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Nicole Beharie Joins CBS Legal Drama “The Good Wife”

Nicole Beharie Joins CBS Legal Drama "The Good Wife"

About an hour ago, beautiful and talented Nicole Beharie (@nikkibeharie), who just completed shooting Mathew Cherry‘s The Last Fall and T.D. JakesOn the Seventh Day, tweeted: “On the set of “The Good Wife”… And ACTION! Working with some terrific actors…”

The Good Wife, premiering its new season September 25th at 9pm, revolves around Alicia Florrick played by Julianna Margulies, whose world turns upside down when her powerful state attorney husband gets caught in a very public sex scandal. Alicia then goes back to her job as a litigator to provide for her two children. The series also stars Chris Noth, Christine Baranski, and Matt Czuchry, Josh Charles and Archie Panjabi.

I don’t watch the show, perhaps some of you do? I also don’t know if it’s just a guest spot or she’s joining the series cast! Exciting nonetheless; anything that includes Beharie has my vote/support/thumbs up etc.. :)

I’m sure we’ll find out more soon enough! Watch the show’s promotional clip below.

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I would like to see more of Geneva Pine, played by Renee Goldsberry. She was already on the scene and just starting to wet our appetite. I hope she is returning.


misha has already posted why i’m wary of this.

Archie Punjabi is the best thing in this series. here’s hoping Nicole Beharie gets a real chance to improve the show on a steady basis.

i guess i should catch up


I only got hipped to the show when Anika Noni Rose had a recurring character. And to be honest, the show is really pretty good!
When Anika’s appearances dwindled, I ceased to watch. But now getting word that Nicole Beharie will be on, I’ll tune in again!

Dr. Boogie

This isn’t a preview. All those episodes aired last season. My guess is she will either be on for one show, the mother of Zach’s girlfriend, OOOORRRRRR she could be Kalinda’s new bi-buddy of the week—A KEE-KEE!!! Love-love-love this show.

Duncan MaNutz


Bobby Ray

5 Fist pumps! that’s toooooo dope, i luv that show!

Vanessa Martinez

Dear Will Wright,

I take your word for it.

From what I hear, this show is definitely a must see. It’s also a 9 time Emmy nominee.. hmm good stuff. :-)


The Good Wife is a good look for, Nicole. It’s a darn good show! I would LOVE to see her as a regular but I’d be pleased with just a guest spot.

However, I have to temper my excitement somewhat, as I’ve been a bit disappointed with how the show has used black characters/actors in the past. Specifically, both Michael Ealy and Michael Boatman had guest appearances on the show at the same time. And I was none too pleased to see the writers trot out Boatman’s character to get rid of Ealy’s character. It was as if the writers were saying that the other (white) partners teaming up against Ealy’s characters wasn’t racist/racial because look…this other black guy agrees with them! The worst part is that Boatman’s character hasn’t been seen since. :/ Not to mention that the writers are underutilizing a talent like Renee Goldsberry.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to seeing Nicole and hoping that the writers give her something fabulous to work with!


I never seen an episode of Good WIfe. I may watch it now.


First, the exceptionally talented and radiant Renee Elise Goldsberry, now the equally so Nicole Beharie. The Good Wife keeps hitting ’em out. Congrats to our girl Nicole. Just keep on doin’ the damn thing!

Will Wright

Dear Vanessa,
I’m one of those selective, cerebral elitists. I make a point of only watching shows that are exceptionally well-written, those which engage and challenge me. “The Good Wife” is TV for viewers who want their wits to be respected. There are too many books to read, and films to write about for me to mess around with the others, the mediocre and the banal.
Now I know when I expect “The Good Wife’s” return.
Thank you.

Will Wright |
Wrighting criticism about independent, foreign and documentary films.


It’s the best show on network television.

Congrats Nicole! Excited for her.

c. swanson

One of the BEST shows on television!

Questions & Answers?!?!???

Well, I support her whatever role she gets I’m a huge fan of hers!!! Hmm, I always thought she was the indie kinda gal!



It’s on my “to-watch” list of TV shows…a list that is incredibly long. *sigh* I hear it is made of pure excellence though.

Congrats to Nicole! Yet another role.

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