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Jennifer Lawrence To Sing “Rue’s Lullaby” On ‘The Hunger Games’ Soundtrack

Jennifer Lawrence To Sing "Rue's Lullaby" On 'The Hunger Games' Soundtrack

The Hunger Games” will be a test of sorts for Jennifer Lawrence. Expectations are running high for the franchise film — which already has a sequel dated for November 22, 2013 — and will also be the the first time the young actress is toplining a tentpole. The success of the brewing series will largely depend on if audiences outside the core fanbase will want to go along Katniss’ adventures, and that largely rests on Lawrence’s shoulders. So as if that pressure wasn’t enough, now she’s going to show off her singing voice too.

MTV caught up with musician/producer extraordinaire T. Bone Burnett — who is scoring the film with Danny Elfman — at the “The Big Lebowski” reunion in New York City last night and he revealed that Lawrence will be singing on the soundtrack. The song in question is “Rue’s Lullaby” and it comes at a particularly poignant moment in the story. We won’t say any more to prevent spoiling the film, but diehard fans already know what scene (and character) we mean. “And it was beautiful. She did great. She’s singing great. Killer actor too,” Burnett gushed about Lawrence.

As for what else is in store, we’ll just have to wait, but Burnett hints, “It’s 300 years in the future, so we can take all sorts of liberties.” So some kind of future-punk electro score!? Yeah, probably not, but hopefully they will push the envelope a little in terms of the score and truly embrace the parameters a dystopian future-based film will give them. And while Burnett says of the music “…it’ll be coming out soon,” we have to remember that “soon” is relative since the Gary Ross-directed movie hits theaters seven months from now on March 23, 2012.

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@padre…WTF?! (LOL!) I really need to know…what in hell are BOG CREATURES????. It’s as if you just fell out of 19th century Ireland. padre, padre, padre….you’re trying too hard but thanks for “bog creatures”, I’ll be chuckling over that one for days.


The anger among the ladies of the Hunger Games fandom at the hapless male cast continues to amuse me. I found these sad sack boys the whitest of white bread but no worse. I had no idea that in reality they were the most hideous of bog creatures, until I began dipping into Hunger Games fan forums and heard the wails, laments, and gnashing of teeth there.


OK…..Nadia/Hunger Games Uber Fan….you’re scary. Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to the film as there are so many talented people involved (Ross is a fine director and Jennifer Lawrence is a marvelous actress..(for example, The Burning Plain, Poker House, Winter’s Bone and her small role in Like Crazy) the girl has a great batting average (LOL!)I don’t mind Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, nor Josh Hutcherson as Peeta and Liam Hemsworth as Gale…they fit the parts as far as I’m concerned. The film is in great hands Nadia/HGUF, dear….and I thnk it’s cool that Jennifer Lawrence will be singing “Rue’s Lullaby”!!.


bizarre comments


Jennifer Lawrence seems like a huge bitch

Hunger Game Uber fan

forget about outside franchise audience the “franchise” audience is pissed about the horrible Peeta and Gale casting, along with Gary Ross middle brow direction. The over the top turn off for dye hard fans was the casting of a 5’5″ Brunette for blond hair blue eyed Peeta and the ridiculous casting of Miley Cyrus boyfriend Lame Hemsworth (blond hair blue eyed) for the dark, mysterious Gale Hawthorne. They messed this up big time. Also the casting of a proud non reader of the series, a tattooed musician for Cinna, Lenny Kravitz. They disappointed a lot of fans. A LOT

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