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‘One Day’ Soundtrack Features Elvis Costello, Tricky, Fatboy Slim, Primal Scream, James & More

'One Day' Soundtrack Features Elvis Costello, Tricky, Fatboy Slim, Primal Scream, James & More

Yes, this is a decades spanning love story set in Britain, so we’re not surprised the forthcoming soundtrack to Lone Scherfig‘s “One Day” reflects that, but man, we definitely had a time warp/flashback when we saw James was on this thing. It has been a long time since we heard those guys.

Anyway, spanning seventeen tracks — with four dedicated to Rachel Portman‘s score — the forthcoming soundtrack to the Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess vehicle is appropriately dated to a certain time and place. Tears For Fears (“Sowing The Seeds Of Love”! Total guilty pleasure), Black Grape (remember those dudes?), Primal Scream, Fatboy Slim, Tricky and Robbie Williams will easily fill the nostalgia quotient with tunes that you likely listened to on your Discman. Meanwhile, Elvis Costello keeps things fresh as he kicks off the disc with a new tune, “Sparkling Day” (and also submits older track “Tear Off Your Own Head” as well).

“One Day” will make hearts swoon on August 19th and if you like what you hear in the film, you can pick up the soundtrack the following Tuesday on August 23rd. Full tracklisting below. [Film Music Reporter]

“One Day” Soundtrack Tracklisting

1. Sparkling Day – Elvis Costello
2. Roll To Me – Del Amitri
3. Aftermath – Tricky
4. Reverend Black Grape – Black Grape
5. Born Of Frustration – James
6. Rocks – Primal Scream
7. Praise You – Fatboy Slim
8. Rhythm of the Night – Corona
9. Angels – Robbie Williams
10. Life Is A Rollercoaster – Ronan Keating
11. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – Tears For Fears
12. Joy – Francois Feldman
13. Tear Off Your Own Head – Elvis Costello
14. One Day Main Titles – Rachel Portman
15. Wedding Chorus – Rachel Portman
16. July 15th – Rachel Portman
17. We Had Today – Rachel Portman

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Does anyone know the piano song which is played in the movie (e.g. at the end, after their kiss and good bye). Thank you so much!


The song is 'Sparkling Day' Elvis Costello :)


Does anyone know which song was played at the end of the movie?
Because it doesn’t seem to be included in the list?!


Agree with A-K87. Loved the soundtrack and pretty much everything else but that monumentally dodgy accent by Anne Hathaway kept jarring me out of the film whenever I felt some kind of emotional draw towards the story.
Whoever was in charge of casting made a serious judgement error. I know it seems small but i found it incredibly distracting.


I was hoping Billy Bragg’s St. Swithin’s Day would make an appearance … perhaps just not on the soundtrack album.
I was also expecting more ’90s UK pop.


Tricky-Aftermath is one of my all time favourites.

The music is perfect but I wish Hathaway TRIED to do Yorkshire accent. Her ‘generic’ Austen/Bronte BBC adaptations accent is not representative of the Leeds lass presented by Nicholls.

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