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James Patterson Loves What He’s Seen So Far Of “I, Alex Cross” Footage (“Brought Tears To My Eyes”)

James Patterson Loves What He's Seen So Far Of "I, Alex Cross" Footage ("Brought Tears To My Eyes")

Just making my way back again from the set of the Alex Cross movie, and I’m feeling pretty up-beat about it. Tyler is great. He’s going to blow everybody’s minds. And Ed Burns is irrepressible, a real talent.

Not sure if any of you is following author James Patterson on Facebook (he’s the dude who wrote the Alex Cross novels in case you’re not familiar); he’s been sharing his reactions to the current big screen adaptation of his work. Obviously, the man is right there on the set, taking it all in, and possibly even consulting with director Rob Cohen, and star Tyler Perry.

Anywho… the above was his most recent Facebook post, done about an hour ago.

Last week, he shared this:

Just saw a daily from the Alex Cross movie that apparently brought tears to the eyes of everybody who saw it, myself included. Sorry I can’t tell you more—I’m sworn to secrecy.

So, the easy joke there would be, what kind of tears are we talking about here – joy or pain? Ho-ho-ho :)

Obviously, I don’t expect him to say anything critical of the production – certainly not at this stage. But that could also simply be because he genuinely means what he’s said so far, and it’s not all just marketing.

He’s also posted links to on-set videos (we posted both here), and more.

So, if you want to follow the man on Facebook, go HERE to do so.

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@Adam Scott Thompson Grow a dick dude!


lol at these hateful comments! Grow the hell up!


I read a James Patterson novel, once, many moons ago. Can’t remember the title.

Glad he’s satisfied with Mr. Perry.


Great work JP, love your books…I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. Tyler Perry your such a great talent, keep up the good work.

Adam Scott Thompson

My mother is a DIE-HARD James Patterson fan. When I asked her how she felt about Tyler Perry taking over for Morgan Freeman, she responded, “Now I’m Cross.”


I think James Patterson is a terrible author. The villians Cross goes up against are like comic book villians. They all have names like “the mastermind”, “the bucher”. “the wolf”, and “the weasel”. He is also into 1.5-3 page chapters that each end with a cheap cliff hanger that ruins any flow. The dialogue is beyond cheasy and Cross is really boring. The solution to the crime tends to just get fropped into his lap.


Well of course he going to praise it. You think he would put down a film based on his own book?


People will say and do anything. LOL.

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