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Kevin Smith Names His Two-Part Films: ‘Hit Somebody: Home’ & ‘Away’; Wants Part 2 To Be R-Rated

Kevin Smith Names His Two-Part Films: 'Hit Somebody: Home' & 'Away'; Wants Part 2 To Be R-Rated

So, here’s a minor update from the world of Kevin Smith.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when he announced plans that his forthcoming hockey movie (and presumably final film) “Hit Somebody” was now going be a two part epic? Well, Smith has now named those two parts so brace yourselves: “Hit Somebody: Home” and “Hit Somebody: Away.” Shocking titles for a movie about sports, we know. Not only that, he plans somewhat bizarrely for the first half to be PG-13 and the second half to be R, guaranteeing that any teenager who digs the first movie will be cock-blocked from seeing the second one for some reason.

To refresh your memory, the film is inspired by a Warren Zevon song, focusing on a rising hockey player named Buddy McCracken, and it has a script Smith has been working on for a while. He’s already slotted (somewhat unofficially) much of his “Red State” cast for roles with Michael Parks to play a French Canadian coach, John Goodman as Buddy’s first coach Blue Jay Jennings, Melissa Leo in an unspecified part, and Nicholas Braun in the lead role of Buddy McCracken with Kyle Gallner also slated to make an appearance in the film as a Wayne Gretzky-like character. The story spans three decades from 1950 to 1980 tracking the buddies rise through the ranks into a professional hockey career. Why the second part needs to be R-rated we have no idea, but we’re sure Smith has a four paragraph /fifteen tweet explanation.

Tacked onto the end credits of “Red State” is the promise of “Hit Somedbody” arriving in 2012 but that seems pretty dubious at this point. With no cast officially locked down, or financing in place, this one is unlikely to be in the can for next year, despite the optimism of the View Askewniverse. We’re mostly curious to see if anybody is going to throw money behind a period based hockey movie at all, particularly in today’s climate. But if anything, Smith is a great salesman and if he can promise to keep the budget down, somebody will surely bite. For now, you can see what all the hubbub about “Red State” about when it goes VOD this weekend. [via /Film]

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Second one probably isn’t too R-rated. Remember, a second F-word in a film is an automatic R. Those hockey locker rooms have some language I’m sure, he’s just keeping it real.


I’m looking forward to it. Sounds ambitious and I’ve been wanting to see Smith really step up his game for a while now. Looks like this may be the vehicle for him to do that.


Sounds like a decent plan to me. A PG-13 film about a teen that teens can see. Then a more adult part 2 dealing with (I assume) more adult themes.
And yeah, whats with all the Smith hate? Sure he went crazy during Red State and sundance, but this is a guy who knows dialogue and gave some good indie staples (Clerks, Chasing Amy).


whats with the unnecessary hate from the author. i’m glad you don’t write unbiased articles


I’m not a fan of Smith anymore either but this whole article was nothing but venom.

Plus the PG-13 to R rating is actually something I think most people would be in favor for. Besides, it’s not like teenagers have a problem getting into R rated films these days anyway.


Yeah, this article reeks of condescension and Smith Hate Bandwagon-jumping. Also not sure why any reference was made to the View Askewniverse, as that brand has essentially been retired in favor of SModcast Pictures. Lazy like Cop Out.


if the first part of the story is tamer (because a story is usually built like this) and gets more “adult” in the second half, why put in R-rated bits in it just to make it like the second half?

this would be the same as cutting down an R-rated flick just to make it PG-13; which is something i believe you would be against.

guys .. lay off the superiority complex, will ya.

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