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Maybe That “Skank Robbers” Movie Isn’t Happening After All… (Things That Make You Go Hmm…)

Maybe That "Skank Robbers" Movie Isn't Happening After All... (Things That Make You Go Hmm...)

You wish, right? Don’t get your hopes up yet though, until you read what I have to say.

The IMDB and IMDBPro pages for the Wanda and Sheneneh, Jamie Foxx/Martin Lawrence Skank Robbers project have mysteriously disappeared. It’s no longer listed on either of their IMDB or IMDBPro pages. It must have happened recently, because I periodically check IMDB pages for films in development that we’ve written about; and last I checked on this one, which wasn’t that long ago, there was (and had long been) IMDB & IMDBPro pages set up for it, each listing several members of its cast, including the 2 stars, plus Halle Berry, Tichina Arnold and George Lopez.

Now, poof, both are gone!

So, what’s up with that?

The last time we wrote about this, back in May, I posted a quote from a Daily Mail piece on Halle Berry and her current main squeeze, Olivier Martinez, which included photos of Halle in transit, accompanied by the following words: “The Oscar winner was on route to start work on her next project The Skank Robbers, a film written by fellow actors Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence.

So, really, by all accounts (including a comment Sergio left on that post saying that he heard from someone affiliated with the project that pre-production meetings had been held, and that the film was a definite go), as of May, Skank Robbers the movie was definitely happening.

But with this new discovery, RE the disappearance of IMDB and IMDBPro pages, is it still on? I dunno… Since the mock trailer debuted many months ago, very little has been revealed about the project. We weren’t even sure if it was really happening, or if, as Sergio put it previously, that this has all been a “trial balloon.”

Jamie really hasn’t talked about it much; neither has Martin nor Halle Berry.

After noticing that the IMDB page was gone, I thought maybe it wasn’t that it had disappeared, but that maybe the film had a new title; so I dug around a bit for that, and no confirmation. None of the actors IMDB pages list anything upcoming projects that could even remotely be Skank Robbers.

So, as I said, I don’t know what this means, or if it even means anything. IMDB and IMDBPro aren’t always 100% accurate, but I’d think that the complete removal of a film from the database (especially one like this, with these names) would require some inside authority.

We’ll see… I’ll be watching; maybe it’ll resurface with new and vital info we didn’t have before. Not that this is exactly a film I’m looking forward to; it’s not! And your responses so far to it tell me that most of you aren’t looking forward to it either.

Someone even created a Twitter account for the film, as well as a website. Although I don’t believe each is directly affiliated with the project. And neither has any new info on the project – other than what’s already public.

But if anyone out there has info on this that we don’t have, do share.

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I would like to see this movie. i would also like to see old ottis with a movie too.


I would love to see the movie i'm sure its going to be crazy but who cares i'm a fan and I know i'll get laughs because it's going to be silly,lol

Lamar Coaston Jr

The movie was put on hold Jamie knows why and what he really doesn't know is until he gives full credit to the source who sent him the Idea nothing will go right for him! Lucky for him Vengeance is the Lord's



bruh man

the only thing they need is a good script i sure hope they do the movie its gonna be the booomb :) they just need to get into it like 20 years ago cause those characters were funny as hell as a matter of fact they should do somthing like harold and kumar or jay and silent bob you know trilogy or even more like sheneneh and wanda – Skank Robbers NEXT understand i hope they do it


I would actually like to see this movie. In this day and times that we live in, there is so much going on, and people need to laugh. Even though the charactors are old school, the younger generation will get a kick out of them, because they are funny. People should just lighten up and stop taking everything so serious. Laughter is good for the heart. Stop hating


well apparently it is happening and they are being sued by 3 different people who said they came up it the idea 1st per tmz


I HOPE they make this film. I wanna see it happen so bad. Obviously I grew up watchin these characters and I STRONGLY think they would be able to find a audience outside their core. Regardless, I wanna see it happen. If Ru Paul can have a drag race then dammit I wanna see this movie happen. ESPECIALLY with the aforementioned stars.


What do u guys mean by the younger crowed won''t appreciate them? what excatly are the " older" crowed trying to say? I for one not in the younger crowed but im in my early 20s and i believe this kids would watch anything as long as its funny to get ther minds busy. Kids this days would watch twilight and that movie HAS HORRIBLE ACTING, but yet even the older crowed watches it.. So whats the difference?


I grew up watching these characters, and I am only in my twenties. I think it is not accurate to say that a younger generation wouldn’t connect to these films. Are all films meant for the 15-25 year old crowd now? I must have missed that.

I think that it could be a silly, funny, nostalgic movie that wouldn’t hurt anyone if it came to life. Look at Epic Movie and all those terrible films. Some people like them, some don’t. If you don’t want to see it, how does it even affect you?


I watched Martin on the “Mo’nique Show” back here about 3 or 4 months ago and Mo”nique asked Martin if the film going into production,and he said that it will be ,he just looking for suitable scripts for the film.


I hope sincerely, that this project never sees the light of day. It’s not that I was never a fan of the 2 characters, but moreso that in the damn near 20 years since their television appearance, I’ve matured enough to recognize that Black men in drag is simply not cool at all. Aside from that, the younger generation simply isn’t even familiar enough w/ these characters to even appreciate them. A day late and several dollars short IMO.


@Tamara, I share your hope. Those characters are both actually TWENTY years old. Yikes! I guess winning Best Actor & Actress means little to nothing to those two…


As a short featured on a music awards show, it sufficed. As a full-feature length film? No. Please, no. Maybe they realized (are realizing) that revisiting these characters that are what, at least 10+ years old? would only play on a small portion of an audience nostalgic for the good ole days of sketch/comedy tv…or maybe they realized (are realizing) that Martin Lawrence in a dress is not the way to re-re-enter the glory days of black box-office comedy? I hope so.



Please let it be.


I hope it never happens.

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