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Morgan Spurlock, Nick Broomfield and Ted Hope on Tap for TIFF’s Industry Programs

Morgan Spurlock, Nick Broomfield and Ted Hope on Tap for TIFF's Industry Programs

Nick Broomfield, Morgan Spurlock, Ted Hope, Relativity Media CEO Ryan Kavanaugh and Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald are among the names taking part in this year’s industry programs at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, it was announced today by the event. The TIFF Industry programs provide sessions with industry professionals and some of the festival’s filmmakers to provide networking opportunities for filmmakers.

This year’s slate of sessions tackle: How to network while navigating the festival experience; Canadian costume design; international co-producing; the booming Chinese film industry; and crowd-funding. There will also be “Moguls” sessions with “Dark Horse” producer Hope, IM Global’s Stuart Ford, and Fortissimo Films’ Michael Werner, in addition to a conversation between documentary filmmakers Spurlock and Broomfield. Go here for the full schedule.

Also, the festival will hold a new series, TIFF Nexus. According to the event, Nexus has been designed to “equip a new generation of Ontario storytellers with the network, skills and partners that they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving and growing digital media landscape” with programs that offer the chance for “creative jam sessions” between game designers, electronic hackers, and traditional screen-based artists. For more on the TIFF Nexus go here.

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