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Joe Cornish, Justin Lin & Nicolas Winding Refn Join John Moore On Shortlist For ‘Die Hard 5’

Joe Cornish, Justin Lin & Nicolas Winding Refn Join John Moore On Shortlist For 'Die Hard 5'

Over the weekend, word cropped up that Noam Murro, previously attached to direct the forever gestating “Die Hard 5” had left the project to focus on “300: Battle Of Artemisia” with John Moore (“Behind Enemy Lines,” “Max Payne”) as a contender to take his place. Well, he’s going to be facing some stiff competition.

Deadline reports that Joe Cornish, Justin Lin and Nicolas Winding Refn are also on the studio shortlist to take on the job, with meetings said to have been slated. So let’s run through these options shall we? Joe Cornish is a nerd favorite and displayed he could capably handle action with humor and style to spare with “Attack With Block.” And while it may seem odd to handle a movie of this budget and size to a relative newbie, just remember, Murro’s previous effort was the indie dramedy “Smart People” as well as some acclaimed commercials.

Justin Lin has been a hot name around town after he made “Fast Five” the most successful entry in the franchise to date and one of the biggest hits the year. Of all the candidates, he seems mostly likely, having been in the running for “The Wolverine” and currently attached to a new “The Terminator” film that would bring Arnie back to the series in some capacity, but that project is now a long way off.

And Nicolas Winding Refn is just the new Hollywood darling, wowing everybody with “Drive,” so of course he’s on the list. But if 20th Century Fox plans on making this movie anytime soon, we’re not sure how Refn fits in as he shoots “Only God Forgives” this fall and has “Logan’s Run” set up over at Warner Bros and we’re sure they won’t want to lose him to Fox. Moreover, we just don’t see Refn being all that interested in coming along to direct the fifth entry in already waning and aging franchise. It would be a colossal waste of his time and talent.

If anything this list has a distinct whiff of trying to stoke blogger interest by putting some hyped names down as candidates. Will these guys take a meeting? Sure — it’s an opportunity to make your face known with movers and shakers and it’s the meeting you don’t turn down, so yeah, some studio suits and these helmers will break bread over a Cobb salad. But if we were betting men — and given the track record of the ‘Die Hard’ helmers so far — we’d guess Lin or the meat and potatoes Moore (or someone in that vein) winds up getting the job.

Written by Skip Woods (”X-Men Origins: Wolverine”), the latest installment will apparently involve McClane (Bruce Willis, back again) battling local forces in Russia with his two sons (#eyeroll #facepalm) in what has got to be the worst idea since that computer mumbo jumbo from the last movie. We can see the tagline now: THIS TIME, IT’S FAMILIAL. Here’s an idea for “Die Hard 5”: Let it die already.

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Kevin M. Lee

Hello Joe,
I am interested in distributing your films.
Contact me at 813-495-0332



If Sony can entirely reboot “Spiderman” in less than a decade, there is absolutely no reason we need to be watching Bruce Willis drag his tired, lazy butt through another half hearted “Die Hard” sequel 24 years after the original.

Dump him. Reboot. Give it to Refn.

The Famous Comedian Arnold Braunschweiger

It’s definitely between Moore and Lin. They’ll keep their mouths shut and let Faux boss them around while Douche Willis is sleepwalking through the whole film.

R.I.P Die Hard.

Christopher Bell

Smith has been making films for almost two decades (right? forget math) and doesn’t even know what kind of lenses his DPs are using. If Willis was an ass to him on set it’s because he is an easy target. It’s juvenile, sure, and not “right,” but I can imagine an iconic actor wanting to pick on a boss that doesn’t know squat.


Refn’s vision would be buttfucked by Fox. I rather him just stick with being awesome and making films with Gosling. Maybe convince WB to let him make the Wonder Woman film.

Cory Everett

This needs a Shia Labeouf-type character.


Aronofsky bailed on Wolverine because one of the hottest women in Hollywood bailed on him.

Kevin Jagernauth

Creative leeway? Fox? There is a reason Darren Aronofsky ultimately bailed on The Wolverine.

Die Hard 5: Valhalla

I disagree with Refn being a long shot for the project. He’s stated again and again that he’s interested in lending his talents to a big American icon at a major studio. John McClane might not rank next to Wonder Woman (depending who you ask?) but if Willis is game to return the franchise to its R-rating and allows Refn creative leeway to make his mark and to alter the script (ditch the offspring!), this might happen. Refn likes to keep people guessing and welcomes all haters.

Industry people blame Willis for having a grouchy attitude as the reason why his films underwhelm and bomb, but the guy is the type of outspoken badass Refn gravitates toward and might like to resurrect. Willis is a totally different actor when paired with Gilliam, Tarantino, or Rodriguez. Those directors see past his age and capitalize on his iconic talents. There’s also the tiny possibility that Gosling would come aboard to play the villain for kicks. If anything, Fox is looking to see which name drums up excitement with fans and Refn’s inclusion can’t be random. Justin Long better watch his back.


Please let it be called “Old Habits Die Hard.”


Yeah, I don’t think Cornish will take it. Nor do i want him to.

I would like to see Refn work with Willis on something action packed (that isn’t Die Hard related), but i realized Kevin Smith wanted to do the same and found out Willis is a dick.

Mr Anonymous

‘Written by Skip Woods (”X-Men Origins: Wolverine”)’ – well i didn’t know the script was written by him but i think that says it all! Sorry but the writings on the wall.



Cornish is an incredibly nice person, and I actually worry a bit about him taking on grumpy Bruce Willis’s cash cow. He’d be eaten alive. I hope he stays away and works his way up more organically.

The Playlist

Yeah, Cornish ain’t gonna take this either. He’s way smarter than that, but he will take lots of meetings to get his face shown around town.


Cornish seems like the best bet. New guy who can handle action and comedy.


According to Refn at Comic Con, Only God Forgives is shooting in February. Still agree that his involvement here is highly unlikely regardless.

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