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indieWIRE’s Project of the Day: Comparing South Africa to Israel in “Roadmap to Apartheid”

indieWIRE's Project of the Day: Comparing South Africa to Israel in "Roadmap to Apartheid"

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“Roadmap to Apartheid”

Tweetable Logline:

The definitive documentary comparing and contrasting South African Apartheid with Israeli policies and practices

Elevator Pitch:

Roadmap to Apartheid explores in detail the apartheid comparison as it is used in the enduring Israel-Palestine conflict. As much an historical document of the rise and fall of apartheid, the film shows us why many Palestinians feel they are living in an apartheid system today.

Featuring interviews with South Africans, Israelis and Palestinians, “Roadmap to Apartheid” winds its way through the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and inside Israel moving from town to town and issue to issue to show why the apartheid analogy is being used with increasing potency, and what prospects lie for the future.

Production Team:

Director: Ana Nogueira (former producer of “Democracy Now!”) and Eron Davidson
Assistant Editor: Nathaniel Cunningham
Music: Marcel Khalife, Godspeed you Black Emperor, Invincible, DAM, Leni Stern, Joao Balao, Biosphere
Narrator: Alice Walker

About the Production:

“Ana Nogueira is a white South African and Eron Davidson a Jewish Israeli. Drawing on first-hand knowledge of the issues, the producers take a close look at the apartheid analogy often used to describe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Calling the situation in Israel Palestine apartheid has become quite common. But few fully understand what that means. With this film, we break down the rhetoric into a fact-based comparison, noting where the analogy is useful and appropriate, and where it’s not. And we ask the question, if it is apartheid, why is the world not as outraged now as it was then?” — the team behind “Roadmap to Apartheid”

Current Status:

The film is in post-production, and is looking for funds to pay for their archival footage and color and sound correction.

For more information and to support this project:

Film Website
Kickstarter Page

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The wildly defensive Israeli posts are ironic,Turn a blind eye they say,Shut up & mind your business the way so many did when innocent Jews were were being killed- is this what goes around comes around?


This comprehensive film is much needed to make it easier for the crowds to learn about Israeli apartheid. It will be a game changer. But it will not give us new facts that are not already documented in a number of books, reports, and short films. For example the book The Other Side of Israel by Susan Nathan, the book Israeli Apartheid by Ben White, Apartheid Israel by Uri Davis, and the report The Inequality Report by Adalah. Further, various aspects are documented in readily available reports by HRW, Amnesty, UN OCHA, B’Tselem. For example the report Separate and Unequal by HRW. Later this year the definitive book will be released; Peoples Apart by Ilan Pappe. And while you are waiting for the film to be released, please consider watching the current #1 film Occupation 101 for free online at


Wow I am shocked that Indiewire would promote such blatant propaganda. The comparison of Israeli policies to apartheid is not only ignorant but mocks the victims of the real South African apartheid.

I rather never see another film again then watch this politically fueled piece of garbage. Shame on you Indiewire. Go find some real movies to review.


dear people from indie…please I`d ask u 2 stop your bullshit ASAP !!! I`m an israeli citizen,with my full rights,as such,and I travel in the same bus,with my fellow arabs citizens,we study in the same university,buy food in the same market,and pay our taxes in the same bank,if I need the police,I`ll file a complaint at the police station,in which it will be taken,and probabely investigated by an arab police officer,and so on…so where is the racial discrimination u are so loudly talking about??? The west bank is NOT Israel,for the time being is disputed territory,a “dispute” that came over after the arab refusal to accept Israel as a neighbor,refusal wich was against a hugh majority vote at the UN…seems 2 me that u have NOT a clear idea about what`s going on in the middle east,in particular in Israel,may be it `d be better if u came over to check by your selves,or otherwise SHUT-YOUR-MOUTH !!!thank u in advance,yours,


This film didn’t invented the comparison. The world has been making it for sometime now. I’d like to see the film to learn more about it, even if it’s from one side of the argument.

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