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MTV Launched Today (Watch The First Broadcast)

MTV Launched Today (Watch The First Broadcast)

On August 1, 1981, MTV: Music Television launched, changing the landscape of American music forever! I was 7 years old on that day, and was likely sleeping at the time, given that the launch happened at 12:01 am. Below, watch a recording of the very first moments of the network, including the first aptly-selected Buggles’ hit Video Killed the Radio Star.

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Miles Ellison

MTV has won the Entertainment Destruction Triple Crown by a wide margin. They succeeded in destroying television, radio, and music in less than 10 years, introducing a parade of talentless one-hit wonders, musical illiterates, and reality TV pornography to the entertainment landscape. Kudos.

James Madison

It is a shame they strayed so far from their roots. More a shame that it took about 2-3 years before they programmed music videos featuring people of color.

Also a shame that one of the most popular artist of color, who helped break those barriers, when passed in 2009, did not seem to get his proper respects from the channel. It seemed FUSE did a much better job, even though MTV had gained a lot from the artist.

Also, I know they were the first, or one of the first with the reality TV bit, but they have let that genre run amuck to the detriment of everybody.

With 24 hour programming, and truth be told, in the past, at least in the early 90’s, was a trailblazer. Unfortunately now, MTV is marching to the beat of others.

Maybe through the 30th celebration, they will dig in the archives and find things that made them great, and find things to learn from.

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