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Key to Being Tom Cruise’s Next Co-star. Make Sure You Are 20 Years Younger Than He Is

Key to Being Tom Cruise's Next Co-star. Make Sure You Are 20 Years Younger Than He Is

I got one of those breaking releases this weekend and this alert told me that there were three actresses in the final running to play Tom Cruise’s star in his next film – One Shot.

I usually could care less about these alerts but this one got my thinking about the age of the actresses who will play opposite Cruise. The actresses include Hayley Atwell, Rosamud Pike and Alexa Davalos. All are considerably younger than Cruise. Atwell and Davalos are 20 years younger and Pike is 17 years younger.

According to the Hollywood Reporter “The female role is that of tough lawyer and daughter of the district attorney.” Tough to me means woman who initially hates the male lead but then warms up to him after he melts her “tough” exterior. Let’s see if they could make this female character something with a little more depth. I’m sure they never even thought about hiring an actress in her 40s who would probably be more believable as an experienced lawyer.

Tom Cruise’s ‘One Shot’: Three Actresses Testing to Play His Leading Lady (Exclusive)

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Rene Russo often said in interviews that she’s hired to play the love interest for guys like Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman so they won’t look like pedophiles!
That said….no one criticizes Clint Eastwood for being married (in real life) to a woman 35 years younger than he is!


Ridiculous. Really.

An established lawyer would need to be older.

One reason I loved the THOMAS CROWN remake with Pierce Bronson and Rene Russo is that were peers. They both brought baggage to the relationship. Made it less one-sided and therefore more entertaining.

But Pierce had to fight for Rene. The studio wanted much younger women.

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