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Listen: Chris Cornell’s ‘The Keeper’ From ‘Machine Gun Preacher’

Listen: Chris Cornell's 'The Keeper' From 'Machine Gun Preacher'

Remember when Chris Cornell was cool and kind of awesome? Yeah, that was a long time ago. Since his days fronting alternative godfathers Soundgarden, Cornell’s hair got gradually shorter and thus drained him like Samson of any of once compelling musical powers. He formed the forgettable Audioslave with the guys from Rage Against The Machine who aren’t Zach De La Rocha and after that he embarked on an embarrassing and increasingly terrible solo career that culminated in his attempt to be Justin Timberlake with 2009’s Scream produced by Timbaland. That’s right, the guy who once sang “Jesus Christ Pose” was working with the guy who twiddled knobs for Pussycat Dolls. Anyway, Cornell is rebounding somewhat. He’s back with the boys in Soundgarden and has begun making steps into writing music for movies, having penned “You Know My Name” for Casino Royale, which brings us to his latest work, “The Keeper” for “Machine Gun Preacher.”

Relativity Media announced that the song from Marc Forster‘s upcoming Oscar hopeful has landed online today, and if you purchase the digital download in the next 24 hours at Cornell’s site, proceeds will go to Sam Childers’ Angels Of East Africa charity. From tomorrow onward, you can buy it at iTunes. So how does the song fare? Compared to what Cornell has done recently, it’s the best thing he’s done in a long, long time even though it’s pretty lyrically on the nose, and a compositionally safe and familiar song. It kind of sounds like a song Eddie Vedder would have scrapped, but it’s hardly offensive and does what it’s supposed to.

If you did like what you hear and want the full “Machine Gun Preacher” experience, you can get the full soundtrack on Tuesday, September 20th featuring 15 pieces written for the film by Asche & Spencer performed by the 60-piece Slovak National Symphony Orchestra. If you live in New York and Los Angeles, the film opens on September 23rd and it will roll out to more cities in the weeks that follow. The film will premiere first at TIFF in September. Listen to Cornell’s tune below.

Chris Cornell – The Keeper by chriscornell

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Ya know,..I dont get it.Ive been a fan of Chris Cornell's since I first heard him in Soundgarden,and I have enjoyed each of his different moves through the world of music.I dont get anti-Chris if he doesnt do another album in the exact same style either.It's his voice that I enjoy,and the song is just a bonus for me. Its his life,and if he wants to go this way or that,..fine by me.I like this song,and I also like the album Scream.
Why shit on someone else when you cant do what he doe,…and you cant.No one can.

The Playlist

@ertugrul/peitero Is that Latin?


and when he comes wit a new album, will s gonna rock ur world, you heathens’


im telling all of you f..cking id…ts those who don’t like his voice or music,
is there anyone who tells anthing about an artist that you love. the answers is no. so dont come here and write anything. go whereever u like.
there is no need for you to write any curse swear or fcked up words.

my word is not for the critisizers who do it in a positive way, for the rest

and soundgarden reunioned and gonna release an album in 2012 look at wiki


This is what happens when you let a hipster run his mouth about music. FYI: Been a Cornell fan since Superunknown, and Scream DID suck, with the exception of Two Drink Minimum. Obviously he made the album in an effor to further his career as a sexer of women. But he’s Chris Cornell, and he pisses excellence. So I forgive him. And yeah, this article is riddled with inaccuracies, and not just opinion based ones. The true fans know. Prattle on, hipster.


Hang on there, Doc. The “opinion” which that reader said was “disgusting “was nothing to do with Chris Cornell. It was a reaction to Kevin Jagernauld’s “I hate children” remark.

He probably wasn’t serious, at least I hope he wasn’t – but why make such a bad-taste joke when people were just trying to point out that the song benefits a children’s charity? If caring about kids makes a man a cheeseball, go tell that to Sam Childers.

Doc Watson

Haha wow, it looks like Cornell gained himself some truly moronic fans during the last few years. The guy is allowed an opinion you fascists. If someone doesn’t like some shitty music that you like, suck it up and get on with your lives instead of attacking him like an ignorant mob

Doc Watson

“Nobody was attacking this writer for his opinions”

“Then do us the favor to shut up and keep your disgusting heartless opinion private”

And there’s about 20 other comments to that effect from other people who probably keep a signed photo of Chris under their pillow along with his nail clippings and a lock of hair dating back to the Scream tour

This kind of en masse attack always happens on any internet site where people are allowed to comment on a negative review and you people should probably treat this as a chance to become self-aware and quit being so dumb

The Playlist

There’s nothing to research. You guys were attacking his opinion, face it. You’re super upset with the fact that he think Cornell is terrible now (and lord he is, a lot of people who loved Soundgarden now think this — he’s a total cheeseball).

The thing about his hair, is hilarious. Only a crazy fan would mention it. He’s been away from movies for a few years, so that’s accurate.


Nobody was attacking this writer for his opinions – as far as I can see, most are most taking issue with this poorly researched article. To imply Cornell has “begun making steps into writing music for movies” as some sort of damage limitation exercise when in fact he’s been writing mainstream film music for 20 years is the biggest inaccuracy I can see here, though there are several others.

Obviously the writer didn’t enjoy Cornell’s “Scream” album. But to use a brand new charity song as an excuse to write an article which aims rubbish an artist’s career is churlish. And reacting to critical readers with such a lack of professionalism just makes matters worse.


Wow, the immaturity of this blogger, Kevin Jagernauth is staggering. He only seems to write about superficial qualities, such as Chris’ hair and misses the whole point of the song. But, his responses in the comments are completely unprofessional & juvenile and remove any doubt regarding the nonexistence of his professional standards. This is not a website worth visiting.


I think the real problem here is that you think you’re a cut above the general public, don’t you, Kevin? Which is why you think it’s A-OK to sit in judgement on others and raise your own scuzzy opinions to a level above everyone else’s scuzzy opinions while typing tennage crap that would get you sent to the Principal if you were back in high school. Try being honest with yourself for a change. You don’t like artists, you don’t like their fans, and you don’t like having your glib generalisations challenged.


You find yourself very cryptic and wise, right?

Sorry to disappoint you but for me it looks like your living in your own illusory world with a huge loss of reality..


This review lost all credibility as soon as the length of the artist’s hair was mentioned. Go work for TMZ.

I think The Keeper is a brilliant tribute to this movie and the storyline. I proudly donated to support both the artist and the charity. Thank you.

Kevin Jagernauth

It’s called…….INCEPTION.



So now you begin to attack Chris Cornell fans….something tells me this was your true intention and maybe put up to do this! First thing first, if this is the only article you could find to attack Chris, then you were put up to it because this has been going on for years by jealous people and he has written songs for other causes and movies and you chose this one??? That right there says a lot. Your snide remarks are only proving to us who you really are. Yes this is an opinionated article, but the comments we leave are also are opinion! Did you think you were going to get positive feedback on this? You obviously didn’t pay people enough or those that agree with you had better things to do than waste their time like I am doing right now. But see, here is the thing…if we let people like you rant your opinions without feedback, then people wouldn’t know the true person Chris Cornell is with us responding! Some how I think you knew this was going to happen. Obviously you are lacking in the attention department. Try being nicer and if you don’t have anything nice to say, especially about those in need of help just to live a decent life, then don’t say anything at all. Didn’t someone in your life ever say that to you? Enjoy this fame you are receiving right now….as for me, I would have rather not said anything….cause its the nice thing to do!


Hey, the Playlist- Hard to believe you would let any journalist use your “Guide” to spew his personal hatred of anyone. Is that what you’re all about, or does it just look that way? He seems greatly intimidated by Chris Cornell. He obviously comes up short shall we say, in his own mind, because this WAS very personal. Nothing said about the situation, events, or film this song represents. He added insult to injury with the “Simpson’s” cartoon, making light of the cruel and dangerous lives this children lead, and the man who’s given himself to their cause. This was not only an insult to Chris Cornell, and to that cause but to the human heart. If this is the kind of critter use choose to represent you all, I won’t be stopping here again.

Julie Lindberg

Writing these scathing remarks about such an immense and beautiful talent, and generous heart, makes your piece sound like a personal vendetta rather than an intelligent critique. In your eagerness to insult Chris you have nothing to say about the enormously sad situation that inspired him to write this beautiful song. Unfortunately what you don’t see here is that this article says so many unpleasant, and unattractive things about you, and and next to nothing about the very gracious Chris Cornell!


Why is that important?
You bash against a song for a good cause from singer Chris Cornell.

Kevin Jagernauth

This is a very serious question: are any of you Gerard Butler fans too?


Then do us the favor to shut up and keep your disgusting heartless opinion private

Kevin Jagernauth

I hate children. Obviously.


PLUS: How do you come to critize and bash against music for a good cause?
Its for innocent children whose parents are the poorest of the poor.
Who bashes against such a cause is an unrespectful person without a heart.
And with knowing that you even make JOKES about that makes my assumption that your without respect and heart even more evidenced.


How I hate this comparison between Soundgarden, Audioslave and CCs solo work.
Damn not everybody has to love and adore everything CC does like I do but why always judge and talk it down?
Soundgarden isnt Audioslave and isnt CC solo work. Why isnt it allowed to like different styles of music and then MAKE different styles of music???
I just dont get it!!
Please explain!


mr. fact checker

Dear The Playlist,

You make a very good point that your site is devoted to op-ed pieces, and that opinion cannot be inaccurate. Much of the article on Chris Cornell is opinion, but not all of it. There are, in fact, two inaccuracies which cannot hide behind the cloak of “opinion.” To attempt to hide in that way only hurts your standing as a journalist. Though these inaccuracies are minor, there are inaccuracies:

1. “Since his days fronting alternative godfathers Soundgarden, Cornell’s hair got gradually shorter…”

In fact, since fronting Soundgarden, his hair got longer, then shorter, then longer, then shorter, etc.

2. “He’s back…and has begun making steps into writing music for movies”

In fact, as was pointed out by other commenters, he’s been writing music for movies, pretty sporadically but consistently, for more than 20 years.

In short, don’t sell your inaccuracies as opinions. It only cheapens your opinions.


This article should have started like this: “Remember when dissing artists used to be cool and kind of awesome?” Mainly because those who do are usually armchair musicians or (even worse) cyber critics who don’t have the energy or talent to create art themselves.
It’s obvious by the posted cartoon and the hair comment that we are dealing with someone who got picked on in high school.
BTW, Cornell started writing for movies years ago and has continued to collaborate on many projects because his expertise and genius continue to be recognized.

Kevin Jagernauth

Chris Cornell has ugly hair. I wonder if its a wig?


Oo-er, love your idea of logic, Kevin. By that rule, lots of hits doesn’t mean you have a quality article here. Just one that’s attracting all the wrong sort of attention. Probably for the same reason as Lady Gaga’s meat dress – because it stinks. Good one, though – you’re doing a great job of showing yourself up as bitchy, shallow and arrogant.


My comment was buried in a link to the song so I’m reposting it here …. since comments are once again capable of being posted:

Beg to differ, but there are a few inaccuracies in this article.

You must not be all that familiar with Chris Cornell’s solo contributions. You site only “The Keeper” and “You Know My Name” as tracks that Cornell has written for movies. Can I also point out that “Seasons” and “Sunshower” both Cornell classics from back-in-the-day, were also his contributions for the movies “Singles” and “Great Expectations”. The song “Disappearing Act” was a contribution to the movie “Bugs”. While I’m particularly fond of that song, the movie wasn’t so great.

Having listened to “The Keeper”, I have to say that my original thought was classing this song alongside both “Seasons” and “Sunshower”. “The Keeper” has that same vibe. You need to check out YouTube videos of Cornell’s accoustic “Songbook” solo tour from this last April/May. He was fantastic and all his shows were sold out. And as an add-on ….. have you seen Cornell’s hair lately? It’s past his shoulders.

Kevin Jagernauth

Lady Gaga’s tours sell out in 5 min. That means she is a much better musician and ARTIST than Cornell right?

You guys are hilariously delusional. Thanks for the hits though. Please share this link with your friends.


Very sad that a great song for a great cause got lost in a pieceof shoddy journalism. Pretty decent at the back handed compliments Mr Author. Most of Cornells solo tours sold out in under 6 minutes. I would say that makes a statement loud and clear as to the man having quite a following of yes, both men and women. You might know that if you actually went to a Cornell concert, auduoslave concert or a Soundgarden show. Trash journalism at it’s best here.

Ines M

Sir you are a joke, you might as well delete your article along with the comments, the childish way you have chosen to respond to some of your readers shows how serious your job is to yourself. I read your article by chance so i am sure i won’t be reading any others from you anytime soon but hopefully next time you’ll take your time to research a little bit more and stick to topic.

Be nicer to your readers specially when they are right!


I was one of those whose comments were deleted.

I still think you are talking out of your arse, sir. As you say, everyone’s got one. Carry on sounding like one.

The Playlist

“innacurate!” cried the babies. I CLOSED out the comments. Which would have meant no more comments. I admitted that they were accidentally deleted, what more do you want?

But feel free to call the Internet police if you like.


BTW, this has got to be a first, pulling the comments because of annoyance.
That makes me feel, well, annoyed.

Kevin Jagernauth

This is what I said specifically about the song: “It’s the best thing he’s done in a long, long time even though it’s pretty lyrically on the nose, and a compositionally safe and familiar song. It kind of sounds like a song Eddie Vedder would have scrapped, but it’s hardly offensive and does what it’s supposed to.”



So, you are entitled to an opinion on this but others are not to express theirs? Isn’t that contradictory?

I’m sure everyone would take your point about free speech, but my own point is this: I read more here about your personal opinions of Chris Cornell’s past work than I did about the new song and the associated movie. This is especially inappropriate given the charitable context of the song, as others have also pointed out. I’m disappointed to see you seek to trivialise that aspect of the song, just as you have sought to trivialise Cornell’s career as a musician and discredit the opinions of those who have disagreed with you.

Sorry, I just can’t see how this is in any way appropriate or professional.


Then please do command on the movie and the song! LOLYou wrote a page of old news boring to say the least and very little of todays news! And on your commands are u making fun of those children in need? What else can i think w the respond u send me!


Chris Cornell’s career is brilliant and has spanned two decades. He continues to write and perform with a passion and energy very few in his business have ever achieved at their peak. Of course the blog is subjective, but it is also misleading.
One of the crass comments that was deleted called anyone who liked his music a fangirl. That is demeaning and inaccurate as there are always just as many male fans in the audience or who buy his music as there are women.
The catalog Chris Cornell has acquired during his career has real masterpieces in every cd or collaboration he has contributed to. Don’t dismiss that because it wasn’t fully explored by the author.


Now we know what an eloquent journalist u are- – personal bashing and cartoons u just prove my point. Not to mention real journalist and press will never erase commands of their readers.I guess freedom of speech only pertains to you! Done waisting my time have a nice day!Feel free to erase anything i may have said that doesn’t suit you!

The Playlist

I closed out the comments because I was becoming annoyed with the feedback calling the article inaccurate, etc., that’s our prerogative. In doing so I accidentally deleted all the comments on the page. Your Chris Cornell fanclub can continue all you want, but remember we reserve the right to close out the comments any time we wish.

There are zero inaccuracies in this article because it’s an opinion piece and you may not agree with those opinions, but opinions are like assholes and everyone has them. If and when you run this site you can force us to have “objective reporting,” until then we’ll continue to provide what we’ve provided since day one which is op-ed like film news and movie coverage.


Nice to see the comments form back on this page – but last time I looked there were many more comments pointing out the inaccuracies in your article. Why did you remove them? It would be nice to see some objective reporting on this topic rather than opinionated writing, most of which has nothing to do with the song in question.

Kevin Jagernauth


By attacking the children i meant hurting the cause Sorry for my English second language but my message to you i believe is loud and clear!


Have you thought in your unreasonable hatred against Chris Cornell you been attacking the children and a great cause?!! Have u been blinded so much by your hate that you do not see that? Same on you!!! This is not only an attack on Chris but on children who desperately need help!!!!!! Congratulations!!! You are the lowest of the low!!!!

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