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Jolie & Pitt Take Turns, Which Will Happen First? Gray Man, Slave, Cleopatra, Maleficent, Salt 2

Jolie & Pitt Take Turns, Which Will Happen First? Gray Man, Slave, Cleopatra, Maleficent, Salt 2

Thompson on Hollywood

Can Hollywood stop waiting for Brad Pitt? The actor has had two projects announced so far this week. Luckily he’ll only be acting in one of them. Scheduling would be tricky either way, since in-demand Pitt and partner Angelina Jolie don’t work simultaneously. Jolie has Salt 2, Maleficent and Cleopatra in the pipelines, while Pitt is currently filming Marc Forster’s World War Z. Pitt is now in talks to star in The Gray Man, based on Adam Cozad’s script (on 2010 Black List), which is an adaptation of Mark Greaney’s novel. James Gray (the man behind Joaquin Phoenix starrers We Own the Night and Two Lovers) will direct for New Regency (which was behind Pitt’s Fight Club and Mr. and Mrs. Smith). Pitt would play a burned assassin on the run.

Pitt’s production house, Plan B (also producing World War Z), are planning an adaptation of Solomon Northup’s 1853 autobiography, Twelve Years a Slave. Chiwetel Ejiofor will star as the free black who was lured to Washington, D.C. from New York by two men with talk of a job. Upon his arrival, Northup was kidnapped and brutally enslaved for years until a white Canadian man helped him smuggle letters to his wife, leading to a court case in which he regained his freedom. Hunger and Shame director Steve McQueen will direct. We are officially excited.

The upside of Pitt and Jolie taking turns? They are forced to be selective, which hopefully means quality over quantity (let’s leave The Tourist out of this.) Which of their projects do you want to see first?

Thompson on Hollywood

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It looks like Pitt will make The Gray Man in early 2012, so unless Jolie has a small project like her directorial debut that she’s going to direct or at in, then the chances are she’s not planning on acting in a movie again until at least mid-2012 when Cleopatra may be ready to shoot.

How many actresses in their mid-30s, at the top of the peak of their careers have taken as many 1 and 2 year breaks as Jolie has since getting together with Pitt? And still she gets offered every major role in Hollywood. She’s turned down a ton of movies and later it’s reported that another actress got the role over Jolie, ie, Sandra Bullock and Gravity. Jolie passed on that movie 2 separate times before Universal finally moved on and tested half a dozen other actresses before signing Sandra Bullock. All of these other actresses should give Jolie a percentage for perferring to be home with her kids and Pitt and let them have all of these roles she’s turning down.


Appears Brad will make the Gray Man film soon after completing WWZ. None of the films in Angelina’s pipeline are anywhere near ready to film it seems.


Would like to see Cleopatra.Angelina and Fincher =amazing

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