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Is So Much Choice Really Any Choice At All?

Is So Much Choice Really Any Choice At All?

So many people want to “keep their options open” as opposed to actually committing themselves to something they really believe in. We fill our shelves with 1001 variations and some people think it is freedom, but doesn’t it just obscure the real problem that we haven’t committed to what we really want?

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Of course having extremely limited choice is far from freedom too.

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Zak Forsman

This one resonates because I spent too much time keeping my options open for my next movie. Wasted two years, in my opinion. Until several months ago when I sat down and chose one of several projects we’re developing and committed everything to seeing it get made. Launched the Kickstarter campaign for it several weeks ago. We’re 89% funded with 8 days to go and can’t imagine what I’d be doing if I hadn’t taken the leap. It’s like Coppola said, if you just start moving ahead like you’re making the movie, people and resources will come together and you’ll quickly discover you’re making the movie!

I should have done this a long time ago.

redmond fitzpatrick

Almost anything on the shelf worth eating is better if you put the effort into making it yourself. Convenience usually degrades quality. Then there is the fear of actually doing it yourself and failing, and making a bad meal. When so much is so easy to get without effort, the idea of risking all is unnecessary.
And freedom is just comfort food.

Jason @ Filmmaking Stuff

More people make excuses than actually make movies.

Jason Brubaker

Mark Savage

In this business, keeping one’s “options open” mostly means being in a constant state of non-commitment and tentativeness. It’s the state of the weak. The strong make a decision and focus. “Keeping my options open” is semantic nonsense.

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