get real”. The other women offered true girl talk from the heart – not worried about how they were going to be perceived – they were real. Show will not make it. Sick to death of Kardashians.


Holly was the show! I had a feeling when she interviewed Oprah and Oprah said she loved watching HER and that she was very talented, that this would happen: Julie would get jealous or Holly would be sought after by OWN. Maybe both happened. We all know about the Oprah effect….she endorses you your stock rises (literally) and of course that means you develop a few haters. I suspect Holly will bounce back, quickly!! Done with “The Talk”…


Wow the two most boring hosts are back. Sorry I will not be watching any longer either, besides does’nt Chris have enough to do. I do not even know who sheryl really is. I have always watched holly and leah in everything they did starting with 21 jump street. REALLY BAD MOVE CBS. This will probably be the last season for this show, that is the trouble with TV you get good shows and then make changes , then get cancelled.


I watched the talk for Holly and Leah! Watching it now and I don’t like it at all. Bad move. I’m done


Will never watch season 2 since finding out the STUPID move CBS made!!!! what were they thinking??? Loved the show the way it was! Julie Chen was so boring!!!


I still cannot get over this move CBS made! Holly was great, but Leah was even better because of her aggressive opinions and humorous remarks! I am a fan of her’s…Not planning to watch “The Talk” EVER AGAIN!…Unless Leah comes back.


I watched The Talk from the beginning but no more. Sad to see it go. It will not last without Holly an Leah. Bad move CBS. I refused to watch that big mouth Sheryl or that painted up Kim.

PA Gallagher

CONGRATS CBS, SARA GILBERT & JULIE CHEN-YOU JUST BLEW YOUR SHOW & YOUR RATINGS. Read some of these comments. HAVE YOU LOST YOUR BLOODY MINDS??? People were starting to watch The Talk, I’m done & reading these postings, I’m am not alone.



I can’t even fathom why a decision to not bring back Leah and Holly would be made. They were the ones that made the show so interesting and fun! I have been a follower of The View since it started but came to love The Talk because of what appeared to be the genuine commaraderie of the ladies. So very disappointed that this really bad decision has been made. I just don’t see The Talk lasting now. I am not excited at all for it’s return. What a shame.


I watched The Talk every day because I loved the way all 5 women interacted with each other. All very different personalities and that’s what made it work for me. Am very disappointed in the changes and cannot imagine I will continue to watch. I, honestly, hope the show tanks for making such a stupid decision…


I think Julie really had a problem with not being able to handle the fact she was not the “STAR” of the show. I like Leah”s sporadic outburst, I love the way Holly handles herself at the table. She’s professional, but she knows how to have fun. Leah has help Sara become more confident at the table too. I’m sure after its all said and done you will see that some of the things Holly and Leah brought to the show will be imitated by others. Won’t be watching anymore.


Wow!! I really liked watching the show after work……much better than The View, but what is going on? Leah was too loud for that kind of show, but Holly was a great host and very articulate. Well unfortunately I will not watch Sheryl or Chris as one is too obnoxious and one is overexposed. There is no more we need to hear from Chris…. she has said it all on her show. I do like Julie and Sarah but not enough to tolerate the other ladies. Maybe now Sharon will not sit 1/2 inch away from the guests in bare feet up on the couch…….or she may be the next to go…………


What a waste of true talent. Holly and Leah are the best part of the show. My DVR will get a rest since I’m not recording this show anymore. How about Holly and Leah show in the same time slot..that will hurt Moonvess

Bonnie Whitaker

What is CBS THINKING? Why are they talking a show with great chemistry and ruining it? Leah and Holly were the best two on the show. Leah was really bringing Sara out of her shell and they were funny together. Sara Gilbert came up with this show and pitched it to CBS. Though she is an executive producer, I would bet that she does not have anough influence to change this assinine decision. And replacing them with Underwood and Jenner? Geez! Is that the best they can do? I would make bet that Julie Chen had something to do with this. She probably whined to her husband that Leah and Holly were getting more attention than she does. Julie is the one who contributes the least to the show. CBS should have gotten rid of her and not Leah and Holly. But then, when you are sleeping with the boss….


This show will soon be off the air. I would love to see Lea and Holly on their own talk show on the “Own” Network. They are the best part of the Talk. Sarah is dull, self conscience and shy. Julie delivers a good news perspective but i can watch the “actual” news for that. Sharon, love her but she can be over the top some time. Bye Bye Talk.
-From a faithful fan since the very first episode.

P.S. Chery and Kris. No offense but there is nothing I’d want to hear from either one of them. Even on the TJMS I can’t tolerate Cheryl Underwood..


I used to think CBS was the best network in TV land until they pulled a stunt like this. Leah and Holly are the reason most people watched the “The Talk” and now you replace them with Sheryl and Kris….I mean really!!!Sheryl has the worse mouth and Kris can’t hold a conversation without saying “Doll”. What the hell is CBS really thinking!!!


Really CBS? You did not renew the contracts of Leah and Holly? Leah and Holly did a wonderful job as co-hosts. They are both beautiful and entertaining. I understand that Sara Gilbert is the co-creator of the show, but her personality shows that she should be behind the scenes. No diss to Sara, but she is a very quiet person for a talk show. Holly and Leah actually talked and entertained! I do not understand why you are removing the two co-hosts who helped The Talk in ratings. I am very disapppointed.


I liked The Talk, but couldn’t stand Leah’s loud demeanor. My favorite was Holly, I can see not asking Leah back, but Holly was the heart and soul of that show. I disagree with the comments about Sara, she is quiet, but she’s got a quick wit and is very intelligent. Won’t be watching Sheryl, though, no way!


I liked The Talk, but couldn’t stand Leah’s loud demeanor. My favorite was Holly, I can see not asking Leah back, but Holly was the heart and soul of that show. I disagree with the comments about Sara, she is quiet, but she’s got a quick wit and is very intelligent. Won’t be watching Sheryl, though, no way!

Rusty B.

I, for one, applaud the suicidal changes for this soon to be canceled debacle. The best way they could improve the show is to get rid of Julie Chen-Moonves. But it’s always difficult to fire the woman who is sexing up the boss.

susan Z

who makes these personnel decisions? Obviously they did not poll viewers…because they would have left the show in-tact and possibly would have just made a few tweeks. It would really be a shame if this was done out of petty jealousies among the women in charge…I’m afraid you’ve cut your nose to spite your face. I’ sure The View’s ratings will be climbing.


Big Mistake that CBS, Gilbert, and Chen and hubby made. The ratings will go way down and rightfully so. The decision makers resented the fact that when Oprah agreed to appear on the show, she insisted that Holly interview her. Holly, Lemni,and Sharon made “The View” successfull. Cbs will regret the removal of Holly and Lemni.!!

wendy p.

Leah and Holly were the reason to watch “The Talk.” They made it entertaining and along with Sharon were the reasons I watched the show. I am saddened and have not made up my mind if I will watch the new season or not. Maybe not until Sharon shows up and then maybe I will just spend my time wiser instead of being bored with Julie and Sara.


I watched every show. Without Holly and Leah, I am done!


Sleeping with the boss has its Benifits. Place Julie Chen in any other network environment, she would be gone. She doesn’t have the journalistic gravitas to spearhead any program. That’s why she keeps failing!

Holly and Leah carried “The Talk.” Holly, especially, was well-rounded, highly educated, articulate, evidenced confidence in the role of host, seemingly fluent in French, had good rapport with guests, not to mention her charm, beauty, intellect, and a surprising ability to be funny.

Leah brought honesty, along with the funny–I LOVED HER……..Sat on the edge of my chair to hear what she was going to say next.

Julie, obviously, did not to intend to bring such BLACK quality to HER program. She’s looking for a BUFFOON. Well, if the rumors are true about Holly’s replacement, then Julie can feel less threatened, until she finds the next woman’s husband to bed down (Wikipedia).


I am so disappointed that Holly and Leah will no longer be on the show. I think the mix of the five of the ladies that are presently there is awesome. I have read some of the comments and I totally agree that Leah, Holly and Sharon are the funny parts that bring everything together. I do not think that I will be watching the show when the new season starts because it will not be as humorous. I don’t like the View with all their bickering and shouting. I think this is a good thing here and the boat shouldn’t be rocked. Oh well – so much for this show. I will watch something else in the future. It is a sad thing that Holly and Leah are leaving the show. They were/are awesome.


I had no idea so many people felt so negatively about the show. I think the original group worked well together (balanced one another) and I def like it better than the view. I’m not looking forward to the changes either, but watch how harshly you judge others…just sayin’ (& news flash Holly is no less “boring” than Sarah. Be real)


This is a CRAZY move. I quit watching The VIEW because it became too loud and obnoxious. I’m a very political person but I don’t like women to be screaming over each other every day. Whoppi never met a black person to make a mistake…and I like Whoppi but maturity is recognizing that members of your race make mistakes worth condemming. Elizabeth – well stupid and ignorant comes to mind. Barbara Walters….I’m so tired of her Julie Chen queen bee act. Yawn. Sherry – too dumb for words “Flat earth” and all that. I like Joy – she is partisan but she does most of her disagreement in pretty good humor. Now that it looks like The TALK is going to dumbed down and politically charged up by adding a CLEARLY partisan “comedian” to the table. Holly and Leaha are too funny together. They were working to make it a good show but the weakest links are Julie and Sara.

Anyway – one last thing. I agree wholeheartedly that Kris Jenner is exactly the reason that I will NO longer watch the Talk. Not even to see how she is. I will read a book in the afternoon while this show is on the air.

If Julie Chen weren’t sleeping with her husband the boss – this show would be cancelled next year.


If you watched the show closely, you could see that Julie and Sarah hated being upstaged by Holly, Leah and Sharon! Please…Sarah is as interesting as dry paint. I can not stand her. Julie, miss big shot, got her nose out o joint because the whole show was not about her…and then, the day she CRIED when the Casey Anthony verdict came in….what a phoney. If not for her husband, she would be unemployed. The fact that the show even got renewed should have made CBS happy…and yet, they get rid of Leah and Holly? Lets all NOT watch and hopefully the show will get canceled.


Just learning the news about Remini and Peete being ousted from The Talk and I am shocked and saddened. When As The World Turns was cancelled and replaced by The Talk, I was convinced nothing could fill that hour in my day as well as my soap opera but I was pleasantly surprised. The chemistry between these women is entertaining and infectious but it is the mix of salty (Osbourne & Remini) and sweet (Gilbert & Chen) with a bit of both and a lot of humor tossed in from Peete that makes the show work so well. Gilbert and Chen are boring without the others for humor and spice and CBS has doomed this show to cancellation by ousting the best of the panel and replacing them with very questionable choices. With Chen married to the head of CBS and Gilbert being the exec-producer of the show, the public is going to blame and resent them for the cuts and the backlash will be the end of the show.


I was devastated when as the world turns was cancelled. But I grew to love The Talk. I felt like I was sitting at the table with them. Now that Leah and Holly are leaving, I am through. CBS you ruined a great thing.


Sarah is absolutely BORING+ Sharon is talentless+ and Julie well she sleeping with the BIG BOSS= A WHOLE HOUR OF ARM CHEWING BOREDEM+Kris media whore+ Sheryl not for daytime t.v.= EXTREMELY LOW RATINGS RESULTING IN A CANCELLED SHOW!

Bob Weese

I watched THE TALK faithfully since it began and have never missed an episode. However, if this is the way they do business, by mainly not considering the feelings of loyal fans and pandering to the obvious personal agendas of a few influential individuals, then I will not patronize their establishment (CBS) nor deal with their sponsorship. Oh, and by the way, Sara and Julie, take some of the money you’ve made over the years and buy yourselves some class because right now you don’t have the class that Leah and Holly have in their little fingers. Good luck with your obviously disfunctional show.


Sorry I just put in the wrong name it is Sarah not Mellisa – they both announced that they were getting a divorce.

Still goes Sarah – get those two ladies back on the show or you might as well say go by to the show.


Shame on you Mellisa. The show will surely go down the tubes. These two ladies made the show. Who in the H—would want to hear or wathc Bruce – what a big mistake to take the two ladies that we loved to watch off the show. I know for sure I will not watch it anymore.


I can’t believe this…..what is CBS thinking getting rid of a winning group of women. They will regret this decision real fast. I totally enjoyed this show everyday…..always made me laugh!!! I won’t be watching anymore either and it really is CBS’s biggest mistake. Holly & Leah made the show. Dumb move people, you’ll be sorry.


Wow what a total downgrade by CBS to get rid of Holly Robinson and Leah Remini because they were the two most famous cast members I recognized. I think Julie Chen is married to the guy that runs CBS so I doubt she will ever get removed. I heard Sara Gilbert is one of the producers of the show. I just find this comedian Sheryl Underwood. to be a totally bad choice. Viewers aren’t stupid they will know CBS just wanted to replace one black woman with another. Holly Robinson is such a classy lady I don’t know why they got rid of her? Does anyone know the ratings for The Talk?

Miles Ellison

We can’t have dignified, intelligent black women on network TV, can we? Who wants to see that? Bring on the burnt cork.


This is a damn shame. She will be talking about her daughters and their husbands.


I agree!!! DUMB move CBS!!! They made the show! Chen and Gilbert have no personality to take this show anywhere! I thought Gilbert and Lea were good friends! What kind of friend boots her from her show. Sucks! Not watching anymore!


I lived for the day they got rid of (loudmouth) Leah who interupted everyone, but to get rid of Holly? Are you insane, she is the best personality on the show. I wonder if it was about money?????


I thought I had found a classy alternative to The View. I was so sick of the loudmouth, biggotted, whining racist, brawling women on that show….then….a breath of fresh air, where women speak to each other with respect even when they differ in opinion. Leah & Holly are interesting to me because they act like someone I would want to be friends with, are not “fame whores” like Kris Kardashian. The show just WORKS with this group, but of course the greedy networks don’t understand that building a slow & steady following gives a program a longer life than to provide sensationalism that we soon tire of. Bad move, I hope someone else gives these talented women a vehicle they deserve, if not, they are welcome at my table for wine & convo anytime !!

Not a good look for CBS

Leah & Holly need their own show… I’m just saying

Not a good look for CBS

I have two words… BIG MISTAKE!!!!!


I won’t be watching any more. Can’t stomach Kris Jenner or that Sheryl Underwood. Too bad, Lee and Holly were great but Sharon was my fav. I will stick with The View. So long to The Talk.


I am so mad!!! Leah and Holly were the only reason to watch the talk!!!! Without them the show will be lame and boring!!


I will not watch ever again. They removed the 2 best pepole on the show. I think cbs has really lost it. Leah&Holly; were so real, always telling it like it is.


You GOT to be kidding me!!!!!! I will not be watching anymore, just sad!!!


I am done I will watch no more


The reason people are so upset is that Holly and Leah as well as Sharon are so “real”. We can always trust they will say what they think and not some scripted bull crap. I am done with this show if they do not bring these 2 ladies back.


Another network should grab these two, start a talk show and title it “Holly and Leah-REAL!” All the ladies are great but if these two were missing and replaced with plastic momma Kris, that would be sad- How can I watch a show with her in it- she does not have a normal parent relationship with any of her kids-would I want to watch a person who’s children speak to her as if she doesn’t have a brain? maybe the View should snatch these two wonderful ladies up? They are both very real and down to earth.


I agree with the many comments….CBS is foolish. Leah & Holly made the show. They were the reason to watch. The interaction between the ladies was funny and smart. If there was tension you never saw it on the show. I looked forward to watching everyday after the kids went to bed. I will be deleting it from my DVR. I will be shocked if it lasts the entire season without them. CBS should take a look at all the comments the people are posting and wise up.


I’m really shocked. Is this a done deal or can we still E-Mail somewhere?-Thanks

Elisa Faulkner-Uriarte

Very disappointed. Holly & Leah were such assets to the show! Funny, pretty, & interesting. Loved to hear their points of view & about their families. I liked how each of the ladies seemed like” girlfriends we all wanted to know” & made, The Talk, my favorite afternoon treat. I will watch, but I’m seriously hoping that CBS reconsiders.


I finally found a good daytime show. Looked forward to it every day. Holly and Leah were the life of the show, along with Mrs. O. Won’t be watching this season. Will miss the laughter and fun from the past season.


I am not surprised that Leah has not been renewed, but I am shocked about Holly. However, I am not all that thrilled about the replacements. I will not be watching this year. I enjoy both Julie and Sara, and Sharon sometimes gets on my nerves. But I seriously think CBS has made a big mistake with these two decisions regarding the replacements. BAD move.


Ohhh, I’m just so sad. Holly is heart and soul. Leah is a breath of fresh air. The Talk was absolutely the best show on tv. Well Crap. This is the worst news I ever heard.


If this is true I think that it is pretty crappy….to use Leah and Holly to anchor this show for top ratings and then dump them. I will not watch it anymore that is for sure. The only reason that I could even imagine they would hire that lady is because she is a Republican, it can’t be because she is prettier or funnier that Leah or Holly. CBS has cut off it’s nose to spite it’s face if they think Julie Chen can carry that show.


Leah and Holly are the only reason I watch this show.
Sara Gilbert is soooo boring!!. As the executive producer of the show, she should stay behind the camera not in front of it. She has no personality.
I’m sorry!!! No clue who Sheryl Underwood is.


I love “The Talk” but will not be tuning in for this season. I do not understand why CBS is not renewing Leah and Holly’s contracts. these two talented ladies made that show so interesting and fun to watch!

laura august 26

i have watched from the beginning but no more. my two reasons for watching will be gone cbs could not have made a more stupid move sharon is the only one left with any personality what were they thinking oh thats right there not……………

jo hoefler

I will not watch again. I agree that Sarah is too quiet and she has a personality to go along with it. Strange. I use to love this show!!!! Not anymore. Not a smart move. I thought they were all good friends. I guess they were just pretending.

Lynn Rolewicz

Leah, You have grown so much since that very first day on The Talk! I was watching you, and you were afraid to talk! At the first commercial break, you were holding on to Sara saying, “What happens now? What happens now??!!” It was so funny.
Many months later, and you’re way the opposite now. Maybe a little bit TOO loud, but look who they’re replacing Holly with?! Sheryl is gonna be so frickin’ loud I’ll have to turn off the TV. If you get another chance, maybe you should tone it down a bit, because you’re SO DAMN FUNNY!!!!
With your talent, maybe movies are next for you! In the meantime, enjoy your handsome husband and your beautiful daughter. You have so much to be thankful for.
Maybe another sitcom like KING OF QUEENS? (See? I got it right!) We’re still watching reruns. I know all the lines by heart! You’re so talented, I can’t wait to see what’s next for you! Good luck, Sweetie! :-)
Lynn xoxoxoxoxo


Leah and Holly were the only “real” people on that show that can be related to. Sharon is never on and Sara is just too quiet-Chen is too fake and relies on hubby for the job…if not for him she’d have been ousted a LOOONNNNGGGG time ago i.e. BORING!

The only reason this show was remotely interesting was because of Holly and Leah-will miss you both and will not be tuning in.


I must say that I had no idea this show was actually so well-watched; At least, given all the comments this post, and the last one announcing Holly’s departure, have received, and continue to receive.

I feel so out of the loop on this because I haven’t watched a single episode of “The Talk” and couldn’t tell you a damn thing about it.

But carry on… :)


People actually watch this show? I have only seen clips of in on The Soup.


@ Liz

That could be possible though I haven’t seen anything reported about Underwood also being a temporary host. like Jenner

But then that doesn’t entirely makes sense. If you want to replace hosts, even for a short period of time, to attract ratings why bring in two people who are certain to turn off viewers instead of attracting them? It is possible that Underwood and Jenner are on a “trail basis” to see how they work out. If they don’t, they’re out and new replacements are in.

And even other sources I’ve read about this, including Reuters and the Hollywood Reporter, say that both Remini and Peete are definitely out. Then again, viewers could raise such a stink that the network would be forced to bring them back (and at higher salaries)


I got an inside scoop. Sheryl and Jenwill only be on the show for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks Halle and Leah will return. This is all a ploy to get the show attention.

Lee Knighton

Very upset, I really liked Holly and Leah… Guess I won’t be watching anymore….


I can’t believe they are not renewing Holly and Leah’s contracts. I liked watching the show only because of them. Sara Gilbert does not contribute much at all. Holly represents the mother’s point of view so well and I was hoping that she would provide more opportunity to deal with issues like autism and ADHD.Very disappointing!!


I think ”a sexually progressive God-fearing black Republican” means that republicans are seen as frigid or anti-perversity, but we ll know that republican politicians are just as promiscuous and dirty sexually ad dems.


Oh dear. Have they never heard Sheryl before? The only thing worse than having her on the show would be the decision to keep her. She’s funny when she’s in the right ‘hood but this?

I’m gonna be the appointed interpreter at my office again. Sigh.

”A sexually progressive God-fearing black Republican” means she likes screwing white men with money but goes to church every Sunday to offset the sin a bit. LOL.


Oh My! Sheryl Underwood on The Talk? I haven’t watched one episode of this show but I MUST tune in to see this trainwreck waiting to happen! :D


I will never watch The Talk again! Holly and Leah are great. Maybe they could get a talk show on a rival network!

calvin fredricks

Not happy with the move on the talk. I’m a man and Holly was and is a great roll model for young women, and specially black young women. Also autism is scary for parents I have a nephew the autism, and it was good to see a parent that is so much in the fight help solve autism. Leah is great to because she represented the every day women, and she tweets her fans regularly .this also helped the ratings. I thought the idea of the talk was not too follow the view format and ideas , grow some balls and bring back Holly and Leah!


Just heard The Talk’s Sara Gilbert split fom her girlfriend of ten years. At least now we have a bit of info that helps explain why CBS and the show’s producers(Gilbert is one) might be making such an assine move. Gilbert must be out of her head. No other explanation as to why they would ruin such a great show~with promising ratings!

Without Remini and Peete this show will suffer and eventually die. Those two were the heart and soul of “The Talk”. Without them it doesnt matter who the replacements are. (but really Kris Jenner and Underwood were the best they could get?)

It is obvious this show was built to try and showcase Julie Chen as well as Sara Gilbert. Only problem is neither has the personality to carry it. Thank God Chen always has Big Brother (and her in charge of CBS hubby) to fall back on. It is going to be a slow, painful and agonizing death that wont be fun to watch.

Stupid move CBS!


Oh you’re definitely complaining (lolol)…as you should be.

I don’t think Sheryl Underwood will have a huge problem censoring herself, but it may come off highly unauthentic. It’ll be about as entertaining as those Kevin Hart commercials for Chevrolet.


I don’t like this one bit. Frankly, I’m scared.


I agree with the poster that said, beautiful intelligent, and black is the kiss of death in Hollywood. When what they really want is ignorant, steppin-fetchit, stereotypical baffoons! If you think I’m lying watch in the Flow with Affion Crockett!!!! Thanks for setting back the race 100 years!


Just read that Kris Jenner will also guest-host the “Today” show in October. Obviously, she’s grooming for an eventual permanent talk show spot – whether her own, or in an ensemble.


You know that woe is me single/never married woman all those articles keep talking about? Well now they have her on daytime television. SMH.


Yes, of course they would replace the Married with children, hot as hell Holly Robinson Peete with Sheryl Underwood. They arent even trying to hide their motives anymore. Beautiful, stable and smart is the kiss of death for black women in hollywood. Kris Jenner? Really?


So agree with you Emmanuel. This is a CRAZY move! Obviously, the producers aren’t familiar with Sheryl…at all. If they had, they would have seen her guest appearance on “The View”. She talks waaaaay to fast and some of her jokes are more “inside” (read black) jokes which Julie Chen or Melissa will not understand…at all. She is funny, I just don’t think this is a great match. Even I know that.

And Kris Jenner? I’m so done with that whole damn family. Enough with this Kardashian bullshit America.


Now all they need to do is replace Chen & Gilbert .


If this is true, she’ll be gone after one month.

And I don’t say this because I think she isn’t good. I say this because compared to Holly and Leah, Sheryl is way too raw for that show. And censoring her will be an enormous task.

But I’m not mad at her for getting that CBS money. Go Sheryl!

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