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link we like: Steven Hill’s Movie Title Screens Page

link we like: Steven Hill's Movie Title Screens Page


How could you confirm whether a movie’s name has a question mark at the end, or if a director was billed above the title? By going to this extraordinary site run by Steven Hill, where you can look at title frames from more than six thousand films from—

—the silent era to the present day. As a researcher I find this invaluable, even though I don’t always find the titles I need… but as a film buff I dare not go to the site too often, or I’ll be lost for twenty minutes at a time, browsing among these title frames.

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Jim Reinecke

Like yourself, Leonard, I’m a stickler for accurate titles but there are still some entries in your guides that need a little title tweaking. . .so as a public service I’ll mention a few (and I’m going to confine this to films in your Classic Movie Guide only as I have yet to see the new annual Guide but will be purchasing a copy when I can make it to the bookstore this weekend). For instance, the 1933 Joe E. Brown baseball comedy has a comma after Joe’s character name so it should be accurately listed as ELMER, THE GREAT. The 1933 depression era comedy which you strongly recommend has no hyphen in the title and should be listed as THREE CORNERED MOON. Finally, (and this one is really technical) the 1931 film that features the only pairing of Greta Garbo and Clark Gable has a set of parentheses around its’ subtitle and appears on the screen as SUSAN LENOX (HER FALL AND RISE). More to come in future posts. . .

Stéphane Vilmin

Great site.
What would be fascinating is to put all these images into a single mosaic one, say by chronological order, and see the invasion of color…

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