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Naturi Naughton Cast as Cecilia Reyes in “The Wolverine”

Naturi Naughton Cast as Cecilia Reyes in "The Wolverine"

The Wolverine, sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, will be directed by James Mangold and will star Hugh Jackman, Kelly Hu and Naturi Naughton.

Written by Chris McQuarrie, the Marvel Enterprises/Twentieth Century Fox production’s current synopsis reads, “Wolverine travels to Japan to train with a samurai warrior.”

Naturi Naughton will play Cecilia Reyes. I don’t know much of anything about comics; thanks to ComicVine, I was able to dig up some details on her character, who is a “doctor and former X-men member. She is able to generate a force field that is tied to her life force.”

Cecilia was born into a poor family in a bad neighborhood. When she was just six years old, she witnessed her dad gunned down and killed. She held him in her arms as he died. Cecilia made a vow that one day she would do something. Reading her brother’s science textbooks that night, she knew that she wanted to become a doctor, so that she could help other people. Thanks to her stubbornness, Cecilia spent nineteen years studying and made her way out of her poor neighborhood and went to medical school, eventually becoming an intern doing her residency at Our Mother of Mercy Hospital in the Bronx – all the while keeping her mutant powers a secret. During her time trying to become a doctor, Cecelia hadn’t had a date for three years and hadn’t kissed someone in four and a half years.

She was approached by Professor Xavier, who invited her to come to his school, train her powers, and then go on to join the X-Men, but Cecilia could not accept herself as a mutant. She didn’t want to be involved in mutant affairs in any way; she wanted to save lives as a doctor. The Professor left, promising to keep her status as a mutant secret. For all her early life she was afraid people would discover she was a mutant.

These are some of her powers:

Cecilia can generate a psioplasmic bio-field force field. It can protect her from danger, but she does feel the impact of blows, Cecilia is also able to make her force-fields into powerful concussive blast’s but as she has not had much training on this aspect of her power it has only been shown once. During her training with the X-men, Cecilia has been able to shape the field to provide her with basic melee weapons like spikes, hammers, battering rams ect.

There’s a lot more information about her character in that ComicVine site, so check the rest of it out if you’re interested.

I didn’t see the first one and didn’t plan on seeing anymore X-Men films, but since Naturi is starring in this one, I might have to endure the sacrifice.

The film will start production this October. It should be ready for release next summer of 2012.

I’m curious, are you?

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Darwin, in First-Class, was weird casting too. Darwin, the actual character from X-men was supposed to be half-African & half-Latino. The Zoe Kravitz character, Angel, was also supposed to be Latina. Not mention how they cast Storm. Who knows…


Don't understand the casting, but …I guess this will get the same reaction as the Uhura/Saldana casting except Uhura was an iconic figure in the Civil Rights movement.


Zoe Saldana (Puerto Rican & Dominican), Christina Milian (Cuban), Rosario Dawson (Puerto Rican), Lana Parrilla (Puerto Rican), Denise Vasi (Greek & Puerto Rican/Dominican), and Daniella Alonso (Puerto Rican & Peruvian/Japanese) would all be great options. Who did the casting? Pure laziness… How about a basic google search on Latina Actresses?



And don’t tell me you got this from IMDB, or another site that got it from IMDB, or a site that got it from a site that got it from… you get the picture.

Because IMDB is notorious for inaccurately adding actors to in-works projects without doing any sort of confirmation. I mean, really, it happened on a near weekly basis when Lost was still on.

Fulana de Tal

Are you telling me they couldn’t find a single Puerto Rican actress to play this role?????


What a waste! Out of all the hundreds of fantastic X-characters they have, and they throw this thankless bit into the mix!


i too was a comic fan of the x men… way, way back. and i remember naturi’s character, cecilia… anyone who has read the x men comics knows that naturi is not a great fit for cecilia as i remember her… neither was halle berry as storm for that matter. cecilia had real potential … she was in the comics but she was faded out for some reason. she never died in the comics as far as i know… the curious thing is that cecilia was casted in the 1st x men movie. she was played by another actress that wasnt black if i recall

Vanessa Martinez

@Dwanka Brooks
I co-sign with your comment.

She has a lot of potential. Even though we know colorism is real, especially in Hollywood, Naturi is a beautiful girl. she’s also feminine and petite with a great figure.

Dankwa Brooks

Dr. Cecilia Reyes came just at the end of my run (as a reader) on X-Men, but she WAS different as in she did want to just remain a doctor and forget all that hero ish. She deployed her powers as a matter of survival not to save the world or anything which seemed to be a more realistic portrayal of a superhuman.

Having said that, I thought Naturi Naughton was one of the best things about ‘Notorious’ and I think she had promise. One of the reasons I saw ‘Lottery Ticket’ was because she was in it. She wasn’t that great in it, but the overall movie wasn’t great so I can’t fault her for that that much.

She does have what seems like one of the only black roles on ‘The Playboy Club’ which is great and lastly, I’m gonna say it, I’m glad to see a young dark sister get some play in Hollywood. When was the last time that happened?


they had her dating the beast (when he’s all furry and blue)

a furry, ew


Cecilia has not shown up in any of the X-Men films, nor the first Wolverine film.

Considering they were focusing on the X-Men before her creation in the comics-she wouldn’t be around.

She is more known than brotherman from X-Men First Class. That was a throw away cameo.

Right now the big complaint will be from fans is why is Black girl playing a character that is more Puerto Rican than Black. She has always been drawn more Latino than Black.

I’m curious to know if she’s going to die. She is an X-Men of color.

She just got added back to the comic book. So I expect her to be around at the end of the film..

I’ll be more worried if a black X-Men is shown-despite the fact outside of Bishop-the rest of the Black Male X-Men are-
Dead (Synch & Maggott)
Depowered (Phaser)
Or would be to young to be hanging with Wolverine in Japan (Prodigy)


@Dr. Boogie, origin film or not, it’s normal for folk to express doubt/disappointment about the role black characters play in these films. You bring up Storm but do you actually think the writers/producers did her justice on the big screen? I think not.


@sonofbaldwin, no beating around the bush with you, huh? LOL But I was thinking the exact same thing, which I why I refuse to get too excited about this news. I would love to, as I am a fan of Ms. Naughton but I’m going to have to SEE with my very own eyes that she has a starring role in this.

Dr. Boogie

This is an X-Men Origins project. If her name is not Storm or the film version of Calisto, it wouldn’t be a big whoop is she dies or not. She is one of MANY X-Men in the franchise but she isn’t part of the main team or group of teachers at the school for mutants. She sounds like a typical mutant drop out and probably won’t resurface after being introduced because—wait for it—-This is an ORIGINS film. Her character at best is background to the main person, Wolverine, and will probably be merely part of a montage of Xavier recruiting young mutants of various odd talents AKA let’s show off our CGI team. Cecilia has not shown up in any of the X-Men films, nor the first Wolverine film. Please put your hopes and dreams on a Storm Origins film if you truly are concerned about a Black character surviving the movie. All this concern over a peripheral drop out mutant-wow–HAAA!

I’m just glad a sista has a job in this economy.


She’d better not die, she’s the only reason I’m seeing this crap.


Ha ha “I give her 11 minutes” you guys are hilarious! Hopefully, she gets significant screen time and does NOT die.

Vanessa Martinez

Well, it looks like she has one of the leading roles. She’s the 3rd person on the IMDB credits so far. I really don’t think she dies. She BETTER NOT. :-/

James Madison

Good to hear. Hopefully she will get significant screen time.


I’m curious to know if she’s going to die. She is an X-Men of color.


She’s black, dark-skinned at that, so she’s going to die. Y’all know how the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy Hollywood apparatus works. Don’t pretend like you don’t.

I give her 11 minutes.


Since Naturi is in it I will definitely see it.

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