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Maybe Paula Patton Won’t Be Playing “Sister” In Sparkle Remake After All (Casting Call)

Maybe Paula Patton Won't Be Playing "Sister" In Sparkle Remake After All (Casting Call)

Remember her revelation at an ABFF talk last month, when she acknowledged that she’d been offered a role in the Sparkle remake that’s in the works, with Salim and Mara Brock Akil (the team behind Jumping the Broom) shepherding the project.

Patton didn’t confirm which role, but was clear that an offer had been made and that she was considering it. She did say that the Akils wanted her very specifically from the beginning.

When we posted this news last month, some of you guessed that the role she’d been offered was very likely that of “Sister,’ which Lonette McKee played in the original film. That’s what I figured as well – it made the most sense, especially as we’ve learned, this Sparkle will not be a modern-day re-imagining of the original version, but will pretty much mimic the time and place of the original.

I started this post saying that maybe she’s decided not to take the role after all, because I just found out that a casting call has been sent out for that specific part in the film. Now, obviously, that doesn’t mean Patton is out of the project; though, from the info we have thus far, it looks like that’s the case. Unless this is all a ruse to make us think they are considering other actresses for the part – unknown actresses especially – even though everything’s already been sewn up. Seriously, would they cast an *unknown* actress for any of the lead roles in this? Possibly, but I doubt it.

We’ll see…

But while we’re on the subject, I thought you’d like to know what the producers of the film are looking for in actresses interested in auditioning for “Sister.” Here’s how she’s broken down:

– 28, light-skinned African American with naturally wavy hair, beautiful, sexy, and sassy, with a body like a brick house and a powerful, seductive stage presence; It’d be great if the actress can sing, but it’s not a requirement.

Hah! I’m laughing specifically at the last line… “It’d be great if the actress can sing, but it’s not a requirement.

So, either she’ll be lip-syncing, or they’ll work like hell to make her passable as a singer. Though, they don’t have much time because shooting is supposed to begin in October.

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Auanitra Aiken

Does anyone know where the castings are being held. I was born to play sister……


lol @ Carey. I had to parallel it to a TP film because of that over-the-top reveal. Had to. And it was better played, better worded, better acted and I think that had everything to do with the direction(director). And for what it’s worth; if anything, I found it refreshing and better to view than say… Something New, which I highly anticipated, watched at the theater, even bought a copy but find it nowadays almost painful to watch. The commonality in all films mentioned? premise of marriage, weddings, coupledom with beautiful, black peoples on a platform of mainstream-movie appeal. Jumping the Broom (the title turned me off initially) was good, better than expected…I mean I barely cringed, barely rolled my eyes in spots… C’mon! Fence straddling? Maybe this change just means there’s hope for folk like me… LOL Maybe i’m slowly but surely erasing the presence of a fence…you know, so I can judge/critique on an even plain, like everybody else *wink*

You are hilarious. And thoughtful. And we should really cease thread-jacking so much, shouldn’t we? Before they kick us out of the club. Apologies, to the mods/admins. I will (attempt) to refrain from any more of this in the future.



“Yes sir, I can do that. Hold it right there young lady. What’s your name and what are you doing”

“My friends call me Tamalamb but my name is Tamera and if you really need to know, I’m here doin’ a little hi-jackin”

“Okay, empty your purse on this table… let’s see what you got”

“Well I’m kind of embarrassed but I Watched Jumping the Broom the other night… and I like *really* enjoyed it. The subject matter in another director’s hands (he-who-shall-not-be-named) would have played differently. *eek!*”

“ eek!!? Hold it now, if you’re going to throw up please let me now. But listen, spit it out… I don’t understand pig Latin. Who’s this (he-who-shall-not-be-named)?”

“Please, don’t make me do it… don’t make me say it”

“Listen lady, I’m trying to work with you. If you don’t tell me, I am required to take you to hi-jackers prison”

“You better ask somebody cuz I was born and raised in the briar patch, so sticks and stones can’t break my bones and words have never hurt me”

“Oooooh, I’m dealing with one of those ruff n tuff educated negros, huh? But lady… baby baby please, baby baby please, just tell me his name”

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“Nooo, do tell, how can that be…. not the guy that’s always up in here bragging on Tyler Perry”

“shut yo mouth and just listen. You might learn a little something. Look, you up in here talkin bout “EEK, I love me some Jumping Da Broom” and the fact is, with Lorretta Devine leading the way… Da Broom ain’t nothing but a warmed over Tyler Perry re-run. C’mon, you know it. Low-rent-da is still doing her “whine n dine, lordy have mercy” with the rest of those… you said it yourself… over the top actors. Now what do you have to say for yourself?”

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“Bet! Lets get out of here before the natives come back”

** CareyCarey and Tamera was seen skipping on down the S & A road **


*brief thread hi-jack*

Watched Jumping the Broom the other night…and didn’t flinch. *gasp!*

I loved how the over-the-top reveal was handled. The subject matter in another director’s hands (he-who-shall-not-be-named) would have played differently.

I really enjoyed the movie. Like *really* enjoyed it…to the tune of “will buy”. *eek!*

#beautifulblackpeoples *wink*


Here we are again, the light skin, black skin, who’s really black, or, black enough, or too black, debate?

Well, below is a preview of an upcoming 2011 documentary “Dark Girls”.

And if you ask me, “Sparkle” should be left in the box of days gone by and storylines that have been whipped to death.

Dark Girls


Mecca, Melanie Fiona is of black African descent – with some extra “surprises” mixed in. If you consider Zoe Saldana black, Melanie is black too.


@Mecca What exactly are you talking about? Melanie Fiona can definitely be black. People from Guyana have a heavy African influence as well as Indian(from India). She looks black as well as a whole lot of other things.


Hmm. I’m interested in seeing how this turns out. Has there been news about the other roles? I saw something about Keke Palmer and Sparkle but I think that was people reacting to a tweet see sent out.


@ Jmac, and Cordell Martin

Melanie Fiona is not Black. I have seen this girl in person and I know people who were old friends w/ her. She is Guyanese Indian a lot of them just have color but they are not Black.

Any who, the description is off wavy hair? Back in those days the majority of stage singers wore wigs and they still do.


An unknown would be perfect. Look at Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls. We all knew that she could sing but not necessarily act. And, remember, this was suppsed to be Beyonce’s breakout film but Hudson took it and ran with it and got an Oscar to boot. As for the requirement, lawd today – NO COMMENT. And, I’m Creole (for the sake of this conversation – and before I start getting nasty emails, YES, I’m BLACK!)


Why the requirement of ‘naturally wavy hair’? Hello…Lacefronts “front” the best wigs in the wig-game! LOL Also, built like a brick house? Okay……..


“28, light-skinned African American with naturally wavy hair”

So they’re looking for a biracial actress like Chili from TLC? Actually, I could see that. Oh no wait, she’s probably too dark and doesn’t necessarily have a “brick house” body. Melanie Fiona? Too dark and would have to rock a lace front. Definitely has the body.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this film and I’m not sure what the back story of each character is but is it really necessary for sister to have those specific qualities? As long as she’s black and has a great bod (and the ability to lip sync) that should be it as far as requirements go.

Paula Patton looks a little too old to play 28 anyway.

Cordell Martin

Although I think they are wasting their time remaking this film. If they are looking to cast an unknown or newcomer to the acting world then they should look at casting singer Melanie Fiona for the role. I’m not sure if she can act but she fits most the description that they are looking for.

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